WWE SummerSlam Results: Biggest Winners and Losers From Sunday Night PPV

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 15, 2011

WWE SummerSlam Results: Biggest Winners and Losers From Sunday Night PPV

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    Tonight saw a lot of action in the ring. Champions changed, people got hurt and others were making statements. 

    The main event saw every one of those happen and ended SummerSlam on a chaotic, confusing and interesting note. 

    With RAW coming Monday night, it will be filled with questions, answers and more unpredictably. A championship match will take place as well as Rey Mysterio taking on the WWE champion. 

    This slide show will tell the big winners and losers of tonight's pay-per-view. That will be hard to do, considering what happened tonight, and not a lot of people looking bad. Just being on the wrong end of the match.

    Without further ado, let 's get this slide show on the road.  

The Winners: Wade Barrett

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    Wade Barrett showed up tonight against Daniel Bryan. Not that he doesn't every time he wrestles, but he endured through his technical tricks and submissions to pick up the victory over Bryan. With this victory, Barrett had an advantage over Bryan and has showed maybe he should be the one with the case.

    This will extend this feud at least until the next PPV, Night of Champions. This is a feud many, including myself, will enjoy watching since they put on such great matches. 

    Kudos to ya Barrett. 

Mark Henry

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    This match was a perfect personality conflict. We had Mark Henry, who has been dominant vs. Sheamus, who is not afraid to take on anyone or anything.

    Many favored, including myself, Sheamus in this match, with his face build in the WWE, and thought this was really a number one contenders match, since these guys are the next top guys on Smackdown.

    Henry dominated most of the match, and despite being outplayed for some of the match, he showed why he is still the most feared guy in the WWE.

    He put out Sheamus with the ring post and through the barricade. I cannot think of a more devastating, illegal way to win than that.

Kelly Kelly

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    This match was a decent bout. It featured Kelly Kelly and Beth for the title. This match was pretty much dominated by Kelly Kelly. Her match lasted more than three minutes, and picked up the victory, while remaining the champion.

    It appeared that WWE really just wanted to show that Kelly Kelly can actually pull off a move or two, and not really have a good Divas match. Nonetheless, she picked up the victory and is still champion.

    This feud is no where near over.

Randy Orton

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    Randy Orton won the belt in a match that was at his advantage. He took advantage of everything around him: tables, stairs, ring weapons and crowd. He used them all in the effort to win. 

    This match was a great one between the two and featured some great action that left people on the edge of their seats. Randy's RKO through the Spanish announce table (yes, it finally broke) was not enough to win. However, countering one onto steal stairs was.

    He fought hard, even bled a little, while showing he is still the viper.  

Alberto Del Rio

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    Alberto Del Rio walked out with the title, plain and simple.

    He waited until everything was over and struck when it meant the most. With a surprise appearance by Kevin Nash to put out Punk, he charged to the ring with his case and a ref and cashed in. 

    He kicked Punk in the face and became the new champion with the three count. He waited carefully and chose his spot wisely. 

    Even though, I do not agree with WWE doing this early, he is the new champion.

    Well-played Del Rio. 

The Losers: Daniel Bryan

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    Daniel Bryan is the MITB winner and had something to prove at this PPV. 

    He failed to do it, however. With Wade Barrett telling the world of how he is better than Daniel and he is more deserving of the case, he did not help his cause.

    It was a great match. He literally kicked Wade as much and hard as he could, but it was not enough. Wade was able to get out of the submission, counter his big moves and lay down his own moves for the victory.

    It will not be the last of this feud for sure, but for this PPV, Daniel is a loser. 


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    This was not a match Sheamus could afford to lose. 

    He looked strong against Mark Henry and for some part of the match even had him dominated, but it was not enough for him to win.

    Mark Henry got the best of him when he smashed his back into a ring post and through the barricade.

    Sheamus tried with all his strength, but could not crawl back in time for the ten count. Sheamus may not be afraid of anyone, but right now, it appears he cannot beat the biggest threat on Smackdown. 

    Instead of being in contention for a possible title shot, he is now on the list of Mark Henry's victims.

Beth Phoenix

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    Berth Phoenix stated the days of the blond bimbo of Kelly Kelly being champion would be over at SummerSlam.

    Not quite.

    This divas match was more of a dominance by Kelly Kelly. Beth had her spots of greatness, but in the end was rolled up and beaten. 

    Beth did not perform well in this match, and because of that, she lost. I was hoping for a dominating performance from Beth, instead we got sour grapes. 

    This is not over by a long shot, but I feel this was more of a way WWE was trying to say Kelly Kelly was a credible champion instead of giving us a match.


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    Many thought Christian was going to win this match, and I was one of them.

    This was a night that didn't go his way from the start. He announced that Edge was going to be in his corner, but Edge told him he was not going to do it and walked away. After that, the match started, and for a while, Christian was in control. 

    It was not enough, though. Randy got the best of him throughout the match. Christian was put through three tables, a keno stick broken onto him and RKO'd onto the steel steps from the top rope.

    He lost his title and now has nothing. I am sure his rematch clause will kick in and there will be one more match between the two. Some may want this to be over, and I am not sure why, but it appears it will not be.

    Christian has never beaten Orton cleanly in any match when it mattered most. Tonight was no different. 

John Cena

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    It was a great match. The two put on another great show, and this time, it was more technical. Cena put his best moves on Punk, but it was not enough to put him down.

    Cena did lose the match, but it was only because Triple H missed his foot being on the rope. Cena argued, but could not sway Triple H's mind and went to the back. He has his rematch clause, and when that will take effect is anyone's guess.

    On this night however, he lost the match and now has nothing to show to his fans.  

CM Punk

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    CM Punk won his match, even though it was a missed call. However, he could not win his second and brief one.

    On this night, CM Punk was on the list of victims. During his celebration, he got sneak-attacked by Kevin Nash with a jackknife powerbomb. It was not his fault he lost his belt, but he did lose the match. 

    No matter how unfair it is to call it like that, that is the case for the situation. Punk has his rematch clause as well, and it will be interesting how the WWE title situation will play out the next couple weeks on RAW.

Shocking: Kevin Nash

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    No one knew why Kevin Nash cost CM Punk the match tonight by sneak-attacking him. 

    No one knew he was going to be there, and everyone was shocked at what they saw. I am not sure at all what WWE has planned for this angle now, but its unpredictability is still intact since this storyline.

    With nothing but chaos to end the PPV and plenty of mystery's going into RAW, no one knows what to expect, and cannot wait to hear and see it. 

The End

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    Thank you all for reading! I hope everyone enjoyed it. Please leave me your comments on how I did on this slide show, as well as your opinions on the PPV.  Also tell who you think the winners and losers are.

    Check out my other articles as well, and comment on those, too.