NASCAR's 10 Craziest Trash-Talk Moments Caught on Camera

Ryan Papaserge@@RyanPapasergeCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2011

NASCAR's 10 Craziest Trash-Talk Moments Caught on Camera

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    Over the past few weeks, we've been treated to the colorful post-race interviews and press conferences from Kurt Busch and Jimmie Johnson, most recently after Saturday night's race at Richmond International Raceway.

    It's easy to forget—oh wait, it isn't—the amount of infamous trash-talking that has occurred in NASCAR over the years. From Kevin Harvick attempting to strangle Greg Biffle to Tony Stewart running down fellow drivers in interviews, smack talk is a part of the sport.

    Without further ado, here are the 10 Craziest Trash-Talk Moments Caught on Camera.

Mike Skinner Wins at Japan, Has Choice Words for Jeff Gordon (1998)

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    After holding off Jeff Gordon to win the exhibition race at Twin Ring Motegi in November 1998, Mike Skinner used some unique words to describe the eventual four-time Sprint Cup champion via his team's radio communication.

    Good thing this one aired on cable.

Boris Said Wants to Give Greg Biffle a Whoopin' at Watkins Glen (2011)

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    After last month's race at Watkins Glen International, Boris Said—along with his crew chief—were none too pleased with Greg Biffle's actions on the track during the race. Oddly enough, Said could be considered responsible for the final-lap pileup which sent David Reutimann airborne.

    Biffle attempted to go after Said, who responded with this epic post-race interview.

Bob Keselowski Claims Carl Edwards "ain't Gonna Kill His Boy" Brad (2010)

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    In the heat of an ugly feud between Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski last season, it appeared as if things were about to come to a head when Edwards wrecked Keselowski battling for the win on the final lap of the last Nationwide Series race at Gateway International Speedway in July 2010.

    After the race, Keselowski's father, Bob, planned on taking matters into his own hands.

Kurt Busch Knows How to Deny, Deny, Deny (2011)

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    No words can possibly describe what Kurt Busch did this past weekend following the Sprint Cup race at Richmond. After denying he said something that was aired on national broadcast television (ABC), Busch then rips up a transcript of his post-race interview.

    Truly a bizarre moment.

Tony Stewart Thinks the State of NASCAR Journalism Is Bleak (2011)

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    As crazy as Kurt Busch was this weekend, Tony Stewart may have brought out an interview performance for the ages to top the 2004 NASCAR Sprint Cup champion's efforts.

    This one is a bit of a slow build, but watch for an exchange with the Associated Press's Jenna Fryer about a minute in.

    Great to see Smoke still isn't a fan of journalism.

Kyle Busch Belittles ESPN's Dave Burns (2008)

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    Kyle Busch had has a multitude of bizarre trash-talk interviews in his career, the most memorable of which came during a May 2008 Nationwide Series race at Dover International Speedway.

    Listen to this one-word answer he gives to ESPN's Dave Burns after crashing out of the race. Here's a hint: it rhymes with "uh."

Clint Bowyer Questions Michael Waltrip's Driving Ability (2008)

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    After Clint Bowyer believed Michael Waltrip spun him out in the August 2008 race at Bristol Motor Speedway, he took to his in-car radio to bad-mouth "Mikey"'s driving abilities.

Tony Stewart Leaves Milk for Kevin Harvick (2007)

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    In the closing laps of the July 2007 race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Tony Stewart reeled in Kevin Harvick for the lead by calmly stating over the radio, "Here, kitty kitty."

Michael Waltrip Quickly Changes Tone (2001)

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    Michael Waltrip's tone changes abruptly in this interview with FX after a crash at the start of the 2001 Winston—mostly due to a wet Charlotte Motor Speedway—took out most of the field.

    Note what happens when he finds out teams will be allowed to take out their backup cars. He immediately returns to his sponsor-shilling self.

Joey Logano Questions Kevin Harvick's Manhood (2010)

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    You've this once, you've seen it a million times.

    Still one of the most awkward moments in NASCAR trash-talk history.

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