Miami Marlins' Hideous New Logo Makes Appearance at Buffalo Hat Store

Adam Wells@adamwells1985Featured ColumnistOctober 31, 2011

One of the most talked about sports logos in recent memory is the Miami Marlins' new design. While it is hideous, it does give the franchise mainstream publicity, which they desperately need. The team, formerly the Florida Marlins, hasn't confirmed that the design is legitimate, but it is reportedly being sold at a "very reputable hat store," according to an article from George Richards of the Miami Herald.

According to the article, the New Era store in Buffalo, N.Y., is offering fans the chance to buy the Marlins' new hat before the team unveils the finished product on Nov. 11.

It is still unclear what the fashion designers for the Marlins see in this logo, aside from the fact that it does get the team talked about on national news websites and television shows. You would think that someone in the organization would have said that the design sucks. 

Of course, the new hats and jerseys could be used to distract opposing teams and allow the Marlins to win the National League East for the first time in franchise history. They need something because they aren't going to get there with the talent they have on the team right now. 

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Even if this does not turn out to be the official logo, which is hard to imagine considering how prevalent it has been in the media for the last three months, the Marlins deserve to be bashed because no one in their right mind would want that to be the first thing you think of when the team is mentioned. 

If it is a red herring, you should buy it and put it alongside your "Chicago Cubs 2003 World Series Champions" T-shirt. 

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