WWE: 10 Red-Hot Angles That Would Recapture the Imagination of the Fans

Will J BakerCorrespondent IIIOctober 16, 2011

WWE: 10 Red-Hot Angles That Would Recapture the Imagination of the Fans

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    The WWE seemed to have built up a huge wave of momentum with the recent "walk-out" angle, but wrestling fans were in uproar after an abysmal episode of Raw in which this hot angle was brought to a premature close.

    The return of Vince McMahon as well as the re-signings of the Miz and R-Truth were wasted, and the storyline ended before it had begun.

    This is not the first time that the WWE has resolved a storyline before it has reached its full potential.

    The arrival of the Nexus in 2010 was hyped as the storyline that would turn the company's fortunes around and recapture mainstream interest.

    Initially the feud between the Nexus and the WWE was booked to perfection but the group's heat was squandered with John Cena playing his usual role as Superman.

    CM Punk's red-hot feud with WWE brass saw some of the best promos of recent years as well as two main event matches with John Cena that will stand the test of time.

    But the feud was cut short before Punk could really establish himself as a modern-day Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    This latest creative blunder has seen many fans vowing to never again tune in to a WWE broadcast.

    But here my 10 potentially red-hot angles that should see all the critics come flocking back in a heartbeat.

John Cena Aligns Himself with the Miz and R-Truth to Create a Modern-Day NWO

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    John Cena is the modern-day Hulk Hogan in the sense that he is a hero and a role model to so many children.

    But Cena's character and his black and white views on right and wrong have never appealed to the diehard fans that remember the top babyfaces of the "Attitude Era."

    The merits of a Cena heel turn have been discussed at great length by the IWC for some time with many possible scenarios thrown out for what would be a turn of epic proportions.

    When Hulk Hogan turned his back on "Hulkamania" to become the leader of the rebellious "New World Order," it shocked the wrestling world to its very core.

    If Cena were to do the same in 2011, it would truly signify the end of the "PG era" and usher in a new and exciting period in WWE.

    The two "Outsiders" in the company at the moment are the Miz and R-Truth who, although recently re-signed by Laurinaitis, jumped the barricade and wreaked havoc at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

    If the WWE decided to make Cena the "third man" in "Awesome Truth" then a modern-day equivalent of the NWO could reign supreme. 

Mick Foley Replaces John Laurinaitis as the Raw General Manager

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    John Laurinaitis has recently become a key figure on WWE television, all as a result of a throwaway comment made by CM Punk in his infamous "worked shoot" promo.

    The Executive Vice-President of Talent Relations has since played the role of stooge to Vince McMahon, spanner in the works of Triple H's regime as COO and is now the Interim Raw GM.

    But the man who wrestled as "Johnny Ace" lacks charisma and the WWE have played the crafty and corrupt General Manager card too many times in the past.

    There are rumours of a Mick Foley return in the month of November and the WWE legend would retrieve some much-needed interest for the GM position.

    Laurinaitis' temporary status in charge of Raw would end and Mick Foley could insert himself into the key WWE storylines in a highly entertaining fashion.

Chris Jericho Reveals Himself as the Impostor Sin Cara

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    This storyline would be almost impossible to pull off now that some of the background to the Sin Cara versus Sin Cara feud has been explained.

    Sin Cara Negro (aka Hunico) unmasked this past Friday on SmackDown and revealed himself to be a Mexican "luchador" looking to revenge himself on the man that stole his identity once before.

    While I was watching SmackDown a few weeks ago and the confrontation between Mistico and Hunico, both under the guise of Sin Cara, I realized that this feud can never work.

    The majority of the viewing audience do not surf the Internet for news or read the dirt sheets and many of them may not have realized that the original "Masked Sensation" had been replaced.

    This would explain the confusion and the apparent lack of crowd reaction when the two Sin Caras have clashed in recent weeks, notably during their abysmal match at Hell in a Cell.

    There was a lot of pointing and gesticulating and the fact that only one of the luchadores can speak English leaves the creative department with a lot of work if they are to explain this feud properly.

    The eventual plan surely must be to pit Sin Cara versus Sin Cara with the loser forced to unmask and drop the gimmick.

    This will leave the crowd with no receipt, as very few will know who Hunico is and so his unmasking will get less reaction than a Ted DiBiase face turn.

    Suddenly the obvious yet brilliant solution came to me!

    When Hunico first appeared on the scene as Sin Cara many people compared his physical build and his moveset to that of Jericho.

    So surely, it would be a stroke of brilliance to build the feud between Hunico and Mistico and then in the blow-off match replace the former FCW star with Jericho?

    When Jericho unmasked in victory or defeat, the crowd would erupt and the storyline would have a satisfying conclusion.

    As for Hunico, there are many other ways to bring him on to the main roster, potentially along with his tag team partner, Tito Colon, who competes in FCW as Epico.

The Undertaker Returns to Feud with Mark Henry

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    The WWE have done a masterful job in building Mark Henry into a monster heel that has dominated the main event scene on SmackDown and won the World Heavyweight title for the first time in his 15-year career.

    Henry's career was fading into obscurity as a lacklustre babyface on Raw but his draft to SmackDown and a subsequent heel turn breathed new life into his character.

    The "World's Strongest Man" has been riding a wave of momentum that has seen him take out the Big Show, Kane and the Great Khali as well as producing some of the best matches of his career with Randy Orton.

    The writers on SmackDown have continued to place obstacles in his way, continually putting him over as an unstoppable force.

    Henry faces the challenge of the returning Big Show at Vengeance and the "World's Largest Athlete" is being billed as the one man that can stop the World Heavyweight Champion.

    But it is not time for this run to end for Mark Henry and the Big Show is not the man to take the World Championship from him.

    That position should be given to another giant of the wrestling industry, a man who has not been seen since WrestleMania—the Undertaker!

    The "Phenom" should return just at the moment when it looks like Henry will never be beaten, and the "Dead Man" should be the one to finally knock the behemoth off his pedestal.

CM Punk Versus Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    Stone Cold Steve Austin was the original anti-hero, and his promos were known for hitting close to the mark.

    Stone Cold can perhaps claim to have mastered the art of the worked shoot, and many felt the WWE was trying to recreate the magic of "Austin 3:16" with Punk's rise to prominence.

    Austin and Punk have also engaged in a recent Twitter war, and although it is clear the two have a lot of respect for each other, their feud is a very obvious one to book.

    Austin is the beer-swilling, foul-mouthed hell-raiser, whereas Punk is a well-known advocate of the Straight Edge lifestyle.

    Their verbal confrontation on Raw was a teaser for WWE fans who would love to see this dream feud culminate at WrestleMania, alongside the Rock versus Cena.

    This feud was a selling point for the WWE All-Stars video game, and it is not inconceivable that the WWE would like to bring Austin back for one more match.

    It is also not inconceivable that Austin would agree to compete with Punk at WrestleMania with recent comments made by the "Rattlesnake" indicating that he would ideally choose the "Voice of the Voiceless" as his final opponent.

    If it were to take place, it would be a dream match on a par with John Cena versus the Rock and would generate yet more interest from the casual fan.

    I would like to give Enigmatic Generation of Wrestling and Hamster Enigma credit for the title picture which does a fantastic job of outlining the feud that many of us want to see.

Daniel Bryan Built Up as a Legitimate World Title Threat

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    When Daniel Bryan emerged triumphant in the Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match, Internet wrestling fans, that knew him best for his work in "Ring of Honor" and Japan as Bryan Danielson, rejoiced.

    Finally a supreme wrestling talent from the independent circuit would be given a chance to prove himself in the main event scene with WWE.

    Bryan quickly told the fans that he would be cashing in his guaranteed World title opportunity on the "grandest stage of them all," WrestleMania 28.

    Since then Bryan has been booked weakly with a series of defeats and one could not be blamed for forgetting that he was "Mr Money in the Bank".

    But if the WWE only realised that they have created the potential for one of the most compelling angles in recent history.

    Daniel Bryan should be built into a legitimate World title contender with several high-profile feuds with the best SmackDown has to offer.

    Danielson is the modern day equivalent of Chris Benoit in the sense that they both got over with the crowd based on wrestling talent and limited charisma.

    As much as we hate Michael Cole, Daniel Bryan is not the most exciting wrestler to listen to on the microphone but the fans love him because of his ability to put on a show.

    The same was true of Benoit who, like it or not, was loved by the fans.

    There is also the fact that they both used the Crossface as a finishing manoeuvre and have both been cited for their purist wrestling style.

    When Benoit won the World Heavyweight title for the first time in his long and illustrious career, it was a feel-good moment without equal in WWE history.

    Daniel Bryan should be booked to win the World title in much the same way as the man that he already has a lot in common with.

Cody Rhodes Allowed to Regain the Prestige of the Intercontinental Championship

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    Cody Rhodes has taken some steps to re-establishing the Intercontinental title as the secondary World title that it was when held by the likes of Randy Savage and Bret Hart.

    He has frequently defended his title, brought back the classic championship title design and is now involved in a main event feud with Randy Orton.

    Rhodes should be allowed to continue to cement himself as one of the greatest IC Champions in history with a long and prestigious title run.

    While Mark Henry has been extremely impressive recently, the World title scene will not produce any five star matches while he remains champion.

    But Cody Rhodes could make up for that by putting on exciting bouts with the wealth of in-ring talent that SmackDown has to offer.

    Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara, Sheamus, Christian, Randy Orton and even Booker T are potential opponents and he should not have to limit his title defences to SmackDown.

    If they can showcase one of their future stars on the flagship show, then it is all to the good.

Air Boom Versus the Kings of Wrestling

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    The WWE have taken some recent steps to restore the prestige of the tag team division by establishing Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne as the tag team champions.

    These two popular superstars, in danger of being lost in the shuffle as singles competitors, are always capable of putting on great matches and have already been involved in two good tag team feuds.

    But once their feud with Swagger and Ziggler runs its course, they will need opponents with which to highlight the best of tag team wrestling.

    After CM Punk's "worked shoot" promo in the summer, there were many rumours of a potential "ROH" invasion that were fuelled by the WWE's reported interest in the "Kings of Wrestling."

    Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero are both known for their friendships with Punk as well as their legendary status on the independent scene.

    They have won the tag team titles in three separate companies and they would have been able bring credibility to Punk's stable by winning the belts in WWE.

    The "Ring of Honor" stable has not materialised, but Hero and Castagnoli are both extremely talented competitors and it would really be a sign of the WWE's ambition to revamp the tag team landscape if they were to sign one of the best duos in the business currently.

    A long-term feud with "Air Boom" would produce some five star matches as well as some much-needed promo segments for the division with the "Kings of Wrestling" being known for their mic skills.

Edge Returns as Smackdown General Manager

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    Teddy Long as a character on WWE television has become stale and boring and needs to be replaced as the SmackDown General Manager.

    One man that may be interested in a non-wrestling role with the company is the recently retired Edge.

    The "Rated R Superstar" has been pursuing an acting career but also revealed that he would be interested in a WWE return as an on-screen personality if the opportunity presented itself.

    Bringing Edge back would serve to address the falling ratings on SmackDown and his presence could really add something to storylines in a way that Teddy Long will never be able to do.

    It would also be extremely interesting to see Edge interact with superstars like Christian and Randy Orton, with whom he has a long history.

    Edge's character functions equally well as a heel or a face which is a key asset for a general manager figure and the WWE is always more interesting when the "Ultimate Opportunist" is involved.

Vince McMahon and Laurinaitis Working Together to Bring Down Triple H

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    John Laurinaitis is often to be seen texting a mystery person from his mobile phone, which begs the question, who is the Raw GM in constant contact with?

    Who is pulling the strings behind Laurinaitis' constant attempts to undermine Triple H?

    The obvious answer would be the former Chairman and the man Triple H relieved of his duties, Vince McMahon.

    Before Triple H took over as COO, Laurinaitis played a role similar to Pat Patterson and Jerry Briscoe in the '90s.

    He has been known as Vince's right hand man for years and it is ever-present desire to please the boss that led to CM Punk describing him as an "idiotic yes-man."

    The only way to keep Laurinaitis relevant in the long-term is to have him align himself with Triple H's father-in-law in an attempt to reinstate Vince as Chairman of the Board.

    This could lead to the epic Traditional Survivor Series match for control of the company that the Rock is rumoured to be competing in.

    In my opinion, Laurinaitis is not entertaining enough to stand alone as a heel character but as Vince's right hand man, he would fit perfectly.