WWE: The Miz, R-Truth, Triple H, the Conspiracy That No One Saw Coming

Trey StylesContributor IIIOctober 4, 2011

For weeks The Miz and R-Truth have ranted about a conspiracy within the WWE. The audience dismissed them, other Superstars dismissed them and even Triple H dismissed them. After the Night of Champions attacks, Awesome Truth apologized to Triple H. Another phony apology, we all thought.

What if it wasn’t a phony apology—what if it was legitimate?

But Trey, Miz and Truth attacked Triple H and tried to cost him the match. Surely that must mean that they were against him. Alas, how our PG-version of WWE has taken away our need to think.

Triple H put his COO position on the line at Night of Champions. Losing the match would have allowed Triple H to resign; the conspiracy would have stopped or at least had to reveal itself. There is a huge difference between losing something and having it taken from you.  Now, after the events of the Raw Supershow, Triple has received a vote of no confidence from the Superstars and staff of the WWE. The board of directors will soon follow.

Triple H is now the first official victim of the conspiracy.

CM Punk won the WWE title from John Cena, left the company with a black eye, came back at Summerslam to defend the title and lost it after interference from Kevin Nash and Alberto Del Rio’s MITB cash-in. 

CM punk offended the company by taking the WWE title and not re-signing. CM Punk had to pay. He was defeated by Del Rio, pummeled by Nash, decimated by Del Rio at Hell in a Cell. CM Punk limped to the ring tonight on Raw.

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The conspiracy is not done with CM Punk, not by a long shot.

As for Miz and Truth, they have taken to social media to air their concerns. Triple H did the conspiracy’s dirty work. He fired them. They no longer have the proper channels to attack the conspiracy, so they have resorted to disruption. At Hell in the Cell they attacked everyone, but when the HHH and the police came they surrendered immediately.

Miz and Truth do not want to harm Triple H. They want to help him.

So far I’ve named the main targets of the conspiracy.

Who’s behind it?

John Laurinaitis? Nah, too obvious, definitely being set up as a fall guy. His personal aspirations make him an unknowing puppet for the conspiracy. They’ll keep him around as long as he’s useful.

Vincent Kennedy McMahon? Surprisingly, no.

You see, I stated earlier that Triple H was the first official victim of the conspiracy. The first actual victim was McMahon.

McMahon attempted to protect his company because he knew what most of the fans over the age of 12 knew: John Cena cannot defeat CM Punk. McMahon tried to fire CM Punk, but Cena intervened to get CM Punk and the title match reinstated.  Once Cena lost, McMahon was going to fire Cena. 

It was at this point the conspiracy began. Protecting Cena was the conspiracy’s first act. By removing McMahon, Cena was free and clear. Triple H was not going to fire Cena on his first day on the job.

The conspiracy began by taking out McMahon.

So Trey, are you saying the Cena is in on the conspiracy?

Actually no, I’m not saying that at all.

Cena has always been a wild card, tough to control. He is willing to taking any fight without logic or preparation. While Cena has the WWE title, his confidence is bolstered and he becomes as much a danger as a liability.

Cena’s one-track mind toward the WWE title would have placed him in harm’s way far too much for the conspiracy’s plans.

This is why CM Punk took the most punishment at Hell in the Cell while Cena was safely outside. CM Punk needed to be punished while Cena needed to be protected.

So, who is involved in the Conspiracy?

Clearly, Kevin Nash is. His timing and weak excuses hide a hidden purpose.

Alberto Del Rio, having a destiny fulfilled is a pretty good payment for services rendered.  

Del Rio? The guy got dominated by Cena at Night of Champions. Super Cena steamrolled right over him. It’s like he didn’t even put up a fight. What if he didn’t?

I mean, this is the guy who put Rey Mysterio out of action multiple times, shown dominance against Kofi Kingston, Christian, Daniel Bryan, John Morrison and many others. A perennial No. 1 contender.

Perhaps being known as the most recent Money in the Bank winner is all well and good, but what about being the winner of the first Triple Threat Hell in the Cell match for the WWE title, now that sounds much better. Especially if you get to take it from the guy who beat you.

Del Rio didn’t put up a fight against Cena at Night of Champions. Then he locks Cena out of the Cell. Del Rio is under orders not to hurt Cena. Because the MMA-trained Del Rio is well capable of dishing out major punishment to Cena.

Why protect Cena?

Simply because Cena is the cash cow. His match against the Rock and the buildup to Wrestlemania is going to draw millions. The conspiracy cannot jeopardize that. It is vital for the company’s survival.

However, that is only one goal. There are likely many more left to be uncovered.

That still leaves us to wonder who is behind the conspiracy. The WWE Board of Directors is involved, but are they the brains behind the operation—perhaps Stephanie or long silent Shane? Chris Jericho has been making noise on Twitter. Has Y2J gone from "conspiracy victim" to "conspirator"?

Miz and Truth will keep attacking the conspiracy. They are our best hope for getting to the AWESOME TRUTH (sorry).

If anyone has any ideas on the conspiracy and their goals, feel free to comment.

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