5 Ways the Sacramento Kings Can Continue To Build Around Tyreke Evans

Danny Hauger@@DannyHaugerCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2011

5 Ways the Sacramento Kings Can Continue To Build Around Tyreke Evans

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    The Sacramento Kings were thrilled to present their Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans in 2010. Tyreke Evans in 2010-2011 had scoring, rebounding and assists numbers down from his first year in the NBA.

    As the NBA has adjusted to the tendencies of Tyreke Evans, the Sacramento Kings must revamp their own game plan to support their budding star in his continued career elevation.

Replace Beno Udrih with a Viable Free-Agent Point Guard

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    Beno Udrih gave career years to the Sacramento Kings franchise and developed into a suitable floor general for a young team. Continued growth for Tyreke Evans demands an equally strong ball handler to direct the offense and protect leads or deficits while Evans sits. The Kings were miserable when their second unit took the floor in 2010.

    One free agent the Kings could fit into their rotation is Steve Nash. The former MVP may be traded for the right package and would be a wonderful addition for the Kings. As a shooting threat he would reduce direct pressure on Tyreke Evans and be a scoring target.

    Jamal Crawford is another name the Kings will be tracking as the current lockout persists. This NBA veteran understands what it takes to acclaim to new teams and play the point guard role.

    The organization will also be looking at the situations of Russell Westbrook, Deron Williams, and Derrick Rose as they are updated.

Develop Donte Greene and Francisco Garcia

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    Francisco Garcia and Donte Greene bring leadership and athleticism respectively. Garcia's international and collegiate career has produced a time-tested player and spot-up shooter. His injury and recovery reduced his minutes in the 2010 Kings season.

    Donte Greene has a team player mentality that translates to an above the rim vertical that is an asset to the club. Given playing time he can continue to round out his game in the NBA level and bring rest to Tyreke Evans by motivating the second unit.

Acquire Restricted Free Agent Shannon Brown

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    The Kings need to build on their product and attendance draw. Jimmer Fredette and Tyreke Evans bring an exciting brand that could use a third punch of excitement. Shannon Brown and his above the rim play will bring the adrenaline of a young team to a critical peak.

    Shannon is a thrill in Los Angeles but wants to get off the bench and become an integral part of an NBA team. He gained notoriety for his spectacular dunks and agility running the court. The Kings have room for an athlete that can drive to the basket.

    Shannon Brown has averaged under seven points per game in seven NBA seasons. His prime will pass without major production if he remains in Los Angeles.

Develop Chemistry with Jason Thompson and Demarcus Cousins

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    Demarcus Cousins is capable of being the third scoring option for the Kings. His rookie year was impressive but not without setbacks. His 43 percent shooting could be elevated by an improvement in his relationship with Tyreke Evans.

    Too often in 2010 the Kings bailed out after one shot without a set play. Cousins was frustrated by his lack of touches. Jason Thompson worked well off the ball with Tyreke but saw limited playing time together. If the Kings can utilize better chemistry and synergy with these two big men, the floor opens up a better offense.

Redesign a Game Plan Around Tyreke Evans

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    Every play set needs to consider the use of Tyreke Evans as the center stage star. Many reduced impact games from Tyreke Evans show examples of the young player taken out of the game by the tempo and game plan. This cannot be allowed if he is to develop further.

    Coach Westphal failed to discipline his team this year. Players routinely ignored play calls and took early attempts. Games were lost from the onset.

    Tyreke Evans can only work with what his team is taught. Players that want playing time need control and play calls that are upheld as priority above individual shot selection. Redesigning the team style for its current personnel will bring success and definition to a chaotic Sacramento Kings franchise.