Sports Pick Betting Service: Legitimate Business Or Scam?

Thomas Moreland@NFLMIKEESenior Writer INovember 8, 2008

Gambling is big business in this country. Legal in some places,illegal in most.

The most common sports wagering occurs in whats called a racebook or sportsbook in the many casino's in Las Vegas  and some Island countries outside the United States and in Europe.

Every football season the ads start popping up in your local sports sections or  even in national publications like USA Today.

Winners!  We pick winners!  Major sports betting information! Win big!

Sometimes a major sports figure is even associated with the service. Maybe he is getting paid, well not maybe,lol, he is getting paid for the use of his name.

It s all the same story. Play our games and we will consistently win games against the spread and make you money.

When you sign up with one of these services it is usually a one time fee for the season or a specific amount of games or plays .

Sometimes you can pay by the game or  you can buy a pack of games for a certain dollar amount.

Here are some of the questions you will be asked by these services and some of the things they will tell you about them.

How much do you bet on games?

Are you betting with an offshore account,[which is illegal by the way unless you live in Nevada]?

Do you use a bookie in your neighborhood or city? {also highly illegal]

Are you able to collect on your winnings easily? In other words just your bookie pay up promptly on wins.

Most people make innocent bets once in a while on their teams. That not what we are talking about here.

We are talking about hard -core gamblers trying to find an edge on the system, and that is what these services bank on!

Gambling can be a horrible addiction just like drugs or alcohol. It ruins lives and breaks up marriages and families. People who gamble for the thrill or rush of the win have a bit of a problem usually.

It's fun to make an occasional wager and collect some free money but these services are not interested in you.

These betting services prey on the addicted gambler looking to come back from the hole he has dug himself into. False hopes and promises of getting all your money back that you have lost and much much more if you just listen to us !

None of these people know much more than any one of us that follows sports closely. The more you  read injury reports, follow league s closely and just pay attention to whats going on the more you will know about who you are betting on.

Some people like to gamble but they don t have time for all that. Work, family, children all get in the way of good solid research and common sense. But they have to bet! It s the action they crave when addicted to sports gambling.

These services all charge good money to pick games for you. Splitting customers is a very common practice. Take 20 calls. Lets say Dallas is playing Washington. The spread is 7 points favoring Dallas.

The service will tell 10 people to bet on Washington and 10 people to bet Dallas. Then they call back the winning 10 people and tell them see, i told you so! We have big information on these game all the time and i will keep you winning!

This happens all the time. The winners send in more money to get more supposed winning games. It is all a crock of you know what!

These people also tell you they are very very successful in this work and they are in a nice suite or office in a major hotel in Vegas. NOT!!

Most of these services are in Florida and other states as well. These offices change locations constantly and are not paying income tax on the money they collect from unsuspecting people.

They seldom get turned in or even investigated because most of their clients are gambling illegally. Pretty sweet deal huh!

In Las Vegas, none of these betting services can be found. If you don t believe me, take a trip there. I bet you can t find anyone!

The average guy hanging out in the sportsbook can probably get you a good game to bet on.

To win against the spread the odds are 50/50 you can be on the right side of the game anytime in an NFL game. To hit 2 games, your odds drop to about 25 percent. To get 3 right, your odds drop to about 12 percent. To hit 4 games correctly against the spread it happens maybe 5 out of 100 times.

Anyone who claims they will give you over  80 percent winners is a flat out liar! The good handicappers of these sports events, whether it be football, basketball. baseball, college or pro s top out at around 65 percent at best. 70 percent winners is really really good but it just does not happen that often.

These betting services will even go so far as to tell unsuspecting gamblers that they know through their supposed sports connections that the game is fixed in some way, and they know the outcome before it happens.

No way is this true! just never. One rare moment was the NBA scandal with the referee affecting the outcome of the games. This is very rare and he is in prison now.

None of these services know anything you can t find out from the internet or reading sports publications and sports articles. Or simply paying attention to the radio and ESPN.

What prompted me to write this article was an ad i heard on an ESPN affiliate station on the radio 2 days ago where i live.   249.95 got you a package of games from one of these sports gurus.

Oh joy, 250 bucks to get some well informed picks?? He then stated he went 7-5 the week before . so now this week he s gonna be hot!   AHAHAHAHAH! That s hilarious!

What I  am trying to say is stay informed, don t gamble foolishly, and don t pay for information that's free to most people anyway!

I know  1st hand of a couple people who ran one of these services! They paid cash for their nice cars, cash for their houses in Boca Raton, and so on. Huge money from unsuspecting gamblers thinking they were going to get rich. Guess who s getting rich?

The betting service owners!

Don t send anyone your hard earned money just to pick a game for you.

I was 11-3 last week. 78-52 FOR THE SEASON. Just leave a message on my bulletin board and i will give you informed picks against the spreads if you need them. And i am free!   Thomas[ NFL Mikee] Moreland