Dennis Rodman Video: Watch Rodman Get Emotional During Hall of Fame Speech

Kyle Vassalo@VassaloBRFeatured ColumnistAugust 13, 2011

Dennis Rodman is still as weird and unlikable as ever. He tried unsuccessfully to be a human during his Hall of Fame speech. At one point he began doing this weird convulsing, grunting thing. It was classified as "crying", though if he did that at dinner, most people would think he was choking.

The whole speech is worth watching, but the best part of the speech is what happens right after Rodman "break down". At the 3:20 mark, Rodman decides to refer to himself in the third person.

"It wasn't Dennis Rodman that...(convulsion, grunting ensues). I'm convinced that he had a "Twix" moment. How do you finish that sentence? It wasn't Dennis Rodman that..what? It wasn't him relished the "bad boy" image? He wasn't the guy that loved the camera (except for the time he booted that cameraman) and tainted the game of basketball every time he stepped onto the court?

He proceeded to "cry" for a solid 13 seconds. Then he said "I didn't play the game for the money". That's an original statement. For once though, I actually partially believe him. It's when he got to the next part that I started crying foul.

"I didn't play the game to be famous". Really? Are we to believe that as a human being, Rodman is really that bad? Meaning, he his antics were never for the fame and fortune, he's just naturally a sub-par human being?

In an odd twist, he goes on to talk about how, "what you see here is just an illusion, that I love to just be an individual that's very colorful." It's unclear what he was trying to do there. He's trying to create an illusion that he's a colorful guy. So he's not actually a colorful guy, he just wants to trick everyone into thinking so...right.

Rodman can pass off accountability to the clever "illusion" his life has been or say whatever he wants. His image has caused many to feel animosity towards him. What he was to the game of basketball, his malicious antics and fame-seeking stunts like wearing a wedding dress.

Rodman is 100% responsible for all of his actions. Does he belong in the Hall of Fame from a numbers standpoint? Sure. Does he belong locked away somewhere for a mental standpoint? We might be a couple decades late for that.

He was a great rebounder and defender, but his basketball career will be completely overlooked by everything he has done to intentionally impose negative feelings onto others. This Hall of Fame speech should have been an apology, not a platform to ignore and joke about his horrific actions during and after his career.