10 Reasons Z! True Long Island Story Is the Best Show on the Internet

Melisa ColeContributor ISeptember 21, 2011

10 Reasons Z! True Long Island Story Is the Best Show on the Internet

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    Z! True Long Island Story features the Long Island Iced Z, Internet champion Zack Ryder. If you haven't been watching this guy, you really should be. This show is hilarious.

    Ryder started this show himself back in February and has since gained tremendous popularity among the wrestling community.

    Ryder showcases his comedic talents with his friends and family.

    If you don't believe how good this show is, here are 10 reasons why it is the best show on the Internet and why you should be watching it.

    I've included videos to go along with each reason. There are numerous examples of each reason throughout the series, but these are my favorite.

10. Fan Interaction

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    Zack Ryder always makes it a point to include his fans in every episode of Z! True Long Island Story. Whether its the Broski of the Week or the Sign of the Week, the fans are always somewhere.

    Ryder's success as the Long Island Iced Z comes from the fans demanding more air time for him. His T-shirts sell out. Fans bring dozens of Zack Ryder signs to shows. They chant "we want Ryder". 

    This video is just one of the many examples of fans being a part of Z! True Long Island Story.

    It is a result of the fans' demands that the WWE has given Ryder more air time. Zack knows this and makes it a point to keep the fans involved in his show.

9. Action Figures

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    Ryder loves to use his action figures in his show. A lot of us forget how much fun it used to be playing with out action figures and creating our own dream matches.

    Zack creates matches with his figures. He is usually is the winner, but he also creates some hilarious segments.

    He's been scene fist pumping with The Rock and interviewing Buzz Lightyear. In this video, he gets an exclusive interview with John Cena at Wreslemania. The "interview" comes at the :50 mark.

8. The Internet Championship

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    The Internet Championship started out as a joke on Z! True Long Island Story, but the WWE reportedly payed over $3,000 to have an actual belt customized for Zack Ryder.

    There is a lot of speculation that this championship could become a legit title in the WWE, which would be a great idea. There a lot of superstars, particularly ones Zack mention on his show, that could use a championship like this.

    The title could be mostly defended on Superstars, since it is an Internet show, and the winner of NXT could receive an automatic shot at the title.

    There is a lot of potential with this championship. In this episode of Z! True Long Island Story, Zack debuts the customized belt for the first time. At  the :30 mark, he throws the toy belt in the trash, and at 3:00, he unveils the brand new championship.

7. Guest Appearances

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    Zack Ryder is actually friends with a lot of other superstars, and these guys like to make a lot of guest appearances on his show.

    Curt Hawkins, Trent Barreta and Dolph Ziggler make regular appearances on the show, but others have made their way onto the camera as well.

    Trish Stratus, John Cena and even Snooki have made small cameos.

    The best thing about the other superstars being on the show is the stuff they say. Dolph Ziggler talks trash about other superstars. The lower card guys like Hawkins complain about never being on TV. SuperCena himself gives Ryder a lot of credit on the show.

    In this episode, Ziggler is featured at 3:40.

    These special appearances really add something extra to the content. It's Zack's show, but he's no one man rock band.

6. Broski of the Week

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    Broski of the Week started with people that Zack already knew, but quickly became another way for Ryder to reach out to fans.

    Every week, fans send in short videos, and Ryder picks the Broski. He features their video as part of the weekly segment.

    Every Broski of the Week video has something special to it. It was very hard for me to choose one favorite because they are all so creative, but I decided on this guy. It starts at 1:26 because of his great word usage.

    If you think he's funny, watch more episodes, because these fans get crazy and creative trying to be picked as Broski of the Week.

5. Zack's Dad

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    The No. 1 MoFo is never given a name other than Zack's Dad. He was first featured in an attempt to promote Ryder, but the audience quickly found out that Zack's Dad's favorite wrestler is actually John Morrison.

    Ever since that episode, Zack's Dad has been seen wearing Morrison's T-shirt, sunglasses and fur coat. For Fathers' Day, Ryder gave him a cut out of Melina that he drove around and sunbathed with.

    It got even funnier when Melina and Morrison appeared on the show asking Zack's dad to stop stalking Melina. Unfortunately, Melina was released by the WWE, which was a devastating blow for the father of the Long Island Iced Z.

    Ryder has caught his dad several times in various situations involving something with Morrison. This video features his dad imitating Morrison's entrance at 1:50.

4. Scott Stanford

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    Scott Stanford is an Emmy award winning sportscaster, but these days, he spends his time chilling with Zack Ryder. The two make a great comedic combination.

    Stanford has helped sell products such as "Broski in a Bottle" and the invisible jump rope.

    He's been seen backstage in some precarious situations with Ryder.

    He evens sings and raps for Ryder.

    The video here shows Stanford giving one of his signature raps for Ryder. It starts at 1:32.

3. The Big O

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    This guy is crazy intense. I honestly do not know why the WWE has not picked him up yet.

    He is the perfect big muscled, meat-head, tool bag to go right along with Ryder's gimmick. He's got the look and the charisma to be a big star.

    These two could make a serious tag team in a company that needs it.

    He kind of has a heel attitude, but pair him with Ryder, and he could be a crazy juice head that only Ryder can keep under control.

    I would love to see these two as a team in the WWE. He has great catch phrases already like "More weights equals more dates" and "If you can't handle the heat, get out of my ozone".

    Ryder and Cena seem to be friends right now, but the Big O can't stand him. He has challenged Cena numerous times on the show, and this episode he goes all out on him. The Big O segment starts at :36.

    After watching this, I don't know how anyone in the WWE couldn't think this guy could be a top superstar.

2. The Comments About WWE

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    This is definitely one of my favorite things about the show. Ryder is constantly making what appear to be public service announcements about how the WWE has failed miserably with such a great talent.

    The segments always involve puns on props, which make them even funnier.

    Some of the best mention Ryder not being pushed, being put on the back burner and the WWE having cold feet about putting him on TV. And yes, they do all involve the literal objects.

    Fans love to see superstars speaking their true feelings about the WWE, and that is exactly what Ryder does with these clips.

    This video has one of the funniest segments Ryder has done. It starts at 2:21.

1. Zack Ryder

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    Go to the 3:00 mark on this video, and you will see exactly why this show is such a success. It's all because of the Long Island Iced Z himself, Zack Ryder.

    This guy is not afraid to make fun of himself for the sake of a great product. He is so creative and so charismatic.

    Ryder has personally made himself in demand from the fans without much help from the WWE. It seems that the WWE is finally waking up and seeing what they have with this guy.

    Ryder is a very funny guy, but he's no joke in the ring. He has a great look for a superstar. His body is in great shape, and he's a very good looking guy. He's got the image to be a major contender if given the chance.

    Ryder knows he has the potential; the WWE just needs to see that.

    If you've watched the videos, then I don't need to reiterate why this show is so amazing.

    If you get it, then all I have to say is "Woo Woo Woo, You Know It."

    If you don't get it, then all I have to say is "Are you serious, Bro?"

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