Who is Timothy Rapp?

He's a man who has read some books, been to some places, talked to some people, sang some songs, laughed some laughs, drank some (okay, many) drinks. He's asked the tough questions and delved into the deeper mysteries of life. (Why do people say "never say never?" It's really contradictory advice...) He once saw a famous person IN REAL LIFE but didn't bother that person, because he's cool like that. And here at Bleacher Report, he writes about sports for the Breaking News Team.

Yeah, that's who Timothy Rapp is.

Next question.

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  • inglese fairidere posted 18 days ago

    inglese fairidere

    You should probably stick to writing about the Lakers or the NFL, as soccer is clearly something you are not very familiar with. Your piece on Marchisio's red card is laughable and fully shows conclusively how little you understand about the sport.
    You describe a player lifting his leg in a protective way as a "stomp" (mind you, tweets from ALL OVER THE WORLD agree the red card was ridiculous); meanwhile, with regards to Suarez's bite, which will likely cost him a ban over 6 months you write "perhaps should have been sent off for apparently biting Giorgio Chiellini." What was apparent about the bite? The actual bite documented from all possible angles, or the marks on Chiellini's shoulder? You are a joke of a writer and a delusional individual, who uses this website to troll like a child.
    Now please delete this message...I understand, it'd be embarrassing for most people.

    PS: FYI, when adjudging whether to card a player or not, and whether that card should be red, the player's intent is the most important factor to weigh by the referee...but naturally you wrote "Intentional or not, it will be called a red every time" -> GENIUS!

  • asadali khatri posted 64 days ago

    asadali khatri

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    try this

  • asadali khatri posted 101 days ago

    asadali khatri

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  • asadali khatri posted 106 days ago

    asadali khatri

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  • Damir Secki posted 148 days ago

    Damir Secki

    Would be nice if professional reporters would do their job professionally as well and at least not confuse the two countries they are doing the report on!

  • Scott Schille posted 161 days ago

    Scott Schille

    Tim, you should be fired or at the very least not be writing football articles for Bleacher Report. You should have known that the #1 defense has beaten the #1 offense in the Super Bowl 3 out of 4 times. Now the #1 defense has beaten the #1 offense 4 out of every 5 times in the Super Bowl. You also should have known that record setting offenses usually don't win the Super Bowl. Remember the Patriots in the 2009 Super Bowl? They had record-setting offense that year-and they lost the Super Bowl to the Giants. Look at the Broncos this year, and they got in the mouth by the #1 defense. You need to remember that defense wins championships!

  • Giancarlo King posted 242 days ago

    Giancarlo King

    Keep up the solid work on the fantasy stuff, man!

  • Guy Newcomb posted 301 days ago

    Guy Newcomb

    would you be available for a phone interview on Fox Sports Radio Affiliate Jock 98.7 in SW Missouri. The 2nd largest fox affiliate in the US and the show is hosted by Ned Reynolds a Missouri Hall of Fame broadcaster. contact me at gnewcomb987@gmail.com

  • Marshall Muniz posted 318 days ago

    Marshall Muniz

    Why wont my comment show up on nfl lawsuit?

  • Marshall Muniz posted 321 days ago

    Marshall Muniz

    TIM, it seems like the headline yesterday about about Colt mcoy got runoff to quick
    did you get a chance to see my comment about an NFL summer league? Do you think it will ever work.. negatives vs. pluses?

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