Isaiah Rider Arrest: Legal Woes Go from Bad to Worse for Slam Dunk Champion

Kyle Vassalo@VassaloBRFeatured ColumnistOctober 6, 2011

Isaiah Rider has gone from first-round pick, to slam-dunk champion, to delinquent retiree. Rider has landed in handcuffs again after violating his probation, according to TMZ.

This isn't Rider's first run in with the law. The former NBA star has a long legal history that is slowly but surely overshadowing his NBA career.

Rider was put on probation after he fled from police in 2010 when they tried to pull him over for driving erratically. TMZ reveals that he has also been arrested for fraud, battery, domestic violence, false reporting, kidnapping and possession of narcotic drugs.

Obviously this arrest doesn't come as any sort of surprise. Rider is the same guy making the same poor life decisions. His time as an NBA star is a distant memory.

There are plenty of people who are able to turn their lives around. Rider doesn't seem to be one of those people. He digs a deeper hole with each and every arrest.

While none of the aforementioned charges would individually cripple his image, the collective array of arrests make him an embarrassment to the NBA and himself.

Rider's legal troubles aren't anywhere near over. Regardless of what this charge ends up being, he hasn't seen the back of a cop car for the last time. Rider continues to prove to everyone that he is nowhere near changing the course of his life.

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It's pathetic. This is a guy who had everything going for him and has repeatedly squandered the gifts that have been given to him. Whatever legacy he built in the NBA has been thrown out the window. It's a shame, given the promise he had.

This won't be the last Rider arrest we hear about. Not by a long shot.

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