50 Most Annoying Things in NASCAR

Peter SchaeferContributor IIAugust 1, 2011

50 Most Annoying Things in NASCAR

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    One of the things that comes with being a NASCAR fan is constantly being annoyed with the sport. What one person thinks is annoying some others might not. But as much as fans like to argue, there are some things that we can all agree on. Some can be big and others small, but they still crawl under your skin.

# 50: Multiple Dates

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    Why should one track have two races? If NASCAR is the great American sport, why can't they go to tracks in more then half the states in the US?

    Why can the Cup series not race the Milwaukee Mile? Or go back to Thompson Speedway? Or run Pikes Peak Raceway—make it happen guys!

# 49: "Hungry" Drivers Not Getting a Chance to Prove Themselves

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    Danny O'Quin, Stephen Leicht and Brad Coleman just to name a few.

    Is it a coincidence they raced for cup teams and were replaced by cup drivers?

    I think not. What's the deal? Do they want to win that badly in a lower tier series that they'll sacrifice a young drivers development?  

    If I were Trevor Bayne or Ricky Steinhouse or Brian Scott, I'd be on the lookout.

# 48: Jeff Gordon's Whining

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    It's not nearly as bad as it used to be, but Gordo still whines a lot.

    Hey Jeff, you can whine about your grey hairs next. 

# 47: Mike Helton's Mustache

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    On one hand, you can tell it's him from a mile away. But on the other, he looks like a walrus.

    I keep expecting it to talk every time I see it.

# 46: JJ Hording the Cup

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    I'm a huge Jimmie Johnson fan, but come on, man, let someone else have a chance.

    At least the JJ haters get to stare at Chandra every time he wins the cup. When you look at it that way, is him being champion really that bad?

# 45: Joey Logono's Nickname

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    Sliced bread—really? Sliced bread, as in the best thing since?

    If you're so good, why do you run mid-pack every week?

    Maybe it's my pessimistic outlook, but with that nickname you should, you know...be good

# 44: Trevor Bayne Is a Fluke

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    There is talk amongst some fans that Trevor Bayne winning the Daytona 500 was nothing but a fluke, an anomaly, an asterisk.

    Give the kid credit.

    How many cup drivers won their first "500"? Zero.

# 43: TNT's Race Coverage

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    Is there anything worse?

# 42: Bruton Smith

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    It is people like this that ruin sports as we know them.

    He might even land three races at one of his tracks one day.

# 41: Kyle Bush's Bow

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    Enough Kyle, no one can enjoy having the fans hate them that much.

    It's a nod to your fans, huh? Yeah, we know it's just a way to draw the ire of the fans who can't stand you—and that's pretty much all of them.

    It is not even his signature, he stole it from Brad Coleman.

# 40: Rusty's Commentary

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    Nothing against Rusty, I love him as a driver and a human being, but he has no charisma behind the mic. He doesn't explain things. If your're new to NASCAR you have no idea what he's saying.

    When he was being interviewed as a driver he could crack a joke at the drop of a hat. He was animated, he was fiery.

    However, on commentary he has the personalty of a damp sponge. Luckily Brad Daugherty is there to compensate.

# 39: Burnouts

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    Where did the good old days go, the ones where drivers just did a victory lap?

    "Its for the fans."

    Is it really worth risking a bunch of extra work for your fabrication crew just to shower the fans in your tire smoke?

    What if someone chokes to death in your thick smoke? Ever think of that?

    And god forbid you blow the engine and it becomes toxic too. It doesn't make sense to me.

# 38: The Big Red Truck

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    I'm not saying The Big Red Truck doesn't work, it just gets over used. Every little scrap, argument or dust-up results in the drivers going to NASCAR'S "sin bin."

    It's just overkill.

# 37: Derrike Cope

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    Why is he still running? The last time he had a top ten at any level of NASCAR was 1997.

    He can still say he won two races, in 1990. One of them, the Daytona 500, he backed into. The only thing good I can say is he has two super hot twin nieces just starting their careers.

# 36 Juan Pablo Motoya Is the Best

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    I won't dispute the fact JPM is a good, if not great, driver. He has three wins in his NASCAR career, all on road courses. You know, the thing he's been racing on his whole life!

    You can make all the excuses in the world—poor pitstops, bad luck, blah blah blah—but if he was really that good, wouldn't he have won on an oval by now?

# 35: Tony Stewart's Tirades

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    Sometimes they're comical, sometimes they hit a nerve and sometimes they are childish. They're Tony's trademark tirades, and when he is on a roll nothing is off limits.

    Every once in a while he resorts back to his incoherent screaming and shouting, but since the death of Dale Sr. he has been making little strides to become the voice of the drivers that he is today.

# 34: Multi-Car Teams

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    How many times have you seen it? One or two drivers get the new top notch equipment, while the others are all but forgotten.

    That is why multi-car teams are bad for the sport.

    Look at Dale Jr. when he was with DEI. He was a very good driver, but ever since he went to Hendrick he has become an also-ran. 

# 33: Regan Smith Not in a Legit Ride

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    Nothing against Furniture Row Racing, it is amazing what they have accomplished.

    The majority of fans, however, wonder how Regan Smith is not with a bigger organization. The kid obviously has a wealth of talent—remember Darlington?

    Then again, some of the greats have started out on underfunded teams. I'm not saying Regan will join them, but there is always hope.

# 32: Young Man's Game

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    I am sick of when people keep saying how the sport is becoming a "young man's game." 

    Really? Last year only two drivers under thirty won a race—Denny Hamlin and Kyle Bush.

    This season there are already more twenty-something winners then last season (four), but most races are still won by drivers in their mid-thirties to early-fourties.

# 31: Cup Drivers Where They Don't Belong

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    What were formally known as "buschwackers" (and for a short time known as "claims adjusters," but thankfully that one died), cup drivers have always been a part of the Sportsman/Busch/Nationwide series. But recently it has gotten out of hand.

    Before NASCAR actually did a good thing for once and made drivers chose what series they wanted to run, they could run for the championship in all three national touring series—Cup/Nationwide/Truck.

# 30: Red Bull Racing

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    Red Bull Racing expanded to the world of NASCAR in 2007, already having dominant teams in WRC (World Rally Car) and Formula one.

    They came expecting the same time frame of success they had in those other series. Now five seasons later and with only one win to their credit, they are disbanding their NASCAR team.

    Presumably because NASCAR has not been as easy as they thought.

# 29: Road Course Ringers

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    If your not sick or injured, why would you willfully step out of your ride? You don't like road courses? Suck it up.

    I thought these were the best drivers in the world, yet some of them say they won't drive this track or that track because its too hard?

    Isn't there a funny little thing us humans do called...uh...oh yeah, learning. Plus the cup guys always beat them. When is the last time a "ringer" has even had a top five?

# 28: Boys Have at It Going to Far

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    NASCAR had good intentions when they told the drivers "Boys Have at It," but it has recently gotten out of hand.

    It is dangerous to exact revenge on the track anytime, but the proper place to do it is on the straightaway. Now drivers are getting revenge on each other in the turns.

    Maybe it is time to do something, like suspending a driver ten races if they purposely get into someone in the turn. Otherwise someone will be killed.

# 27: No Brand Identity

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    Look at the cars real close, they are all generic. If the cars were stripped of their nose and all the manufacturer logos, could you tell which ones were which? 

    As it stands, that is the only thing that gives a manufacturer an identity—the nose. It would be nice to see the lines on the cars that are almost the same as the models they supposedly represent. The good thing is this is rumored to be coming to NASCAR—SCORE!

# 26: Farewell Tours

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    Okay, I admit that for all he did for the sport, Richard Petty did deserve a year long celebration—but he should have been it.

    When a driver announces he will retire after the season, what happens? The driver gets cheesy gifts from the track president and empty applause from the fans.

    Is that what you really want? Fans applauding, not because they are fans, but because you're retiring?

# 25: Open Wheel Drivers Jumiping Straight to Cup

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    A recent trend in NASCAR is open wheel drivers forgoing Camping World Truck or Nationwide, and taking on cup right away. It only serves to make great drivers look average at best (Dario Francitti, Sam Hornish, etc).

    Yeah, Juan Montoya has two cup wins, but most of the time he looks completely lost. The last open wheel drivers to achieve greatness in NASCAR—Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart—struggled in what is now the Nationwide series, before they realized how to be successful in a stock car.

# 24: Dale Earnhardt Sr. Merchandise

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    This might strike a nerve with some fans, but Sr's image does not need to be on everything. I do not need a Dale Earnhardt toilet seat cover or Dale Earnhardt lawn darts, just stick to clothing and die-cast cars.

    All it does is tarnish a great man's image by putting it on completely useless crap.

    (P.S. Dale Earnhardt toilet seat covers and lawn darts are currently unavailable)

# 23: Carl Edward's Backfilp

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    I will not lie, I do not like Carl Edwards—his country hick image doesn't fool me. To me, he is arrogant and looks down on people. The fact that he almost killed Brad Keslowski doesn't help either.

    His back-flip is quite possibly the most boring thing in sports. If god is a NASCAR fan he would have him do a face-plant, just once for me—please!

# 22: Special Paint Schemes Run to Much

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    There is nothing special about a scheme run every other week. It used to be that the only time special paint was run was in the All-Star Race, and sometimes a week later in the Coke 600.

    Now every week at least one car is sponsored by a movie or running different colors.

# 21: Good Drivers Relegated to Start-and-Park

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    Joe Nemecheck, Dave Blaney, David Gilliland...the list goes on and on.

    Why are these drivers also-rans now?

    Multi-car teams. A big team like Hendrick or Gibbs will put a younger driver in their car (even they have no idea what their doing) to attract "hip" sponsors—at the expense of a lot of torn up equipment.

# 20: Danica Is the Only Female Driver Worth a Damn

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    I admit I don't like Danica Patrick either. Just like Carl, she's arrogant. I think she's gets way too much attention—even people who like her will tell you this.

    Almost every media outlet (and most racing fans) are so caught up in her that they fail to realize—or they just don't want to acknowledge—that there are many young female drivers just as good, if not better then her.

    She has two top tens and is the buzz of NASCAR...pathetic.

# 19: Going International

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    I may be old fashioned, but shouldn't something known as the "Great American Sport" stay in the USA?

    It's not like your're going to give people something they've never seen before. Most countries have a racing series similar to NASCAR–plus the only racing most of the world cares about is Formula One.

# 18: Trophy's

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    It's not that I dislike trophies, I dislike that they are getting dinkier. 

    One of the coolest things is when tracks "trophies" aren't dinky pieces of metal, but things specific to that area—like the Cowboy Boots in Texas.

    Why can't all the tracks do this? Just think of the possibilities. The Infinion winner would get a case of Napa Valley's finest, etc.

# 17: Junior Nation

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    They're loud, they're obnoxious and they make their allegiance known every chance they get. A small minority of Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans are to NASCAR what a canker sore is to the mouth.

    Every time he takes the lead they cheer like he's coming to the checkered flag. When he is passed for the win the driver who passed him is booed relentlessly.

    Can these people really be NASCAR fans?

# 16: Start-and-Parkers

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    If you show up to a race, try to go the entire distance!

    It is a plague and a stain on the sport to have cars ride around for a few laps—then park the car. There is a simple way to stop it—take away their prize money.

    It has gotten so out of hand that there are even teams that show up with just a crew chief, with no pit crew, no supplies, no tools and no intention of finishing the race.

# 15: Good Tracks Forced Out

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    Over the last decade-and-a-half, good NASCAR has completely stopped going to North Wilkesboro , Rockingham, Nazareth, The Milwaukee Mile and Gateway—to name a few.

    These tracks have had long and successful histories with NASCAR, and they were taken off of the schedule for tracks that can't compare.

    The only great tracks that have been put on the their respective schedules are Indy and Road America.

# 14: Jeremy Mayfield's Lawsuit

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    Jeremy, admit it. You were caught, go race in another series.

    Don't try and say you had no idea what you were taking, or it was stronger then you thought.

    The thing I don't get is why he felt the need to keep it a secret? If he told NASCAR he was taking this for a cold, he would have been told to sit out the race after he took it, for his safety.

    All told, if Jeremy was smart he'd still be racing—and we'd still get to see his hot wife every week.

# 13: Prying into Drivers Lives

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    I know they're in the public spotlight, but if a driver doesn't freely share something with you, don't report it!

    That's what's wrong with the media nowadays. Nothing is off limits.

    There is a little thing we all have called the right of privacy. We all know that Kurt Bush and Eva Braun are now divorced. Now do you think Kurt really wanted that made public?

# 12: Danica's Attitude

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    I'll get chewed out for saying this, but Danica Patrick struts around like her s**t don't stink. Has she ever taken blame for an on track incident? Has she ever taken blame if the car is not fast enough?

    If you responded with anything but no you have been brainwashed into thinking she can do no wrong.

    Remember back to Indy 500 qualifying in 2009. She was not fast enough to make the field, blamed her crew on the tracks PA system and got booed out of the track.

    That's a real great role model for little girls!

# 11: Kyle Bush's Dominance

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    Alright Kyle, we get it, you love to race. But that dosn't mean you have to run every race on a given weekend.

    Every other driver likes to win, but many of them have the courtesy to stick to their own series—or run only a few races here and there.

    All you're doing is feeding your selfish, ego-driven self by taking the spotlight away from young up-and-coming drivers.

# 10: Inconsistant Penalties

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    Penalties in NASACR boil down to a popularity contest—the little teams get more severe penalties than the big teams.

    Look at the 2006 Daytona 500. Jimmie Johnson's team was fined and Michael Waltrip's was suspended for the race, although he ultimately won his challenge of the penalty.

    NASCAR catches teams for the same things, but because they are so concerned about ratings the big teams get a slap on the wrist. Penalize everyone equally.

# 9: Not Enough Safer Barrier

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    Currently only the turns and a small part of the back-strait have safer barrier. Now it is time to do the rest.

    There are many drivers who owe their lives to the safer barrier, and when one of them is Jeff Gordon, it's time to listen up. Drivers have been arguing for safer barrier all the way around the track for a long time. They should know, they're the one's risking their lives, remember?

# 8: Vet's Not Hanging It Up

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    It hard to say goodbye, but too many veteran drivers race for way too long. What were once great careers become average.

    There is a laundry list of drivers, past and present, who have been in the sport way past their prime. such as Bill Elliott, Darrell Waltrip, Cale Yarborough and dare I say Richard Petty.

    I don't like the guy, but I pray that this does not happen to Jeff Gordon.

# 7: Top 35 Rule

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    It is just stupid to guarantee the top 35 in owners points a spot in the field. 

    The drivers say they don't want other drivers to give them anything on the track, but NASCAR doing it is okay?

    All it serves to do is make the field fillers push it and cause more accidents.

# 6: All over the Country Schedules

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    NASCAR wants to lower costs, and then they have a schedule that goes back and forth. 

    Why can't they streamline the schedule? Start out in Charlotte and work your way out to the west coast, then back across the country to Loudon, ending with the 500.

    Which brings me to my next point...

# 5: The Daytona 500 at the Start of the Season

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    I get that NASCAR wants to kick off each season in a big way, but why is your biggest race (and some would say toughest) not at the end of the season?

    If you want to make a splash, make the Coke 600 or the Aaron's 499 kick off the season. Think how cool it would be to have the championship decided at the Daytona 500.

    Let me say that again. Have the championship decided at the Daytona 500. It just sounds awesome!

# 4: The Chase

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    I get it, NASCAR want's to blend in with every other sport. It is so incredibly asinine that there are basically two seasons in one.

    The sport was founded on consistency, but the chase basically gives the championship to the driver with the most wins. Big Bill France would be rolling in his grave!

# 3: Also Rans Winning Rookie of the Year

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    Their is no rule saying that the Rookie of the Year award has to be given every year, and last season was the tipping point.

    Kevin Conway won ROTY with only one top-15 finish (14th at the Coke Zero 400), and Andy Lally will win it this year missing half of the races.

    If there was any justice Trevor Bayne would win it, even though he is not getting points in the cup series.

# 2: No Pention Fund

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    The saddest thing for fans is realizing NASCAR does not take care of it's former drivers that have health issues.

    Take, for instance, Sam Ard, who almost died in a NASCAR sanctioned race in 1984 (pictured left). He is currently suffering from Azheimer's as a result of his injuries.

    Does NASCAR help with his medical expenses? No. This is one area where NASCAR needs to spend money.

# 1: Brian France

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    Brian France only cares about one thing—TV ratings. Everything he does is for ratings. Think the chase was for the real fans? Nope.

    He wants to draw in new fans, casual fans, people that fit his mold. Most of all he wants to distance the sport from it's roots. I understand if you want to grow the sport, but don't do away with its history and tradition.