The Savior Of The San Antonio Spurs Arrives: Manu Ginobili Returns

Amanda RobertsonContributor INovember 24, 2008

Heeeeeeee's baaaaaack!

The Manu fan club community fell off their couches in the 10 seconds it took Manu to be assigned to come in for substitution and play with 5:34 remaining in the first quarter.

This was then followed by a series of celebratory cheers for ten minutes, which may include the following:

- "Yes!", "Yessssssssssssss!"
- "Oh my God," *faints*

or even, like my reaction,

- a chain of explicit, but glad, words.

Barely a minute into his comeback game—4:07 remaining in the first, to be exact—Manu took, and made, an epic three-pointer in Rudy Gay's face—at which point we all at home died, went to Heaven, came back and realized what happened, died again, went to Heaven again, etc.

With 2:41 left, we cried at the sight of his monster dunk after a pass from fellow Argentine Fabricio "Fab" Oberto.

It was all right when he then went back to bench 0:16.  We needed some time to change our pants and catch our breath.


Five minutes in, he's back again.

Two rebounds, one turnover, and one missed shot later, he's subbed by the Spur's breakout star Roger Mason Jr.

A scoreless but all the same satisfactory quarter ends for Ginobili, and Spurs up 41-36 against the Grizzlies at halftime.


Manu comes in for veteran Michael Finley with about six minutes to go.

Manu is fouled in the following seconds by Rudy Gay, and makes one-of-two free throws, bringing him up to six points.

This is followed by another foul two minutes later (yet again by Gay), and Ginobili makes both free throws this time. We scream like school girls at seeing the Spurs bop up to a 54-49 lead and Manu reaching eight points.

20 seconds later, Manu's got the ball, and finishes a running jump-shot.  10 points.

Quinton Ross fouls Ginobili, and Manu answers with making both free throws.

We at home begin the cycle of dying and going to Heaven again, as Manu finishes the third quarter with 12 points and eight rebounds in 11:16 played.  The Spurs are up 17, 72-55.


The long-awaited hero didn't play in the Spur's victorious fourth quarter.

Rookie George Hill hit two key jumpers near the end, which solidified our win over the Memphis Grizzlies.

Final Score: 94-81

Box Score:

Duncan: 14 points
Bowen: 3 points
Oberto: 2 points
Mason: 18 points
Finley: 7 points
Hill: 20 points
Bonner: 9 points
Udoka: 0 points
Ginobili: 12 points
Thomas: 4 points
Vaughn: 4 points
Tolliver: 1 point

Yes, it was a 12 game wait.

Yes, it was all worth it.

Yes, the West better watch out.


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