WWE Night of Champions Results: John Cena Beats Alberto Del Rio, What It Means

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistSeptember 19, 2011

WWE Night of Champions saw the return of John Cena as WWE Champion when he defeated Alberto Del Rio.  

Be honest, is anyone really surprised by this?

When it comes to the WWE Title, there is one guy who rules the world.  The moment John Cena loses the championship, despite who he loses it to, or why, the clock starts ticking.

One tick, one tick after the other, the countdown begins.  The countdown until Cena is standing in the ring, hoisting the title belt high above his head, with that big smile on his face.

It’s not just a forgone conclusion, it’s fate.

And, to be honest, at this point, how could we expect anything else?

A couple of nights ago, I was retuning home after having run commentary on a show with a friend of mine.  Three hours away from home, and trying to stay awake, we began to have a discussion about John.

“How can you hate the guy,” I asked him, “when he is the meal ticket for so many other Superstars in  WWE?”

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Now, this is not meant to disrespect anyone in the WWE locker room, that company if full of talented workers, guys who can tear the roof off of any arena anywhere in the world.  They do not need anyone to speak for, or against them.

My only point is that while those Superstars are the meat of the product, John Cena is the main course, with all the trimmings.

Cena is the primary selling point of WWE, and love him or hate him, that company is making money due to their commitment to him, and his work every time he steps in front of a live crowd.  He is the center of the WWE Universe, and that does not look to be changing anytime soon.

Without getting into a lengthy diatribe about the merits, or lack of, when it comes to Cena being the top guy in WWE, I will say that while Randy Orton is a top tier talent who the company believes in, he will not carry it alone, and probably never will.  John is the man, and despite how many fans are begging for more guys like CM Punk to be featured, WWE is all about show business, and Cena is the top showman.

So, what does Cena’s victory, and his once again being crowned WWE Champion, mean for the company?

It’s a return to normalcy for Monday Night RAW.  Or, at least, as normal as it can get when you have a guy in denim shorts and Nikes fronting the top professional wrestling company in the world.

But, that’s how WWE rolls, and again, it’s all about what works for them.

Cena being WWE Champion again also means that there is more heat for him with The Rock.  Haven’t forgot about him, right?

Cena versus Rock at Wrestlemania next year has been talked about since the challenge was made and accepted earlier this year.  It’s a dream match for many WWE fans, and while it seems impossible that these two could maintain enough heat over the course of an entire year, that has not stopped them from trying.

Rock verbally attacking Cena online caused a huge stir among fans, and has gone a long way to laying the groundwork for their epic showdown next year.  But, what would really stoke the fire is another face to face confrontation.

And, that confrontation may just happen at Survivor Series, which Rock is rumored appear at.  What better way to build more heat than for Rock to point to John’s title, letting him know that he will be the champ once again?

John Cena is WWE.  WWE is John Cena.  Cena is WWE Champ, and that’s the way it is.

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