WWE: Edge and Christian and the Top 15 Wrestling Friendships Gone Sour

Mark Pare@NEPats17Correspondent IISeptember 1, 2011

WWE: Edge and Christian and the Top 15 Wrestling Friendships Gone Sour

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    When spending so much time together, they tend to form bonds with other wrestlers and a friendship develops.

    Sometimes, out of mutual respect; other times, the two just have similar attributes.

    In the case of Edge and Christian, their bond began way before they entered the squared circle.  Their love of wrestling started at an early age and both of them were hooked to the point that they both aspired to become the heroes they saw on TV.

    They both excelled in accomplishing their goals as both of them made it to the WWE and became one of the greatest tag teams of all time.

    However, when a third element is added to the fire, it doesn't end well for the other two people involved.  At least, in professional wrestling.

    Here are the top 15 friendships that met a fateful end, for one reason or another.

15. R-Truth and John Morrison

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    The list begins with a recent development.  R-Truth and John Morrison had a friendship based on respect they had for one another.  They teamed together and hung out together in the backstage area.  They even had a WWE Tag Team Championship match at Wrestlemania 26.

    A few months ago, R-Truth's lust to be a main event superstar got the best of him and he drove away Morrison.

    He drove him so far away, Morrison was off TV for several months because Truth decided to injure his former best friend.

    Morrison challenged R-Truth to a match for a spot in a WWE Championship cage match at Extreme Rules in April.  Morrison got the victory and replaced Truth in the match.  Truth did not take it well and began the assault after the match.

    The feud has died down a bit and Morrison got his revenge after defeating Truth in a falls count anywhere match on RAW, but with this event being so recent, it is hard to tell if there is still going to be fallout from this matter in the future.

    Only time will tell, and that's the truth.

14. Undertaker and Paul Bearer

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    Undertaker and Paul Bearer are two of a kind.  The legend of the Undertaker is not complete without the help of Bearer.

    It started when Brother Love introduced Bearer as Undertaker's manager in 1990 and since then, they grew into a pairing that could not be stopped.

    Of course, in the time that we've known Undertaker and Bearer, we have seen their...friendship...I guess we will call it friendship for the sake of the slide...grow sour on a number of occasions.

    The first time was at Summerslam 1996, when Bearer turned his back on Undertaker in favour of Mankind.

    The hatred continued to grow over the next year or so as Bearer brought in Undertaker's brother Kane during the first ever "Hell in a Cell" match at Badd Blood in October 1997.

    Bearer would come back to Undertaker's side near the end of 1998, when Undertaker turned heel and became the leader of the "Ministry of Darkness" faction.  This lasted until Undertaker had to leave television due to an injury.

    Undertaker and Bearer made no interaction on television throughout Taker's "American Bad Ass" gimmick.

    When Undertaker returned as "The Deadman" at Wrestlemania 20, Bearer returned as well.

    The two would be aligned until June 2004, when Bearer was kidnapped by the Dudley Boyz and forced Undertaker into a handicap match at "The Great American Bash" PPV.

    The twist on this contest was that Paul Bearer was in a plexi-glass container at the stage in the arena.

    If Undertaker didn't do the right thing, then the container housing Bearer would fill with cement.

    Undertaker won his match, thus, Bearer's container was filled with cement.  Undertaker stopped it before his head was covered.  However, Undertaker would turn on him and release the lever, filling the "concrete crypt" the rest of the way, taking bearer off TV.

    Bearer would emerge in 2010, to help Undertaker feud with Kane.  It was a double cross as Bearer turned on Undertaker at the "Hell in a Cell" PPV and would eventually help Kane bury the Undertaker at the "Bragging Rights" PPV a month later.

13. Shawn Michaels and Diesel

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    Diesel debuted in the WWF as the bodyguard of Shawn Michaels.  He would be by Michaels' side for most of his matches and interfered to bring the two success in the ring.

    There were two points in their story that their friendship would become extinct.

    Diesel and Michaels even had a run as WWF Tag Team Champions in the summer of 1994.

    Their alliance would not last much longer as Michaels accidentally delivered Sweet Chin Music to Diesel at the 1994 Survivor Series. Michaels would be seen later backstage, vacating the Tag Team titles, abandoning Diesel and fleeing the arena altogether.

    After Diesel won the WWF Championship, Michaels became jealous at the fact that Diesel accomplished the feat before he did and he wanted his shot.

    Michaels would win the 1995 Royal Rumble and earn a shot at the WWF Championship, still held by his former bodyguard.

    Diesel would defeat HBK in the main event of Wrestlemania XI.

    A few nights later, Diesel would return to Michaels' side after HBK's new bodyguard, "Sycho" Sid betrayed him.

    The two would have another great run as a team and were at the top of the WWF ladder, holding the WWF Title, Intercontinental Title and Tag Team titles at the exact same time, albeit, for one night only.

    Diesel would lose the WWF Title to Bret Hart at the 1995 Survivor Series and entered the Royal Rumble.  He would be the last man eliminated by Michaels and that fact became the catalyst for a title feud following HBK's 60-minute Iron Man match victory over Hart at Wrestlemania XII.

    Of course, in real life, these two are close friends but in terms of what happened onscreen, it made No. 13 on the list.

12. Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty

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    The video says enough.


    Nothing?  Okay, history lesson time.  The Rockers were one of the better tag teams of the early 1990's.  Shawn Michaels and Marty Janetty were a cohesive unit since they debuted in the WWF in 1988.

    Best of friends, through thick and thin, until the infamous "Barber Shop" incident in December 1991.

    The feud would be delayed for quite some time, as Jannetty would experience problems outside the ring, but the two would eventually begin a feud that lasted a couple of months and involved an exchange of reigns as Intercontinental Champion in May 1993.

11. Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant

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    It was the match that put over 93,000 in the Pontiac Silverdome for Wrestlemania III.

    The two had a mutual respect for one another, but when Hogan was presented a trophy for being WWF Champion for three years and Andre was presented a smaller trophy for his 15-year undefeated streak, things came to a boil.

    Andre grew tired of Hogan and challenged him to a match at Wrestlemania, as seen in the video.

    This feud would extend past Wrestlemania, past the bodyslam heard around the world and it brought Andre the Giant to his first WWF Championship, albeit, a screw job for "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase.

    The screw job caused the title to become vacant and Hogan would face Andre again in the tournament to determine the new champion.  They would both be eliminated after their match ended in a double disqualification.

10. Randy Orton and Christian

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    This was another friendship built on respect.

    The catalyst for it to fall apart was the World Heavyweight Championship, one that Christian finally won at April's Extreme Rules PPV.

    Five nights later on SmackDown, Christian would lose the title to Randy Orton.  It was a hotly contested bout and Christian appeared to be in good spirits, invoking his rematch clause for the Over the Limit PPV.

    The respect for competition was apparent for this contest as both men were babyfaces.

    It was after Orton retained the title that Christian's lust for gold got the better of him, turning on Orton by blasting him in the head with the title on an episode of SmackDown.

    This began a feud that lasted until SummerSlam, where the two men would engage in a violent, No Hold Barred match, that Orton would win.

    In the end, the lust for gold turned Christian heel and got him another title reign when he earned a victory over Orton at the Money in the Bank PPV by spitting in Orton's face, causing Orton to snap and get disqualified and as per the predetermined stipulation, cost him the title.

    What is next for these two? Just like Truth and Morrison, it's too soon to tell.

9. Paul Orndorf and Hulk Hogan

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    Hulk Hogan and Paul Orndorf are infamous for their participation in the main event of the first Wrestlemania.

    It was the fact that Orndorf got pinned that caused Orndorf to be betrayed by Roddy Piper and "Cowboy" Bob Orton.

    That resulted in Orndorf and Hogan teaming up and became friends onscreen.  They would wrestle in tag-team competition on occasion, however, Hogan was busy defending the WWF Championship so the two weren't rolling up the tag team ladder.

    The catalyst that ended this friendship was Adrian Adonis, who would continue to mock Orndorf for his association with Hogan.  This began a series of events that concluded with Hogan and Orndorf teaming with each other for two contests that saw Orndorf attempt to upstage Hogan.

    The friendship came to a halt after Orndorf was evening the odds in a tag match against Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy.  Orndorf would get Hogan up and deliver a clothesline and a piledriver.

    Orndorf would return to heel manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and feud with Hogan for the next year and a half.  It was filled with memorable bouts including a match in Toronto that drew over 76,000 people to attend and a cage match to end the feud altogether.

8. Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio

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    Two friends that were so close, they were familia.  That is what is used to describe the relationship between the late Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio.

    In 2005, Mysterio and Guerrero decided to have a match at Wrestlemania 21, to blow the roof off the Staples Center.

    Mysterio won that match and it brought something dark with it.  That was Guerrero's desire for competition, to beat his friend in a match at least once.

    When Mysterio and Guerrero won the WWE Tag Team Titles, they were never better.

    However, it was Guerreros desire that cost them the titles to newcomers MNM.  Guerrero grew frustrated that he couldn't beat Mysterio and turned heel by attacking his best friend.

    Aside from the ridiculous feud involving Mysterio's son Dominick, the heel turn for Guerrero poured sour milk all over his friendship with Mysterio.

    Of course, this was on TV.  In real-life, the two really were like brothers and it wasn't until Guerrero's passing in November of that year that you could really grasp just how close those two were.

    We miss you Eddie, R.I.P., Viva La Raza!

7. Christian and Chris Jericho

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    The two Canadians first got acquainted onscreen in 2002.  It was after Christian left "The Un-Americans" stable by feuding with his partner, Lance Storm over losing the WWE Tag Team Championships.

    Christian and Chris Jericho became tag team partners and won the titles in October 2002.  Remaining friends, Christian was a guest on Jericho's Highlight Reel talk-show after Christian won the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

    Of course, when it comes to girls, all bets were on the table for this one.  Christian and Jericho made a bet for a Canadian dollar.  Christian would have to sleep with Lita while Jericho would have to sleep with Trish Stratus.

    Little did they know, this bet would tear them apart.

    Jericho developed feelings for Stratus and it split the two Superstars apart.  The part where it got sour was at Wrestlemania XX when Christian and Jericho went one-on-one.

    Stratus accidentally hit Jericho and it led to his defeat.  However, Stratus would turn on Jericho and became Christian's onscreen girlfriend.

    This led to a bitter feud that lasted off and on between Christian's four month layoff for a back injury to his departure for TNA.

6. Batista and Rey Mysterio

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    The last two men to feud with the late Eddie Guerrero were very close.  It was made quite clear after Guerrero's passing that these two were sticking together to help cope with the loss of a mutual friend.

    They won the WWE Tag Team Championships together in 2005, and continued to be friends for many years.

    It wasn't until Bragging Rights in October 2009 that this solid friendship became torn apart because of Batista's lust for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Batistia and Rey Mysterio were involved in a fatal-four way match for the belt, the other two participants being CM Punk and then-champion, The Undertaker.

    After Undertaker retained the title, Batista became belligerent and questioned Mysterio's loyalty.  Batista would brutally assault Mysterio that night and feud throughout the next month before Batista went after Undertaker's title.

    In the WWE, when your goal is to become the best, the only person you can count on is yourself and Mysterio learned that lesson the hard way.

5. Edge and Christian

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    What more is there to say on these two?  Childhood friends, friends and partners growing up in the business and now, both are former world champions.

    Edge and Christian were a member of The Brood and were former WWF Tag Team Champions.  Edge's 2001 King of the Ring victory further solidified his status as a main event guy later on in his career.  Christian didn't take too kindly to it and betrayed Edge, and went after his WWF Intercontinental Championship.

    After that feud, they would team together on occasion, when Christian returned to WWE after his stint with TNA.

    When Edge retired, Christian took his place in the ladder match at Extreme Rules to decide a new World Heavyweight Champion.  Edge was on hand to see his friend achieve his goal of becoming a world champion in WWE.

    Soon after, Christian turned heel and it came to a head at SummerSlam.  Edge, who was supposedly Christian's insurance policy in his title match with Randy Orton, turned his back on Christian, and walked out of the arena.

    Christian would lose the title that night but he lost more than that, onscreen, at least.  A price to pay when you decide a good tactic to win a title is to spit in the champion's face.

4. Batista and Triple H

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    This was more of a mentoring type of deal but Triple H and Batista developed a tight knit friendship while in Evolution.

    Triple H, along with Ric Flair, would teach Batista the ropes and it brought "The Aminal" some great rewards.  Women, money, power and championships.  Though Batista was making strides towards the main event scene, Triple H felt threatened and tried to drive Batista to Smackdown with a series of events that he had hoped would lure Batista into challenging Smackdown's WWE Champion JBL at Wrestlemania 21.

    Batista overheard a conversation with Triple H and Flair, that exposed the whole charade and when it came down to decision time, Batista power bombed his former mentor through a table that night and then again at Wrestlemania to capture the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Again, the price you pay when there is a world title hanging in the balance.

3. Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage

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    The Mega Powers saw prominence in 1988 and 1989.  Hulk Hogan helped Randy Savage win the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania IV.

    Hogan, Savage and Miss Elizabeth feuded with The Mega Bucks (Ted DiBiase and Andre the Giant) and met at the first Summerslam.

    In 1989, tension started to build between the Mega Powers when Savage thought Miss Elizabeth and Hogan were "more than friends".

    During a match, Savage accidentally collided with Elizabeth and Hogan took her backstage to seek medical care.

    Savage, after winning the match, would go backstage and attack Hogan, ending their friendship and started a feud which culminated in the main event of Wrestlemania V, when Hogan defeated Savage to capture the WWF Championship.

    The Mega Powers explosion is a memorable moment in the history of professional wrestling and lands at No. 3.

2. Steve Austin and Vince McMahon

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    As everyone knows, the Steve Austin/Vince McMahon feud ushered in the Attitude Era and arguably was the cause of WWF's victory over WCW in the Monday Night Wars.

    In 2001, Austin defeated The Rock at Wrestlemania X7, thanks to the help of McMahon.  Throughout the spring, WWF Champion Austin and McMahon hung out together every week and with the help of Triple H, was a part of the Two Man Power Trip, until Triple H went down with a quadriceps injury in May.

    When The Alliance invaded the WWF, McMahon placed Austin as the leader of Team WWF and tried to light a fire under him, saying that he wanted the "old Stone Cold".

    At the Invasion PPV, Austin turned his back on McMahon and joined WCW until Survivor Series.

    Austin turned his back on McMahon and ended their friendship.  The fact that he turned his back on the WWF made this the No. 2 selection on the list.

1. Shawn Michaels and Triple H

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    Shawn Michaels and Triple H are the founders of D-Generation X.

    That faction was short lived as Michaels had to leave following Wrestlemania XIV in order to get back surgery.  Triple H fought on and formed a new version of DX, while Michaels spent four years without competing.

    When he returned in 2002, a series of betrayals by Triple H led to an epic encounter at Summerslam 2002.

    After Michaels won, HHH, attacked him with a sledgehammer.  At Survivor Series, the first Elimination Chamber match came down to Michaels and World Heavyweight Champion HHH.

    Michaels won that match and became the new World Heavyweight Champion.

    HHH wanted a rematch and it was set for Armageddon 2002, in a two out of three falls match.

    After a street fight, cage match and ladder match, Triple H regained his championship.

    This feud went on to involve the late Chris Benoit and culminated in the triple threat match for the World Title at Wrestlemania XX.

    The message is all the same, Triple H destroyed a life long friendship onscreen.  Of course, now, HHH is the WWE COO and Michaels is retired and a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.  Both have come back to reform DX and became the staple of RAW for a number of years.

    So what do you think are the best friendships ever gone sour in the WWE?

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