WWE: What Is the Most Important Trait for a Superstar?

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIAugust 20, 2011


To become a successful WWE Superstar, an individual must possess a great wrestling ability, charisma, mic skills and have a good character. But what trait is the most important one in today's WWE?

Wrestling Ability

Without the ability to wrestle and do it well, what is a WWE superstar? Sometimes it seems that the WWE shifts its focus from wrestling ability to other aspects but ability is still a factor to determine a successful superstar. Wrestling ability alone is not enough to make a superstar gain main event status.

Daniel Bryan has arguably the best in ring ability in the WWE. But until recently, Bryan was stuck in the mid-card and depending on the WWE, he may end up there very soon. So if wrestling/in ring ability is not the most important trait what is?


One of my favorite traits is a superstar’s charisma. This is the ability to draw a reaction and interact with the audience. This is really what sets the average superstar apart from the elite. Charisma is not something everyone has. When it really comes down to it, either they have it or they don't. There is no real "borderline" area when it comes to charisma.


Charisma is what makes a superstar exciting and interesting. Without it, they come off as bland and boring. Once again, we can turn to Daniel Bryan. He has all the wrestling ability but not very much Charisma. This held him back until recently. Other superstars like Tyson Kidd for example, have great in ring ability but little charisma.

Mic Skills

Another trait that allows a superstar to be interesting and this is really the best way to interact with the audience. Without mic skills, a superstar can have trouble connecting with an audience and making story lines interesting. Sin Cara has nice in-ring skills but he has no mic skills. Yes, I understand that he can't speak English but he will probably need a manager/translator if he ever has a chance at the main event scene.

Without mic skills, a superstar can only go so far. Sin Cara, Evan Bourne and John Morrison are all great in-ring guys with below average mic skills. On the other hand, superstars like Cody Rhodes and CM Punk have flourished because of their mic skills.

A Good Character


What is a good character? By this I mean a good angle and/or gimmick that the superstar has. A superstar needs a good character to keep fans interested and connected with the superstar. Character and gimmick can only last so long as a repeated one will get boring. Cody Rhodes lit the WWE on fire with his "tormented" gimmick but now, he has just become boring and repetitive.

Of course, some gimmicks last for a very long time. The Undertaker is still connecting with the audience but even he has undergone different gimmick twists and changes over his storied career. Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes have all the necessary skills to be a successful superstar but currently, their characters could use a tune up.

So What is the Most Important Trait?

The million dollar question. To be a successful superstar, one really must possess every one of the aforementioned traits and skills. Without either one, a superstar will find it hard to make it in the business. Daniel Bryan has great in-ring ability but lacks the charisma of a main eventer.

Evan Bourne and John Morrison can go toe to toe with anybody but without mic skills, they will never be a main eventer. Without a good character, superstars will also have a hard time breaking through the ceiling of the main event.

So what is the most important? I think that every one of these traits are equally important. I cannot select just one trait, they are all important to a superstar. A superstar does not need to be a five star rated guy/girl in all of the traits but they must possess at least a decent amount of each to be successful.

Triple H, CM Punk, John Cena, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair all have/had the traits listed above and they became the faces of the WWE because of that.

One More "Quality"

I do not list this as a trait because I could care less about it but in today's WWE, a superstar must have "the look". It seems that the bigger and badder the superstar looks the better he is to the WWE high ups. For example, The Great Khali has no mic skills, no in-ring ability, no charisma and a bland character but because he is 7'4'' he received a main event push and World Championship reigns.

Perhaps "the look" is more important than any of the listed traits?

Thanks for reading.


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