WWE NXT: 5 Suitable Replacements for Todd Grisham on Commentary

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistAugust 24, 2011

WWE NXT: 5 Suitable Replacements for Todd Grisham on Commentary

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    Last night on WWE.com's exclusive web show WWE NXT, commentator Todd Grisham said his final goodbyes to the WWE Universe with it being it his last night on commentary. A short while later, his broadcast partner William Regal stated the following in a Twitter post:

    "I would like to thank @todd_grisham for all his help get me through NXT.Best wishes for your new career at ESPN."

    As you can tell from the post, Grisham will be making his immediate departure this week from the WWE as he moves on to bigger and better things at ESPN, much like former SmackDown commentator Jonathan Coachman did a number of years ago.

    Seeing that Grisham was effectively removed from the Friday Night broadcast team late last year in favor of Michael Cole, only to be moved over to the horrendous WWE NXT program a few months later, I don't blame him for taking a leave.

    In all seriousness, Grisham was a pretty solid addition to the broadcast table during his time with the WWE since 2004, announcing on SmackDown, ECW, and most recently WWE NXT.

    He is most famously known for his hate for TNA that has since surfaced in a hilarious video on YouTube while he was the host of WWE's Byte This nearly five years ago.

    With that being said, those of you who actually tune into WWE NXT every week may be as curious as I am to see who will replace the former Slammy Award Winner alongside William Regal. After some analyzing of the current state of the numerous broadcasters in the WWE at the moment, which one of these elite five looks to make the cut next Tuesday night?

Michael Cole

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    For the first three seasons of WWE NXT, the self-proclaimed "Voice of the WWE" made his debut on Tuesday nights early last night alongside Josh Matthews. To date, Cole was probably the most memorable commentator ever to participate on NXT, simply due to fact that this was where his heel antics and obsession with The Miz began to shine through.

    Since the beginning of his tenure with WWE, Daniel Bryan has always been a target of criticism at the hands of Michael Cole on commentary. This would eventually lead to one of the best rivalries ever to exist on the program, with the American Dragon physically attacking Cole on a few occasions.

    In what was probably the worst season to date, Cole also brought out his humorous side during the third installment of NXT, stating it was some of the worst wrestling he's ever seen, which was true to an extent.

    Even after departing from the show for one week and making a scene with his infamous gong, Cole left the show permanently at the start of the fourth season to pursue his much bigger role on Raw and SmackDown.

Jack Korpela

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    If you're one of those readers right now who have no idea who this guy this, no worries, I don't blame you. That more than likely means you don't tune into the weekly WWE Superstars program, where Jack Korpela made his debut a number of months ago.

    Prior to this, Korpela I believe had a brief commentating stint on the now defunct Velocity, SmackDown's sister program a few years back. He also made his presence known in numerous WWE On Demand shows, as well as WWE.com's formerly exclusive programs that were existent on the website.

    Sure, he may be still new to the game, but inserting him on WWE NXT may get him one step closer to one day announcing on Friday Night SmackDown. Korpela reminds me of a young Josh Matthews, who may evolve to be the future of the commentating table if given enough opportunities to shine.

Josh Matthews

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    Speaking of Josh Matthews, he, much like Michael Cole, has prior experience with working on WWE NXT as a commentator. Following the closure of the ECW brand earlier last year, Matthews was quick to resume his broadcasting position on the debuting WWE NXT a week later.

    With some help of Cole, Matthews has since developed a more comfortable, arrogant side to his work on commentary some might say, as it became painfully apparent when he mimicked Cole's heel antics while bashing the Divas in the third season of NXT.

    Nonetheless, Matthews went on to become a staple in SmackDown's announce team last year, as well calling Superstars, occasionally Raw, and even this past WrestleMania 27 for a short period of time.

    He's on the fast track to becoming the future of the WWE announcing team, and returning to NXT could possibly help improve the show's quality.

Scott Stanford

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    Since debuting for Raw's portion of WWE Superstars late last year, Bottom Line host Scott Stanford has done little to nothing to help get himself over with the Raw audience due to his little activity on the live show.

    However, Stanford has become one of the more popular commentators in the WWE simply due to his constant participation in his good friend Zack Ryder's YouTube show, Z! True Long Island Story since its inception.

    Although his work as a commentator may bore people, he has improved immensely since his debut, now being able to call the moves correctly! Okay, that may not be that much as compared to the legendary Jim Ross, but being placed on NXT could help Stanford get used to the audience a bit more.

Matt Striker

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    Of everyone previously mentioned on this list, my top favorite of them all is none other than the intelligent Matt Striker, who has been dedicated to WWE NXT through good and bad since its debut early last year.

    Being the host of the show, Striker has kept himself involved with the WWE Universe through conducted challenges, despite them being utterly pointless.

    Nonetheless, Striker has proved he's worthy of being a commentator since his retirement three years ago, calling SmackDown and pay-per-views for two years straight while providing insightful commentary. His work began to grow on me, and his humor with fellow commentators keeps this viewer entertained.

    Although he may have hung up his boots back in 2008, the former teacher has since returned to action in an impressive fashion against the rising Darren Young on recent episodes.

    With William Regal saving Striker's back this past week from a ruthless attack, there's no question these two would make an amazing team behind the desk with their similar knowledge and intriguing chemistry.

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