Philadelphia Eagles: 7 Reasons Why Vince Young Will Be a Success

Yueh Ho@@YuehHoCorrespondent ISeptember 5, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles: 7 Reasons Why Vince Young Will Be a Success

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    When the Philadelphia Eagles signed Vince Young to be their backup quarterback, many Eagles fans around the league erupted with excitement. However, many also felt skepticism.

    Young, despite being a first-round pick, has only had a few productive seasons in the NFL, while the rest were marred by mediocre and inconsistent play. His character issues were enough to have him exiled from the Tennessee Titans, where he was then picked up by the Eagles.

    It also does not help that Young will take up four million dollars of cap space and is a big investment for a backup quarterback.

    However, despite all the skepticism, it is my belief that the Vince Young signing will be well worth it and will be a success. Here are seven reasons why the Young move will turn out to be a good one…

Quarterback Guru Andy Reid

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    There is little debate that Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg are both excellent offensive minds, who both also have a knack for developing quarterbacks.

    Reid has shaped many quarterbacks into productive players during his career, reviving Jeff Garcia and turning A.J. Feeley and Kevin Kolb into trade bait.

    What's more, those were quarterbacks who did not necessarily fit the Eagles' offensive system as well as Young does.

    With a strong arm and enough elusiveness to evade defenders, Young can thrive and impress. If Vick were to go down with injury, Young would be able to step right in and lead the Eagles.

    If Vick were to stay healthy, Young would likely play in the final few games of the season when the starters are being rested and have another chance to impress.

    As long as Andy Reid is the head coach in Philly, he will find an opportunity to showcase Young’s improvement as a quarterback and likely extend him and turn him into trade bait. 

Michael Vick as a Mentor

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    Similar to how Vick benefited greatly from having an established veteran in Donovan McNabb to learn good habits from (such as a good work ethic, better passing form and limiting interceptions), Young will have the new and improved Vick to learn from.

    With Vick as a mentor, Young will be able to grow as a quarterback and continue to improve his form and playing style. One of the best ways to learn is by example and Vick will provide an excellent example for Young to observe and try to improve his play.

Young Fits Eagles Offensive System

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    What will be crucial to the success of Young’s stint with the Eagles is the Eagles offensive system itself. The team would have never picked him up if they didn't believe he would fit well with their offense.

    Young has a similar playing style to Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick, both quarterbacks who have had tremendous success with the Eagles.

    Young is not known for his accuracy, but he can throw the ball the length of the field and complete the long bomb to the Eagles’ speedy receivers. He also has good scrambling abilities, similar to Vick and McNabb, and can extend plays with his legs.

    Young is exactly the type of quarterback that Andy Reid likes, and fits his offensive scheme perfectly. 

Young Not Expected to Start

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    High expectations can often ruin an athlete’s career as he struggles to live up to the constant pressure.

    In Philadelphia, Young will be the clear No. 2 option behind Vick. There will be no pressure for him to be the savior or the hero.

    With that in mind, Young will need only to concentrate upon learning the Eagles’ system and developing rapport with the receivers. When he does play, there will be less pressure involved. That will help Young tremendously from a mental standpoint.

Talent on Offense

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    What was a huge factor in Vick’s re-emergence as a star quarterback will also factor into Young’s development with the Eagles. That is, the incredible amount of offensive talent already in place.

    Throwing to the likes of DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek, LeSean McCoy and Jason Avant, Young will not need to be perfect with his passes. He has playmakers who can find the football and take it the distance.

    With all this talent, Young’s weaknesses can be minimized and his strengths made clearer.

Vince Young Is Happy

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    It is very clear that Young is very happy about his situation in Philadelphia. He appears to view the Eagles as a fresh start for him and that it is a great honor to play with a “dream team.” That combined with a stellar coaching staff may be contributing to Young’s content appearance with the Eagles.

    This will be crucial, as Young often appeared frustrated with the Tennessee Titans and Jeff Fisher. As long as Young can remain content and happy, he will not become a distraction and will therefore not hurt team chemistry. Instead, he can focus on improving as a quarterback.

Young Still Has Time to Learn the Offense

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    While Vick’s playing style would suggest that he could be hurt as early as Week 1 (and hopefully not land on IR), it seems unlikely that Vick would be hurt so early in the season.

    With that in mind, despite the fact that reports seem to indicate that Young is struggling to pick up the Eagles’ offensive system, Young will likely still have many weeks to familiarize himself with the new plays in front of him.

    Once Young learns the new system, he will be able to showcase his strengths better and be a capable backup.

    Vick has made sure to play more safely after breaking his ribs last season, by ensuring that he runs out of bounds and makes more attempts to slide (awkwardly) to avoid hits. For this reason, it can be expected that it will be a while until Vick gets hurt again.

    There will not be pressure for Young to step up and lead the team until he has become comfortable with the Eagles’ system.