WWE Power Rankings: The Top 10 Biggest Draws in the Company

Micah Chen@thechensterAnalyst IIIAugust 13, 2011

WWE Power Rankings: The Top 10 Biggest Draws in the Company

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    No matter what sporting event you go to, whether it be MLB, NFL or WWE, there has to be a select few performers who you will pay good money to see.

    If you are at a 50/50 split on whether you should buy a ticket, these are the superstars that will push you to go. 

    Now, not all WWE superstars can "draw" you into the event, pun intended. If the advertised main event is Evan Bourne vs. Drew Mcyntire, or Ted Dibiase vs. Tyson Kidd, you aren't going to be as excited as say, the main event was Randy Orton vs. John Cena

    It takes a lot to be considered a top draw, you have to have the look, you have to have good mic and wrestling ability, and most importantly, you have to be extremely charismatic. Charisma is what separates the Heath Slaters from the CM Punks. 

    CRITERIA: You must be on the roster, so you won't find The Rock on this list. You must be an everyday superstar, so you won't find The Undertaker on the list. And you can't be a backstage rep, so you won't find Triple H or Vince McMahon on this list either.

10: R-Truth

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    When R-Truth debuted in the WWE, he was nothing more than a loveable, rapping, dancing, sideshow for the kids.

    Not anymore. After losing a spot in the triple threat match for the WWE Championship to John Morrison, R-Truth has been on a complete rampage. And it couldn't be more entertaining.

    His promos where he talks about conspiracies, spiders and the Little Jimmies are golden. His facial expressions, his mumbling to himself backstage, he plays it all to perfection.

    Because of the new heat he has received, the fans love to hate him, especially the kids ... I mean the little Jimmies.

    My favorite R-Truth quote:

    "Why do hot dogs come in packs of 10, but buns come in packs of 8, what happened to the 2 missing buns ... why did God invent spiders?"

9: Mark Henry

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    Mark Henry, like R-Truth, used to be a loveable teddy bear, teaming with random people and just kind of there on RAW.

    Then he got drafted to Smackdown, and everything changed. Now it seems that wherever he goes destruction follows.

    He has taken out helpless employees, he has put several superstars out of action, and he has established himself as a serious threat.

    Because of all this, his matches have been much more entertaining to watch, his promos more serious, and the fans are much more into him than before.

    Instead of being placed in random tag-team matches, he is having a serious feud with Sheamus, and for the first time in a very long time I'm actually excited for a Mark Henry PPV match.

    And that's what being a top draw is all about—exciting the fans.

8: Sheamus

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    Sheamus has gone from a monster heel to a "friendly fella" in a matter of weeks. And he might be one of the few superstars that is more entertaining as a face than a heel.

    His cartoonish look, pale skin, red hair and cheesy smile, make him a very easy guy to root for.  And while not all draws have to have a big frame, it doesn't hurt when you're 6' 6", 275 lbs.

    On a Smackdown show where there aren't that many bright spots, Sheamus stands tall. He is the no. 2 face behind Randy Orton, and is currently in a feud with the man in the previous slide, Mark Henry. 

7: Alberto Del Rio

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    The Mexican Aristocrat, Alberto Del Rio, may have been lost in the shuffle a bit on RAW, but he is still Mr. Money In The Bank (MITB), and is advertised in the main event for a lot of events.

    He is about as cunning and charismatic as they come, and he has a huge following in Mexico, as well as other places around the world.

    His stock will skyrocket again once he cashes in on the MITB and becomes the WWE Champion. 

6: Christian

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    Christian is the World Heavyweight Champion, and despite being a heel, still has a huge "peeps" following.

    He is a superstar that can draw a lot of attention as a face and a heel, and he plays both roles perfectly. 

    This might be Christian's best year yet, after returning mid-Road to Wrestlemania, he has been involved in almost all of Smackdown's headlines.

    From Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio, to Edge's retirement tour, and now to Christian vs. Randy Orton,  there's no doubt Christian is one of Smackdown's top draws. 

5: The Miz

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    The Miz is the self-proclaimed, "most must-see WWE superstar ever," and he just might be.

    While most superstars are having a hard time making a name for themselves outside the WWE, The Miz has drawn in people from all sorts of media outlets.

    If the WWE needs somebody to promote their up-coming PPV on late-night television, The Miz is your man. That goes with all other media events such as the Teen Choice Awards, MTV and other sources.

    Without The Miz, your market isn't nearly as big. The Miz opens up new doors, and that not only makes the WWE more known, it gets his name out there as well. 

4: Rey Mysterio

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    Rey Mysterio's high-flying in-ring style has made him popular amongst the kids. Because of this, Rey Mysterio merchandise is flying off the shelves.

    As long as Rey Mysterio can keep selling merchandise, he will be a top superstar no matter what brand he is a part of. And as long as his body can keep doing those high-flying maneuvers, then the merchandise will keep on selling.

    It's a cycle that only ends when Mysterio retires, so he will continue to be a top draw until then.

3: Randy Orton

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    It's amazing to think that Randy Orton still has a good 12 years left with this company. He is barely 30, and he has already accomplished just about everything there is to accomplish. 

    Like him or not, he is the undisputed face of Smackdown. If Orton wasn't on Smackdown, then the show would completely fall apart.

    Yes, Smackdown has some nice pieces, but Orton is the glue that keeps everything together.

    The pop he gets when he comes out is unbelievable, and he has main-evented just about every single Smackdown episode since he has come over.

    He will be the undisputed top draw and face of the company in five or six years.

2: John Cena

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    Had I written this article a couple months ago, John Cena would be no. 1 without any question.

    But with the emergence of a superstar you already know, it's hard to believe people still tune in to "Monday Night Raw" to watch John Cena's "5 moves of doom."

    John Cena stands for everything the WWE believes in today's era—hustle, loyalty, respect, never give up and all that cheesy stuff.

    Yes, his merchandise sells like hot cakes, and yes, he is still no. 1 in the hearts of kids everywhere, but after what has transpired the last month or so, he is no longer the true reason why people watch RAW.

1: CM Punk

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    What John Cena is to kids, CM Punk is to us, the 18 and older fan base of WWE. 

    When I think of "Monday Night Raw," I no longer think of John Cena. I now think of CM Punk.

    What's Punk going to say? Who's Punk going to wrestle? What's Punk's next big move?

    All these superstars listed before can't even come close to the controversy CM Punk can start.  When you listen to a promo from, I don't know, Alberto Del Rio or Sheamus, you aren't hanging onto their every word like you do with CM Punk.

    I was absolutely glued to the TV screen during CM Punk's shoot promo, his segment with HHH and his contract signing.

    And it doesn't hurt when you're one of the best pure wrestlers in the world. 

    I could go on and on about CM Punk, but the pop he gets, his charisma, his mic skills, his wrestling abilities, and the other 477 articles on bleacherreport about him well tell you he realy is the number one draw in the company.