12 Most Unorthodox Golf Swings of All Time

John BurkeContributor IOctober 20, 2011

12 Most Unorthodox Golf Swings of All Time

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    For every piece of golf advice telling you to do one thing, you can find another that contradicts it. 

    So it really should come as no surprise that professional golf has seen quite a number of bizarre swings over the years. Some were successful, and some were not. But they are all fascinating to watch.

    The 12 golfers you find on the next slides are the ones I felt had the strangest swings. I am not, and do not claim to be, an expert on swing mechanics, so I will not be critiquing them on club position and all the intricacies of the swing. 

    And after watching these swings at least you can lay down tonight at think, "Well, at least my swing looks better than some of the pros."

    If I left someone out, be sure to comment! Thanks for reading, enjoy!

Moe Norman

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    Besides having one of the weirdest golf swings in history, Moe Norman is also one of the most eccentric people.  

    Spend a few minutes researching him on the internet and you will be amazed at some of the stories you find about the guy. 

    His swing is very odd, and is the basis for the swing theory called "Natural Golf." Not really sure why it is called that since I know someone who uses Natural Golf and it looks anything but natural. 

Jim Furyk

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    In today's golfing world, Jim Furyk is probably the best known example of having an unorthodox swing. 

    And even though it looks pretty strange, it is successful. Furyk is a major winner and also the winner of the 2010 FedEx Cup. 

Eamonn Darcy

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    Eamonn Darcy is one of the most successful golfers ever from Ireland. 

    Don't worry if you have never heard of him though, since he spent his entire career playing on the European Tour and never once played in any majors besides the Open Championship.

    As for his golf swing, it may be the strangest I have ever seen. 

Jim Thorpe

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    Jim Thorpe's swing looks like a helicopter. That is really all I need to say about that. 

Ray Floyd

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    Back in his younger days, Ray Floyd's swing was not as unorthodox.

    Unlike a fine wine, however, his swing seems to be getting worse with age. I don't even want to know what it will look like in five years!

John Daly

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    John Daly goes so far over the top on his back swing it is shocking. Maybe that is why he hits the ball a country mile.

    And despite his character issues, Daly is one of the game's best characters and enjoyable to watch play. 

Jimmy Bruen

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    Jimmy Bruen is one of the most talented amateur golfers ever to come from Ireland. 

    And when you see his swing, you will be amazed that he was actually a great player.

Tommy "Two Glove" Gainey

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    Tommy "Two Glove" Gainey got his start on the television show The Big Break. 

    Since then, he has slowly been working his way up to the PGA Tour. Along the way, he has perfected his very, very odd swing. 

Arnold Palmer

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    Clearly to be one of the greatest golfers of all time, a text book swing is not required. 

    Arnold Palmer learned the game by hitting the ball as hard as he could in any way that worked. He kept that ideology his entire career.

    Although his swing had its critics, no one could ever say it wasn't effective. 

Josh Broadaway

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    Josh Broadaway is a golfer on the Nationwide Tour. And most of his swing looks pretty good.

    But look at his hands. He holds his left hand below the right on the club, completely unorthodox for a righty golfer. 

Allen Doyle

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    I don't know how one begins swinging a golf club like this. I have no answers.

    Allen Doyle has won 11 times on the Champions Tour so obviously it works. 

Honorable Mention: Charles Barkley

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    In case you don't know, Charles Barkley was a professional basketball player in the NBA. One of the best of all time, actually.

    Clearly that athleticism didn't translate from the hardwood to the tee box. 


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