NBA Rumors: If the Chicago Bulls Acquired Dwight Howard

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IISeptember 5, 2011

NBA Rumors: If the Chicago Bulls Acquired Dwight Howard

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    People have been wondering what is going to happen with Dwight Howard if he decides that Orlando is not in his future plans.

    One of the teams rumored to be showing interest in him are the Chicago Bulls.

    If the Chicago Bulls are able to obtain the big man, it seems like people would turn their attention to the Midwest to find the next NBA Champions.

    There is no guarantee that Dwight Howard will join the Chicago Bulls in the near future, or that he even will leave Orlando. If he were to decide to join Derrick Rose in the Windy City, here are a few things we could expect.

The Bulls Would Finally Have Their Low Post Scorer

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    If there has been something the Bulls have always lacked, it is the absence of a low post threat.

    The Bulls were hoping to acquire such a player in Carlos Boozer, but he has yet to show any consistency down low. 

    If the Bulls were to get Superman, the Bulls would finally fulfill that low post threat they could have had when they dealt LaMarcus Aldridge on a draft-night trade for Tyrus Thomas.

Derrick Rose Would Have a Legit Running Mate

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    Sure, the Bulls have great pieces in place. No one, though, puts up the points as consistently as Rose.

    If the Bulls were able to add Dwight Howard, it would be the second coming of Kobe and Shaq in LA.

    Since they play different positions, the addition of Dwight Howard would not cut into either man's production. If anything, Rose's assists will go up.

    Rose and Howard would be a dangerous duo for years to come.

They Would Become the No. 1 Threat in the NBA

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    Forget about the Big Three.

    If the Bulls are able to acquire Dwight Howard via free agency or a trade, they still would be the best team in the NBA, with the top two players at their positions.

    If the Bulls were able to acquire Howard through free agency, they would be able to put him with Rose, Noah, Deng and whoever fills the void at shooting guard.

    That would actually give the Bulls the opportunity to move Carlos Boozer for a pretty decent two guard.

    If they went after Howard in trade, they would have to give up either Boozer or Noah.

    Obviously, fans would rather see Boozer go, but if the Bulls were able to hold onto at least one, they would still have a pretty strong front court. 

The Bulls Would Win Multiple Championships

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    Look at what the Bulls did this year, riding heavily on Derrick Rose.

    With the addition of Dwight Howard, the Bulls would have easy points down low, while still having Rose and his ever-increasing jump shot.

    The Bulls would be poised to win many championships.

    It is easier said then done, but a team with an all-court threat in Rose and a beast down low in Howard is hard to argue with.

    Especially if they can hang onto Noah, rebounds would be a Bulls affair night in and night out.


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    A record that no Bulls' fan wants to see broken—but I think few would argue with another Bulls squad breaking this record.

    This would be a long shot, but with Dwight Howard it could actually happen.

    Last year, the Bulls put up a league-leading 62-20 record with Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah missing many games between the two of them. Could you imagine a fully healthy season of Dwight Howard, Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose? 

    Now this is looking a little more realistic.

    It certainly would be interesting to see what the Chicago Bulls could accomplish with the addition of Dwight Howard, potentially taking the team to even greater places than before.

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