Saturday Night Main Event No. 8

Jonathan WilsonContributor IINovember 8, 2008

Saturday Night Main Event # 8
November 29, 1986
Los Angeles, CA
Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura

With no Survivor Series to worry about, the WWF is currently finishing up all of their summer feuds to get all set for the biggest show ever with Wrestlemania III. WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan is in the middle of a few feuds all centering around men trying to take his title.

The Hart Foundation are coming closer and closer to achieving their goal in becoming the Tag Team Champions. Lastly, Randy Savage is becoming more and more paranoid about his IC title and the men trying to win it.

Randy Savage (c) w/ Miss Elizabeth vs Jake Roberts—IC Title Match
Before the match, Mean Gene interviews Jake with Damien crawling over Roberts. Gene's hand is shaking the entire time making for an even better interview. Roberts is still technically a heel, so we have ourselves a rare heel vs heel match. There's a loud "DDT" chant before both men lock up.

Early on has Roberts with a side head lock with Randy pulling Roberts hair to get pin attempts. Savage takes over working on Roberts. Jake is tied up in the ropes when Savages grabs Damien's bag and throws it under the ring. Back from commercial break, Savage is met with a running knee lift when he tries to get back in the ring. Now it's Roberts' turn on the offense.

Roberts retreives his scaly friend from under the ring. Damn, I was hoping he was going to throw Liz under the ring to even the odds up. Savage tries to hide behind Elizabeth on the outside. If this was 1991, Elizabeth would of been slapped down. However, since this is 1986, Snake goes to open up Damien's bag.

Savage jumps him and it's back in the ring. Roberts with a DDT attempt, but Savage grabs the ropes. Savage shoves referee Dave Hebner hard to the ground with Hebner tried to break up the fight. Back up, Roberts shoves Dave hard enough that he falls out of the ring. Hebner calls for the bell and we have a Double DQ.

This match would really just be the beginning of Roberts face turn which would be cemented a short while later when Honky Tonk Man attacks him. The finish was to be expected seeing how it was the only way to not hurt either man and keep them looking strong leading into the new year.

It didn't have the passion of their 1991 feud, but with this being just a random matchup, it was a lot of fun. Anyone who enjoyed their '91 feud should check this match out. 11 Minutes. 3 1/2 Stars.

Next up is a recap of The Slick selling Hercules' contract to Bobby Heenan. The Slickster just wants his moneeyyyy so Bobby withdraws huge stacks of cash from his bank. Ironically enough, The Slick would end up being Hercules manager in 1990 when Hercules turned heel.

Come to think of it, I think the Slick only had Hercules for a few months before selling him to Heenan. Slick had just came into the WWF in 1986 and gained control of some of Freddie Blassie's wrestlers once Blassie's health forced him off of the road.

Hulk Hogan (c) vs Hercules w/ Bobby Hennan - WWF World Title Match
Hercules gets this match not so much because he had issues with Hogan, but Heenan made it his personal goal to find someone to beat Hogan for the WWF Title. Test of strength to start things off. Hercules is actually overpowering Hogan.

Hogan with some punches then leaves the ring to chase Bobby. Back inside, Hogan blocks some punches and hits a elbow for a two count. Hercules works over the back of Hogan with the Torture Rack. Herc thinks that he won, so does Ventura. Pin attempt...One...Two...No. Hulk Hulks Up.

A lot of punches by Hogan. Big Boot followed by the Legdrop gets Hogan the three count. Hmm, I seem to remember this being a lot better when I first reviewed it on the home video WWF Superheroes.

This was really too short to be anything too special. Herc was a good opponent for Hogan though. They were both the same type of wrestler which could of made for an interesting feud. This would be about as big of a push as Hercules would have in his seven year WWF career. Eight Minutes. Two Stars.

Earlier tonight as some Hollywood restaurant, Jesse Ventura talks to Cowboy Bob Orton and his manager, Jimmy Hart. Orton claims that Piper was never a good wrestler and that he always did his dirty work.

Next up is an extremely cheesy, but awesome video highlighting the friendship between Roddy Piper and Bob Orton.

Roddy Piper vs Cowboy Bob Orton w/ Jimmy Hart and Don Muraco
Piper turned face at the previous SNME. Meanwhile, Orton was now in the Hart camp and was a tag team partner of Muraco. Muraco tries pulling the ankle of Piper when Roddy hits the ropes. After some arguing, the ref orders Muraco back to the lockerroom. Bulldog by Piper is followed up with some biting.

Orton is whipped into the corner and does a Flair bump. Orton is overselling like crazy. Running knee life by Piper gets a two count. Irish Whip with Piper looking for a back body drop. Orton counters with a Goldust like uppercut. Gutwrench into a ribbreaker gets a two count for Orton.

Jimmy Hart grabs Piper so that Orton can hit Piper. Piper moves out of the way and Orton pulls the punch in time to not hit his manager. Piper pushes Orton which sends Jimmy Hart flying off of the apron. Roll up by Piper gets the three.

This match had two purposes. First, was to keep building Piper up as a face. The second was to have Piper go over another member of Hart's family. Much like Hulk Hogan, Piper would be feuding with an entire family of wrestling on his way to facing the main one (In this case Adrian Adonis) at Wrestlemania Three. Orton was near HBK-level overselling tonight. I was never a fan of the Cowboy though. I guess it's something in the genes of the family which makes me hate them.

The crowd was really getting behind Piper by now. One could easily say that he was the No. 2 babyface going into Wrestlemania Three. Entertaining even if it was just to put one man over. Six Minutes. Two Stars.

Backstage, Mean Gene talks to Roddy Piper about his recent crowd reaction. Piper talks about Adonis and puts over how there's bigger things to come. Nice little segment of building towards his final match ever at 'Mania.

The Killer Bees vs The Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart
These two teams battled a lot in '86. I believe it's the Harts first major feud and the only significant one for the Bees. In case you're wondering, The Bees are Brian Blair and Jim Brunzell (Of the underrated AWA team, The High Flyers).

The Bees are in control until Hart knees Brunzell while on the apron. Demolition finisher gets Bret a 2 count. Dropkick by Neidhart. Not bad. The Harts double team by choking Brunzell with a tag rope while the ref is busy with Blair. Brunzell is thrown out of the ring as we go to a commercial break. Brunzell continues to play the face in peril.

Nice dropkick by Brunzell allows him to tag in Blair. But wait, the ref was distracted by Bret and didn't see the tag. Brunzell is thrown out of the ring again followed by Niedhart hitting Blair off of the apron. The Bees are looking under the ring. Could it be? YES! The Bees are now wearing the masks!

B. Brian Blair is now in the ring without a tag. Sleeper by Blair is broken up by Hart. The ref orders Bret to get out of the ring. Brunzell pushes his partner out of the ring and pulls an Eddie Guerrero. Neidhart tags in Hart. Small package by Brunzell for the three count. I loved the concept of the masks for the Killer Bees to out cheat all of the heels. However, this match was a virtual squash before the masks came out.

Even though the Bees won, they still looked like jobbers while the Harts continue their quest to become the WWF Tag Team Champions. These two teams had better matches earlier in the year, including the MSG match on Bret's DVD. 10 Minutes. 2 1/2 stars.

Backstage, Mean Gene is with Koko B Ware. Gene claims that all of America is looking forward to Koko vs Nikolai Volkoff. Uhh...sure. On a night with Hulk Hogan, Miss Elizabeth, Randy Savage, Jake Roberts, Damien, and The Hart Foundation, people are actually looking forward to seeing a black midget wrestler. Seriously, Koko is shorter than Mean Gene.

Nikolai Volkoff w/ The Slick vs Koko B Ware w/ Frankie
Before the match, Volkoff sings the Russian national anthem. For some reason, he just stops before the ending. Did someone miss their cue to interrupt it? How much do you want to bet that Koko wins with a rollup or some lucky pinfall?

Nikolai uses his power in the match while Koko uses his speed. Pin attempt by Koko only gets a two. Missal Dropkick by Koko gets a two. Nikolai takes over. Volkoff, realizing that he has the win in hand, turns his back on Koko and talks to his manager. Koko rolls Volkoff up and gets the win.

You don't even need to see this match to know exactly how it will turn out. If I was Volkoff, I would have had a serious thought about where my career went. Less than two years ago, he won the tag titles with the Iron Sheik at Wrestlemania.

Before that, he main evented shows across the nation challenging for the World Title against the likes of Sammartino and Hogan. And now he loses to the colorful jobber known as Koko. Four Minutes. One Star.

Backstage, Mean Gene is with The Hulkster. Gene brings up Ventura's doubt in Hogan winning tonight. Hogan puts Hercules over as a guy of similar strength but just goes on and on about himself. Hulkamania will live forever. Honestly, the Hogan/Herc feud could of been huge.

I guess it was just a matter of bad timing though. Had Herc came into the WWF in early '85, they may of been able to push him hard enough for a WM 2 match with Hogan.

"The Rebel" Dick Slater vs Don Muraco w/ Mr Fuji

It appears as if Slater is a face. Slater wasn't in the WWF for too very long. He was however, a fixture on Turner television for years as 'Dirty' Dick Slater. Before the match, Mean Gene talks with Muraco and Mr Fuji. Fuji actually sings Slater's theme music. Awesome.

Sadly, from there, the match is all downhill. Fuji cheats some to help out his man while Muraco has a hard time even capitalizing on anything. Muraco wins with his feet on the ropes. Slater got in way too much offense. The former IC champion looked like a joke in what should have been an easy win. Three Minutes. One Star.

Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura wraps up the show.

Without a November PPV, this was a pretty exciting night showcasing most of the main wrestlers and storylines at the time. Only two throw away matches which is about on par for SNME's at this time. Savage vs Roberts as the main event was a top notch match. By this point, the WWF knew how to put together these supercard events which leads me to wonder why they can't these days.

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Randy Savage vs Jake Roberts


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