WWE: Is CM Punk the Stone Cold Steve Austin of This Era?

Tom Urtz Jr.@@TomUrtzJrContributor IAugust 12, 2011

All week I have broken down C.M. Punk and elements that would make matches including him and Stone Cold very lucrative and desirable. However through this research and contemplation a "stunning" fact dawned on me.

C.M. Punk has made a very visible transition during his time in WWE. He started off on ECW, had success and went through many different stables before emerging with his current persona.

Stone Cold started in WCW under the name "Stunning" Steve Austin. He would be fired over the phone by Eric Bischoff and he went to ECW.

Likewise, SCSA started to gain mic skills in ECW. Yes I realize the two incarnations are in no way shape or form similar but for the purposes of this article I am pointing it out.

Stone Cold also started his career with the gimmick of being The Ringmaster. He hated it, lived with it, and finally told VKM that he had a better idea for his character.

We are all aware that Stone Cold had his breakout Austin 3:16 moment and the brash, take-no-B.S. SCSA was born.

In the same way, Punk had his breakout moment when he dropped his epic promo in which he took many shots at the present, past and current decisions of WWE officials.

The contract signing with Punk was another great promo. He referenced many of the talents that were released recently and confronted John Laurinaitis and Triple H about the state of events.ย 

Taking things a step even further, when you look at the current state of affairs, C.M Punk is challenging the new authority COO Triple H.

In Austin's day, he challenged VKM all the time. C.M. Punk has also called out John Cena and The Rock on numerous occasions. This could represent the Stone Cold of the past calling out the top baby face and now C.M Punk is reciprocating by calling out the current top baby face.

Even though many classified SCSA and C.M. Punk as heels, they receive a bigger pop than the top baby faces do. This can be explained by the fans that are sick of the PG Era doctrine and see C.M. Punk as their savior to bring back limited characteristics of the Attitude Era.

The brashness and swagger of both men is very similar. C.M. Punk is a smooth talker on the mic and Stone Cold could always draw a reaction when he wanted too. This is something that links the two again.

They are two men who wanted to stand out in their eras. They challenged authority and went against the set standards and gained instant fame and fans.

Each man has also had their fair share of title reigns which symbolize high points in WWE history when it came to popularity with the fans.

There is a reason why many want to see the two square off in a fantasy warfare match. Their styles, demeanor and overall characters are very similar, fans want to see a best-of-the-best matchup.

Stone Cold is the rough and tough unorthodox brawler, CM Punk is the pompous refined straight edge superstar who uses finesse and skill to win his matches.

In this regard you have a great yin and yang element and it packs a lot of punch and combines a lot of star power.

This match could still happen but nonetheless it is a match that fans would kill to see.

If this match were to go down it would make a killing at the box office and we all know that VKM loves to see the money rolling in.

In my opinion, C.M. Punk is nowhere on SCSA's level...yet. He is working towards that prominence and prestige and his current push could take him there relatively soon.

As I have said in the past,ย this match would have a lot of star power and wrestlers who could generate a lot of buzz for the biggest event of the year.

Wrestling is for the fans and we have a voice. We want wrestling and I feel this is a great way to air out some ideas.

If you have any other ideas, comments, suggestions or whatever, leave them in the comments section below.

Tom Urtz is an NHL Featured Columnist and New York Rangers Featured Columnist and a lifelong wrestling fanatic.

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