WWE: 5 Exciting Ways To Bring Chris Jericho Back to Television

Will J BakerCorrespondent IIISeptember 19, 2011

WWE: 5 Exciting Ways To Bring Chris Jericho Back to Television

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    Chris Jericho is a true legend of the wrestling business who will one day take his rightful place in the Hall of Fame alongside his fellow greats.

    Y2J has never failed to entertain the masses when he steps inside the "squared circle" and his exceptional promo skills combined with an in-ring prowess make him the complete package.

    Jericho's two WWE runs have proved his versatility and his ability to inhabit any character he portrays.

    It takes serious talent and commitment to make such a smooth transition from beloved babyface to hated heel as Jericho did when he put Shawn Michaels through the "Jeritron 5000".

    His subsequent feud with HBK will go down as one of the greatest of the PG era and Jericho continued to excel until Randy Orton punted him off television in the summer of 2010.

    It is well known that the Canadian has a passion for rock music and is committed to the success of his band, Fozzy, who have toured the world with great success over the past few months.

    The question on every wrestling fan's lips is when will Jericho make his return to the ring and will it be in time for WrestleMania 28?

    As a long-time "Jerichaholic", I often envisage ways in which the WWE could bring the "Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla" back and here are five of the most exciting and inventive scenarios that I have come up with.

Survivor Series Match with the Rock

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    It has been rumored for some time now that the Rock will appear at the annual "Survivor Series" pay-per-view in Madison Square Garden.

    The latest reports are that the Rock's in-ring return is being advertised for this November instead of the initially expected appearance and promo.

    The Rock has not competed in a WWE ring for some time and if he is to mix it up once again ahead of his blockbuster bout with Cena at WrestleMania, then he will need a blockbuster opponent.

    Jericho fits the bill perfectly as his feuds with the "Great One" border on legendary and his name is recognizable enough to set up a pay-per-view main event that will draw buys.

    These two do not even need to develop a serious issue and start a feud as they can both compete with mutual respect and the desire to have one last match with a highly rated opponent.

    The verbal back and forth between the two would make for compulsory viewing and the in-ring chemistry that these two shared in the past could blossom once again in the WWE.

Joins Up with CM Punk to Stand Against WWE Brass

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    There has been no indication that Chris Jericho has any sympathies for CM Punk's attack on authority except for a glowing review of the initial shoot promo.

    Jericho has had real-life problems with Triple H and his backstage influence in much the same way as Punk.

    In Y2J's autobiography, he details the resentment that he had to put up with from the "Game" and his DX cronies.

    Jericho has also suffered from the fact that he does not have the bodybuilder physique so prized in the WWE and, like Punk, he has never been afraid of speaking his mind.

    Jericho's on-screen rivalry with Stephanie McMahon was legendary and this would add more fuel to the fire.

    If the feud between Punk and Triple H were to continue with a potential Survivor Series match pitting two teams against each other, then Jericho would be a prize pick for Team Punk. 

WrestleMania Feud with CM Punk to Determine the Real "Best in the World"

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    After Chris Jericho completely reinvented his wrestling persona into an arrogant and narcissistic heel, he would often describe himself as the "best in the world at what he does," and few could argue with him.

    One man who could challenge this statement would be CM Punk, whose new t-shirt describes himself as the "best in the world."

    The back-and-forth between Punk and Jericho would make for incredibly entertaining viewing, and they could both back it up in the ring.

    If Jericho were to make as resounding a return as possible then CM Punk would be the ideal opponent for the "third coming of Y2J."

    The fact that these two have never really touched in the ring makes a WrestleMania dream match a mouth-watering possibility.

    Jericho's recent negative comments towards Punk on Twitter that seem to have revealed a hidden animosity could be the WWE sowing the seeds for this feud to take place.

Revealed as the Impostor Sin Cara

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    While I was watching Smackdown this past Friday and the confrontation between Mistico and Hunico, both under the guise of Sin Cara, I realized that this feud can never work.

    The majority of the viewing audience do not surf the Internet for news or read the dirt sheets and many of them may not have realized that the original "Masked Sensation" had been replaced.

    This would explain the confusion and the apparent lack of crowd reaction at the Smackdown tapings in Toronto last week.

    There was a lot of pointing and gesticulating and the fact that only one of the luchadores can speak English leaves the creative department with a lot of work if they are to explain this feud properly.

    The eventual plan surely must be to pit Sin Cara versus Sin Cara with the loser forced to unmask and drop the gimmick.

    This will leave the crowd with no receipt, as very few will know who Hunico is and so his unmasking will get less reaction than a Ted Dibiase face turn.

    Suddenly the obvious yet brilliant solution came to me!

    When Hunico first appeared on the scene as Sin Cara many people compared his physical build and his moveset to that of Jericho.

    So surely, it would be a stroke of brilliance to build the feud between Hunico and Mistico and then in the blow-off match replace the former FCW star with Jericho?

    When Jericho unmasked in victory or defeat, the crowd would erupt and the storyline would have a satisfying conclusion.

    As for Hunico, there are many other ways to bring him on to the main roster, potentially along with his tag team partner, Tito Colon, who competes in FCW as Epico.

Wins the Royal Rumble and Cashes in on the Undertaker's Streak

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    Chris Jericho has accomplished almost everything in his illustrious career, and will go down as one of the most decorated champions in WWE history, but two apparent requisites of a WWE main event talent are missing from his impressive CV.

    He has never won the Royal Rumble and he has never competed with the Undertaker at WrestleMania, or engaged in any long-term feud with the "Phenom".

    Daniel Bryan's World Heavyweight title match has already been booked for WrestleMania and the possibility of Rock and Cena battling it out with the WWE title on the line makes the outcome of the Royal Rumble seemingly irrelevant.

    So why not have Jericho return unexpectedly, win the match for the first time in his career and do something that has never been done before?

    Instead of cashing in his Royal Rumble victory for a guaranteed World title match at "Mania", he could use it to gain a shot at the Undertaker's legendary undefeated streak.

    Jericho is one of the few remaining possibilities of a WrestleMania opponent for the Undertaker and there is no doubt that two of the all-time greats could tear it up on the "grandest stage of them all".