Tottenham Hotspur: 5 Transfer Rumors for January

Wesley LewisContributor IINovember 2, 2011

Tottenham Hotspur: 5 Transfer Rumors for January

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    Is it really silly season already? With the January transfer window ahead of us—some distance ahead of us—world football news is thick with rumors.

    Who really knows if there's any truth behind a given rumor? Well, that's why they call it silly season. After gathering "news" from tabloids and past rumor sources, as well as adding some of my own humble ideas, I've come up with five transfer stories for January of 2012.

Beckham In!

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    As if transfer news wasn't already flooded with speculation about David Beckham's future, I'm going to throw another one into the "Beckham to Spurs" column. We all know that he loves the current Tottenham manager, Harry Redknapp, and he certainly seems to want to move back to England. This should be enough to seal a move to Spurs. Then again, as with most rumors, it's not done until it's done.

    I'm sure Tottenham could use such an experienced player with the golden touch for passing and free kicks. As an added bonus, his personality in the locker room will do well to help develop the younger players.

Pavlyuchenko Out.

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    Roman Pavlyuchenko has publicly stated his desire to leave Tottenham in search of regular first team football. I can't blame him—he's good enough to play for a host of other Premier League clubs, as well as many of the clubs in the Champions League. 

    As it is, Super Pav has no place at White Hart Lane and is searching for greener pastures. He should fetch a nice transfer fee, as well as free up some wages, should a January signing require extra funds. 

Owen In!

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    Michael Owen to Tottenham? Apparently, it could happen. He's no stranger to the Premier League, and he certainly knows how to score goals. 

    Whether or not he is needed in the current Tottenham squad is a different issue. I'm sure it would be worthwhile to give Owen a chance, but is he worth the wages he would require? We'll have to see how this one plays out.

Gomes Out.

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    Gomes is a good keeper. That's the best I can muster. I'm not the biggest fan of the Brazilian. I know he is actually quite a competent goalie, but he definitely has his weak moments. Top-level players should be able to shake off the bad spells and reach for the better ones. Gomes seems to have a problem with this, letting his bad times drag him down into worse ones.

    The arrival of Brad Friedel has pushed Gomes out of a job. I'm sure some Premier League side would love to have him, but not Spurs. It seems he is on his way out.

Rio In!

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    To complete the Red Devil trifecta: Rio Ferdinand! If there is truth to any of this, Rio can join Owen and Becks at White Hart Lane. The biggest question has to be: Do Spurs need another old defender who constantly struggles with injuries? 

    There is no doubt that when Rio is fit, he's very good. When he's fit. When is he fit?