Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal and the 20 Most Entertaining Premier League Games Ever

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentOctober 30, 2011

Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal and the 20 Most Entertaining Premier League Games Ever

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    The Premier League may not have the best or the second best footballer in the world; however, it can lay claim to being the most entertaining league in the world.

    After all, there is a reason why the Premier League is so much more profitable than La Liga, the Bundesliga, Serie A and other major leagues around the world.

    Arsenal triumphed 5-3 over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in one of the most entertaining games I've ever witnessed.

    So in tribute to that game, here are the 20 most entertaining Premier League games ever.

    The list isn't exhaustive, so comment below with the games you think should be on the list. Preferably with a YouTube link. 

Southampton 6-3 Manchester United (26th October 1996)

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    The week before, Manchester United had suffered an ignominious 5-0 lost to Newcastle United.

    Manchester United would win the league by seven points.

    This was the season when Eric Cantona abruptly retired and a certain David Beckham was becoming a household name. 

Tottenham Hotspur 4-4 Chelsea (20th March 2008)

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    Twenty minutes into the game, and it was already 2-1 advantage to Chelsea. 

    Looking back, it was clear the open football played by both sides would turn this game into a classic.

    Joe Cole was inspirational that day and could have scored a hat-trick if not for a goal being ruled offside.

    What I do remember aside from Robbie Keane's well taken strike was thinking, well, who is to blame?

    Then, Chelsea manager Avram Grant became an easy scapegoat. 

    Truth be told, not many people will remember Dimitar Berbatov failing to capitilise in stoppage time. 

    Though it was an excellent save from Carlo Cudicini, who is now a Spurs player. 

Manchester United 3-2 Aston Villa (5th April 2009)

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    There's a plethora of Federico Macheda tributes on YouTube after he introduced himself to the footballing world. 

    So I decided to show you the fanzone video of the topsy-turvy wave of emotions one can feel in a footballing match. 

    Talking about Macheda, I was always skeptical of him because he was lazy like Dimitar Berbatov, but didn't have the genius of the Bulgarian to fall back on. 

Middlesbrough 3-3 Liverpool (3rd August 1996)

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    Fabrizio Ravanelli was always a solid footballer, but I could never understand why someone of his talent didn't achieve more. 

    Remember, this was on his debut, and it has to be the best Premier League debut ever. 

Leicester City 3-3 Arsenal (27th August 1997)

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    In the space of six minutes, Leicester City went from 2-0 down to 3-2 up, only for a certain aerophobic Dutch magician to save the day. 

    An astounding hat-trick from Dennis Bergkamp.

    A then 19-year-old Emile Heskey for the Foxes and a 17-year-old French prodigy called Nicolas Anelka made a cameo off the bench for Arsenal. 

Leeds United 4-3 Liverpool (4th November 2000)

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    The great thing about watching archival footage is the names that come back to you. 

    I mean, Christian Ziege; that's a name I haven't uttered or thought about in years. 

    One minute the hero by scoring his debut goal; the next minute, he essentially gives away a goal. 

    Oh, and Nick Barmby was a still Liverpool player. I wonder if his son Jack, who is at the Manchester United youth team, can emulate his father's achievements. 

    Mark Viduka was such a powerful but nimble footed forward, and for the life of me, I could not understand why he was so impotent for the Australian national team. 

Arsenal 4-4 Tottenham Hotspur (29 October 2008)

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    I love how the Tottenham Hotspur fanzone consoles themselves with the fact Spurs scored three—Spurs were losing 4-3 at that moment. 

    Watch to see his reaction when Aaron Lennon wheeled off in celebration, having sealed an improbable comeback. 

Norwich City 4-4 Middlesbrough (22nd January 2005)

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    A decade earlier, Norwich City had played out a thrilling 3-3 draw against Middlesbrough in the last game of the season. 

    Fast forward to 2005, and it was no different. 

Chelsea 4-4 Aston Villa (26 December 2007)

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    Chelsea's fortunes were not helped by a horrible tackle from Ricardo Carvalho on Gabriel Agbonlahor. 

    Chelsea, being down by one man, allowed the often injured Shaun Maloney to have perhaps his best game for Aston Villa. 

    On the other side, Andriy Shevchenko was worth every bit of the £30 million paid for his services. 

Wolverhampton Wanderers 4-3 Leicester City

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    What's ironic was that the return fixture ended up being a dull 0-0 draw. 

Leeds United 4-3 Derby County (8th November 1997)

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    If you're wondering, there is a relation between Dean Sturridge and Daniel Sturridge—uncle and nephew. 

Tottenham Hotspur 3-5 Manchester United (29th September 2001)

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    Manchester United lost the first half 3-0 and won the second half 5-0. 

    Then Tottenham Hotspur midfielder, Gus Poyet, is currently the manager of Brighton and Hove Albion, and his son Diego, a member of the Charlton Athletic academy, is capped by the England U-17s.

    It was good seeing footage of Poyet because he was a sensational player for Real Zaragoza and a solid player at both Spurs and Chelsea. 

Liverpool 3-3 Manchester United (4th January 1994)

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    Forty-one years before this classic, a Billy Liddell inspired Liverpool were 4-2 up against the Busby Babes. Yet it was the youth of Manchester United that saw them come back to make it 4-4. 

    Now to the 4th January 1994 at Anfield. 

    Nigel Clough, son of the late great Brian Clough, was in dire straits—a Fernando Torres like barren run. 

    3-0 down, and Nigel decides to come to the party. 

    Unlike 41 years ago, this time it was Liverpool who valiantly came back from the brink to secure a 3-3 draw, having been down 3-0. 

Manchester United 4-3 Manchester City (20 September 2009)

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    After Craig Bellamy scored his second, I remember thinking Rio Ferdinand is in for the hair dryer treatment. 

    If there is one phrase to sum up this game, it would be Fergie Time.

Tottenham Hotspur 4-5 Arsenal (13 November 2004)

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    One of the best games I've witnessed. 

    Watching the highlights, I recall bits and pieces, but what is forever ingrained in my head is commentator Martin Tyler praising a then 16-year-old unknown and Barcelona reject Cesc Fàbregas. 

    Oh my, how right was Tyler. 

    It's like when commentator Clive Tyldesley told everyone to remember Wayne Rooney's name after he had just scored an sumptuous goal against Arsenal. 

Liverpool 4-4 Arsenal (21st April 2009)

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    Andrei Arshavin was so surprised he had scored four goals that rather than use his customary quiet celebration, he waved four fingers to signify his haul. 

    Incredible game.

    Talking about Arshavin, it's so disappointing that he can't play like this week in, week out. 

West Ham United 5-4 Bradford City (12th February 2000)

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    Aside from John Moncur sliding and flukily scoring a great goal, you would have noticed Jamie Lawrence with his bright red hair. 

    Lawrence's story is a colourful one. Having done time for bank robbery, he only made his professional debut at the late age of 23. 

    Whilst playing in prison, he was spotted by Cowes Sports, and whilst playing for them, he was offered a spot by then Sunderland manager Terry Butcher. 

    Nowadays, Lawrence runs his football academy trying to help kids with disadvantaged backgrounds to get off the streets and into football. 

Portsmouth 7-4 Reading (29 September 2007)

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    I couldn't find any decent footage of this unbelievable game, so I'll pay homage to Sky Sports analyst Chris Kamara, who was covering the game. 

    This is gold: 

    "Marcus Hahnemann comes out and is like superman and only the fact is superman gets the job done. Marcus Hahnemann doesn't get the job done."

Newcastle United 4-4 Arsenal

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    To this day, I still regret deciding to go to sleep after Arsenal were 4-0 up. The next morning, I woke up and my jaw was wide opened when I saw the scoreline...4-4. It was a real facepalm moment. 

    I wonder how it must have felt if you were a Newcastle supporter and left.

    What turned the game was Abou Diaby giving referee Phil Dowd two reasons to send him off. 

    As if holding Joey Barton's neck and pushing him down wasn't enough, Diaby then shoved Kevin Nolan. 

    I wish I had watched the entirety of this game live. 

Liverpool 4-3 Newcastle United (3rd April 1996)

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    In reality, Liverpool were there to spoil the party because it was a two-horse race between Newcastle United and Manchester United. 

    Remember, Newcastle United had blown a 12 point lead.

    This game really deflated Newcastle United manager Kevin Keegan, and there's the iconic picture of him slumped over the Carlsberg advertisement sign. 

    Twenty seven days later, Keegan would go on his famous rant against Sir Alex Ferguson. 

    The next season, Liverpool would again triumph 4-3 in a classic. 

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