50 Best Fake-Out Moves Ever

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIAugust 5, 2011

50 Best Fake-Out Moves Ever

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    The fake-out is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

    What’s the fake-out, you ask? Is that when you take someone out on a date pretending to be far more important and rich than you really are?

    Perhaps, but that is not the fake-out I am talking about.

    Fake-out, juke, okie-doke—it’s all the same thing!

    Some of you know it as the joystick on your controller, or the left and right triggers. Other may know it as double-tapping circle or some other variety of button taps.

    My friends, let me be the first to tell you that the fake-out is so much more than what you think.

    The fake-out can literally break ankles, make grown men cry and bring stadiums of people to their feet.

    Certain players have become famous for their fake-outs, and others have become famous as their victims.

    Here are the 50 best fake-out moves ever...

50. Juke's on You!

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    Here's a good place for us to start!

    Lots of confusion, lots of okie-dokes.

    Lots of broken ankles.

    Soak it in, get ready for the ride...

49. Old Men Can Run

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    LaDainian Tomlinson made a great career of making defenses miss with that stutter step of his...

48. Can You Kanu?

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    This is me endearing myself to the international readers!

    But seriously, sweet move man!

47. Shaq?

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    If I didn't know better, I would say this was Kobe Bryant wearing a Shaquille O'Neal suit...

    Throw it down, big man!

46. Trickery

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    Such a sneaky man...

45. Slip 'N Slide

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    I think D-Wade pays the water boy to squirt a little water now and then...

    Talk about breaking ankles! He broke his face!

44. Leaving the Scene of the Crime

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    Vince Carter wanted nothing to do with Carmelo Anthony's moves here.

    As it was so eloquently put...he "left the scene of the crime."

43. O Canada

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    Steve Nash just made "Sideshow Bob" look silly.

    As if that was necessary...

42. Excuse Me Sir

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    Excuse me sir! I have an alley-oop to throw.

41. Buckets

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    I guarantee you Jason Williams said "buckets" after this shot!

    I mean, how could he not?!

40. We Are Not James Worthy!

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    Hey, you ever hear of this guy?

    Just saying, you might see Michael Jordan on this list a few more times.

    He was pretty decent.

39. Coincidence?

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    Coincidence that Derrick Rose finds himself after that last guy on this list?

    You be the judge.

    In other news, I think this was the moment Derek Fisher realized he was old.

38. Not Free-Free Throw?

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    D-Wade apparently wanted the free throw practice mid-game.

37. Crossing over Greatness

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    There were not many times you could make Jordan look silly.

    This is rare.

36. Kemba Skywalker

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    I'm pretty sure Kemba Walker is a Jedi.

    Just sayin'...

35. Magic on Ice

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    Pavel Datsyuk could probably do pretty well in a Disney ice special.

    He's got the moves, but fortunately for the NHL, he decided to go the hockey route instead.

34. Getting Silly

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    Sticking with Datsyuk...

    He is just plain goofing around here. It's almost not fair.

33. Melo Yellow

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    Anytime you can end a sweet move with a rim-rattling dunk, I believe you get yourself a spot on this list.

    Carmelo has officially made it big.

32. Seneca Wallace Style

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    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you one of 10,000 plays known as "the run."

    What makes this rare is that it is the only one ever to involve Seneca Wallace.

31. Can't Take Back the Memories

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    This is a famous Reggie Bush highlight.

    I believe the NCAA tried to mind-erase this one with those fancy Men in Black pens.

30. Human Blocking Missile

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    I guarantee you that this is the career highlight of the poor sap lineman that Johnson used as a springboard and human blocking missile.

    It's awesome.

29. Shake 'N Bake

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    If only Will Ferrell would have come out of nowhere to give Jamal Crawford a fist bump.

    If only...

28. One-Man Show

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    I did this once...

    Seriously, ask my mom!

27. Barry Nice

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    I dare say this fella might resurface later on in the list.

    I dare say.

26. I Broke My Arm Watching This

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    I kid you not! I broke my arm watching the highlight as a kid.

    I was jumping up and down, fell and hit my arm on the cabinet.

    I am lucky enough to claim that Darren McCarty broke my arm!

25. Okie-Doke

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    Finally I get to show you an okie-doke!

    Check it out—Smith was one of the best at it!

24. Joe's Webb

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    Did you ever think Joe Webb would find his way onto this list?

    Neither did I, but he literally made a dude fall down without even touching him.

23. Rag Doll

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    I wonder what the heck was going through that poor guy's head when Peterson grabbed him and flung him away like a rag doll.

22. Sweetness

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    If you ever wonder why they called Walter Payton "Sweetness," now you know.

21. Barry Good

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    It's even cooler watching Sanders make people look silly with an alternative rock soundtrack.

20. This Never Happened

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    Once again, look out for the NCAA officials with the Men in Black pens!

    They are everywhere!

19. This Really Never Happened

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    Ronaldo made some real sick moves here, and it's a great highlight for our purposes.

    Unfortunately for him, though, it didn't count.

    Bleacher Report...changing the world one video at a time.

18. Oh No He Didn't!

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    I'm pretty sure Gary Payton is still wondering how he did that.

17. Tony Longoria

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    Tony Parker made Leandro Barbosa look like a desperate housewife with that move!

16. The Michael Vick Experience

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    Vick's highlights could probably fill up this whole list, so I took the liberty of packing them all together for you and getting some interviews...

    Or I just searched the Internet, but hey, who's paying attention anyhow?

15. Dancing with the Stars

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    When it is said that you are "dancing" on the field, there is a good chance you will end up on this list.

14. Double-D

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    What made this even more impressive is the fact that Driver is literally 94 years old.

    Fine, he's not, but you get my point.

13. The Shot

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    Most people remember the shot.

    Not everybody remembers the sick crossover that got him the shot!

12. Turkey Trot

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    People go crazy when Allen Iverson pulls this move in Turkey...

11. What Just Happened?

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    I don't even think Ryan Strome knew where the puck was here.


10. Doing the Mamba

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    We gotta get Kobe Bryant on Dancing with the Stars with moves like that!

9. Ya Don't Sayers!

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    Gale Sayers is arguably one of the most elusive players to step foot on the gridiron.

    Guys are still looking for their jockstraps.

    I'm not sure why they still want them...

8. Where'd He Go?

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    Sanders literally has guys looking for him as he runs by them.


7. Stop and Pop

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    The quality of the video may be bad, but the quality of the "stop and pop" is rivaled by none.

6. Cupid Shuffle

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    Ladies and gentlemen...

    I give you Joe Washington performing the first ever Cupid Shuffle.

5. Alex the Great

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    Now you know why Alex Ovechkin has such a sweet nickname!

4. Swami Says

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    This is a perfect Chris Berman moment, but of course he is nowhere to be found.


    There we go.

3. Barry Barry Good!

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    You may say Sanders is on here too much, but I say find me another player that deserves more limelight on this list!

    He's the best at this, man!

2. Space Jams

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    Jordan had a way of making people look silly when he had the ball.

    Michael Jordan was the Barry Sanders of basketball as far as pure moves are concerned.

    So who will be No. 1?

1. X-Factor

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    Yes, friends.

    I've searched and scoured the Internet in hopes of finding the best fake-out move ever.

    Even though we've seen a lot of the all-time great names on this list, none were better than this.

    The X-factor, Dante Hall, is going to take us home!


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    I hope you've enjoyed 50 of the sickest fake-out moves ever.

    Feel free to comment or add your own fake-out moves, but I don't recommend trying anything you saw here at home.

    Special thanks to Timothy Rapp for his valuable input on the list!

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