David Beckham Fat or Fiction: Middle-Age Spread or Bad Camera Angle?

Nedu ObiAnalyst IIAugust 12, 2011

David Beckham sporting a Paunch
David Beckham sporting a Paunch

Has David Beckham, the former Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan and current L.A. Galaxy fantasista, finally succumbed to the middle-age spread that is the norm for men and women in their thirties?  

Or is it just a case of the camera telling an unflattering lie?

Either way, it doesn’t look too good for the image of the soi-disant style icon.

He was holidaying in Malibu with his progeny—relaxing as any one of us would do on vacation, without a care in the world. Then, suddenly, the scourge of celebrities everywhere struck (no pun intended): the paparazzi.

As the old adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words." In Beckham’s case, paunch, man boobs and middle-age spread (on public display), to name but a few, come to mind.

This might sound harsh but, for thousands of men out there, that middle-age spread and those ever-present love handles can be a heavy burden to carry.

Especially for Beckham, an elite athlete with a body that most men would die for (yours truly not included, as I’m slim and trim) and most women would—and do—drool over. It might give those mere mortals a glimmer of hope, if only for a millisecond.

Could it be that a bad camera angle was to blame? Nonetheless, Mr. Beckham will be feeling a bit deflated (again, no pun intended) after seeing that photo.

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News flash: The word on the street is that it’s natural for David Beckham to pile on the pounds when he’s not plying his trade in Los Angeles.

Fat or Fiction? You decide.


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