WWE: Top 5 Outcomes of the CM Punk vs. Triple H Showdown

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 5, 2011

WWE: Top 5 Outcomes of the CM Punk vs. Triple H Showdown

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    The title says it all.

    It is going to explain the top five ways this match could end. This storyline is going to continue anyway WWE spins it and makes it very ripe for discussion among fans and the WWE community.

    Though there is still a week to go and two shows to build it up, it will not stop me from discussing what could happen in this match.

    Let the slideshow begin.

CM Punk Wins Clean

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    This could very well happen easily.

    The match is building and having him wins cleanly does make sense. He would prove to Triple H that he cannot put him down and that he will not be held down.

    Because of this victory he will claim that even though Triple H tried to screw him in every possible way he could think of, there he stands victorious. Nothing is going to keep him down and nothing is going to stop him from knowing the truth.

    He still wants the clear answer as to who sent the text and wants to confront the person face to face. He thinks Triple H was involved but feels and knows someone else, maybe Stephanie,  was involved as well. They cannot stop him no matter what they do so they menus well confront  him face to face.

    From there Triple H would come out and tell him that it was a lucky victory and that it will not happen again. He made his point, but Triple H still has not made his.

    From there they can build to the next PPV and SS.

    Sounds simple.

Triple H Wins Cleanly

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    Another simple way it can go.

    Tripe H could go into the match and have a huge hard fought victory over CM Punk. The next night on Raw he could claim that order has been restored in the WWE.

    CM Punk had step over the line and he paid for it. This should be a message to all of those in the back to never cross the boss of the company.

    Now that order is restored, things will finally calm down and he can do his job with a little less stress.

    CM Punk music hits and he storms to the ring. He tells Triple H congratulations, he did beat him at NOC. But if he thinks this is over he is off by a long shot. He still does not know who definitively sent the text message to Kevin Nash and demands to know right now.

    Triple H has beaten him so there is no reason to hide it anymore and tells him to admit that he sent it. Triple H will probably say that he does not know who sent it and it was not him. CM Punk will just get angrier and step over all the lines he crossed again.

    From there Kevin Nash will come down and do something and this could start all over again.

Triple H Wins Due to Interference

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    People are expecting this result the more I look in the IWC.

    This match will probably see interference of some sort. The match could be going on for a good twenty minutes when the Ref gets knocked down from a shot from one of the two and ducking. When the ref is down both of them continue fighting.

    CM Punk gets the best of Triple H and while he is down and sets up for the GTS. Kevin Nash will run down from the crowd and jackknife Punk. From there Triple H not knowing what is going on will pedigree CM Punk and take the victory.

    When Triple H sees what has happened on the replay he will be both shocked and mad. The next night on Raw he will demand that Nash comes out. When he does he tells him that he knows Punk and he have things to settle but he is sick and tired of him interfering in everything.

    Nash will exchange words with him stating that this would not be happening if he did not send him the text message. Triple H will deny it and tell him it was not him. They continue arguing and Punk comes down to the ring.

    He states that he is sick and tired of watching this acting go on for so long. He knows that Triple H sent the text and he sent Kevin Nash to the ring if things got to much for him in the ring.  He tells Triple H that he cannot beat him on his own and needs his old cronies to help him.

    He is a corrupt COO and he should grow a set of balls and be a man instead of hiding behind Nash and his wife.

    I think the fans can use their imagination at that point.

CM Punk Wins from Interference

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    Would this not be an interesting angle?

    What if instead of Kevin Nash coming down to help Triple H he helps Punk instead?

    Same thing happens, well into the match the Ref gets knocked down and now Triple H is going to set up the pedigree. Kevin Nash appears on the stage and starts to walk slowly down to it. Triple H delivers the Pedigree to Punk and stands facing the ramp asking Nash what he is doing there.

    Nash points to Punk and Triple H tells him to go to the back right now because he has got this. After this Triple H sets Punk up again but it turns into a GTS. Kevin Nash hits the ring and Triple H counters. Nash appears to go for CM Punk and Triple H get between the two.

    Kevin punches Triple H and jackknifes him. The Ref is starting to get up at this point and Nash see's this. He leaves and Punk sets up his GTS and wins.

    The next night on Raw Triple H comes out angry and demands Kevin Nash comes to the ring. He says this has gone too far and he cost him his match against Punk. He is done with his crap and if he has got a problem with him than he should face him right now.

    Kevin Nash said he did what he did because this was suppose to be about Nash and Punk and he made it about him. Punk was right in saying that Triple H always wants everything to be about him and he is not going to stand for it.

    Punk comes down to the ring and laughs at Triple H. He tells him that he has lost control of the company and he has only had the job for a month. He states that maybe Vince should come back because Triple H is doing a worse job than he did.

    He could have just made the match between Punk and Nash, but he wanted to get involved. His whole idea of screwing him has turned a complete 180 on him and the only person he could blame is himself.

    From there, what WWE can do with this is endless.

Awesome Truth Attacks Them Both

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    Awesome Truth could come to the ring and attack both of them because of their cause.

    The match end with a double DQ and they both continue their beat down. Kevon Nash comes to the ring and it appears that he is going to stop them. Instead what we see is a hand shake between all of them.

    They all stand in the ring raising their hands over the beaten bodies of Triple H and CM Punk. A formation of a new group in born similar to NWO and now WWE just got a bit more interesting.

    The next night on Raw they explain why they did what they did and for now on they will be the dominate force in the company. Not CM Punk, Triple H, or anyboy else. This was cause from Triple H and he is the only one to blame.


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    From their the storyline could go in all sorts of directions.

    What ever they do decide to do at the PPV will be interesting to say the least.

    Anyway they spin it the storyline will go on. How it will go on is the only questions and to be honest I do not think most fans want to see this storyline end any time soon.

    Thanks for reading! I hope everyone enjoyed this slide show! Let me know your thoughts on the Slideshow, what you think will happen, and what else you think could happen!

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    Enjoy the photo. =]