RAW Recap 11/3/08 Or The 800 Episode Celebration

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

RAW ends it's 3 hour spectacular in celebration of the 800 episodes of RAW.  It's time to see what direction the WWE is planning on taking the brand.

We open up with Randy Orton in the ring demanding an answer to his ultimatum that he made last week.  Orton than sits at ring side and waits.  This is how you do talking segments.  Orton says what needs to be said and then gets out of the way.

The Hardy's team up against MVP and The Brian Kendrick in the opening match.  It's interesting to see that these are the four men that they picked to open the show.  It shows that the WWE still thinks highly of MVP and Kendrick to trust them with this important spot.

The match was pretty good with a nice quick pace and some great selling from Kendrick.  Everyone was show cased pretty well in the match.

The end spot came off kind of strange.  The Hardy's pulled a heel move when they distracted the referee as MVP made the tag to Kendrick.  When the referee was trying to get Kendrick out, the Hardy's double teamed MVP for the win.  It was weird seeing this happen but good to know that they had to cheat to pin MVP.  At least he keeps a little bit of credibility.

The next bout is the 8 man over the top battle royal for number one contender to the Intercontinental Championship.  This match should have been advertised as it is a number one contender match for an important title.  Seeing as it wasn't advertised, it really shows what the WWE thinks about this title.

The match was quick considering that it was a battle royal.  Jamie Noble and William Regal fought each other almost through out the match, which is good as they still haven't forgotten about the feud.

The end sees Regal waiting outside before he jumps in and takes out Ted DiBiase for the win.  It was an expected ending as Regal has done this before whenever he's in a battle royal.  When the announcers said that RAW will be in England next week, it felt like they said Regal will not win the title next as creative likes to bury people in their hometowns.

Shane and Stephanie McMahon arrive to the arena.  Shane comes out to confront Orton about his ultimatum.  Adamle comes out and announces that he resigns as the GM before Shane can make his decision.

This was a bad move.  Adamle as GM was great.  He had that persona of always trying to please everyone and in the process, screwed over a lot of people.  Now that he's gone, we'll have that void of a leaderless RAW like we did a few months back, which lead to many strange story lines.

Shane takes this time to announce that Orton will be making his in ring return tonight against C.M. Punk.  Again, this match should have been advertised well in advance.  This is the feud that the WWE has been pushing for two months now.  There is no reason to have it as a last minute edition on RAW especially when the football season is in full swing.  How is the WWE expecting to gain viewers if everyone is already watching Monday Night Football?

Vladimir Kozlov versus Charlie Haas is next.  Haas comes out as Bret "Hitman" Haas.  The gimmick is still working but they need to get to the end now.  If this is just for fun, it's starting to wear off.  If this is suppose to lead to Haas winning matches once he realizes that he should stay as himself, then they need to get to it.

Kozlov gets the win in a very quick match.  There really was no point in using air time for this but with a three hour show, they may have been desperate to fill the time.

Batista is backstage for an interview.  He keeps it short like usual, which is a good thing.  Batista shouldn't be talking with his gimmick.

The next match may be the most important match in WWE since Wrestlemania 21, with the changing of the guard.  D-Generation X versus The Miz and John Morrison.  This match should show in what direction the WWE is planning on going.  If DX wins, it's the same top talent always on top, which isn't good for the company.  If Miz and Morrison win, than it shows that it's time for the younger talent to move up and change the company.

For one of the most highly anticipated matches of RAW and a build up for a few weeks, this should have been given a lot more time and the main event.  Instead we get it at the top of the hour and have DX goof around in classic DX style for a long time.  They messed around so much that the actual start of the match was during a commercial break.  How is that a good idea?

The match was pretty good considering that they didn't have much time to work.  The Miz and Morrison looked great as they were able to take advantage at the perfect spots and dominated most of the match.

The end was terrible and left me wondering about the WWE.  First off, Morrison hits Sweet Chin Music on Triple H.  The Miz tags in and doesn't go for the cover.  Instead, he decides to mock Triple H before attempting the Pedigree.  Triple H counters and leads to a double team of Sweet Chin Music and the Pedigree from DX for the win.

Now, The Miz and Morrison have proven to be a great tag team.  Yes, they are cocky and arrogant, but they wouldn't waste an opportunity to pin DX.  Also, why did Morrison successfully land Sweet Chin Music but the Pedigree was countered?  Wouldn't the impact of both moves landing and Triple H kicking out be an amazing moment?  Did Triple H really not want to belittle his own move and not want to kick out of it?

The fact that DX won this match made me very depressed.  I was hoping that the WWE was finally going to move forward and allow the younger guys to get their shot.  Instead, they had Miz and Morrison carry this feud for weeks and then carry the match before they get jobbed out.  this was a terrible, terrible decision on the WWE's part.

Backstage we get JBL talking to Shane about becoming the new GM of RAW.  Shane said he would rather have him as a performer and announced JBL versus The Undertaker.  Again, this match should have been advertised.  The Undertaker is one of the biggest names in wrestling and it doesn't make sense to not advertise him.

Up next is the 16 diva tag team match.  It was interesting to see that they had enough women to hold this match but decided to pull Maria from the match to have Mae Young participate.  What doesn't make sense is that the faces had Eve and Tiffany on their team.  Maria is more credible as a wrestler compared to these two and has a storyline going with McCool.  She should have been in the match.

However, this really wasn't a match.  It was just an excuse to have Mae Young show up and go over on all the heels.  I understand that she was great in her time, but it was embarrassing for everyone in this match to have her take out the entire heel side of the ring.

The match was way too fast and had way too many people in it.  If they wanted to do something like this, they should have been allowed to work a long match and show off what these women can do.  Instead, they wasted a perfect opportunity.

C.M. Punk versus Randy Orton is next.  The match was decent but just like all the matches of the night, it was really short.  This should have been at Survivor Series as people would have paid to watch this match.  Creative wasted a perfectly good feud with this move.

The match ends with Priceless coming out and attacking C.M. Punk causing a disqualification.  During the attack, Orton kicks DiBiase in the head.  I'm getting so tired of this move.  If it's so dangerous, why would the WWE board of directors not ban the move for the safety of their employees?  And why wouldn't Priceless attack Orton on the spot?  He's medically clear now.  This doesn't make sense.

Backstage, we get Manu and Cody Rhodes confronting Orton about the kick.  Orton tells them to do something about and they still don't attack him.  This is officially the end of any credibility that Priceless has.  How can anyone take them as a serious threat if they don't stand up for themselves and not attack the person that's been screwing with them for months?  They have a numbers advantage as Orton has no allies and there's three of them.  Wherever this story is going, Priceless is done.

JBL versus The Undertaker is next.  Something seemed off about the match as these two weren't messing too well.  Again, this match was way too short for the people involved.  Undertaker is a main event wrestler and should be treated as such.  To have a match this short is ridiculous.

The match ends with JBL refusing to get back in the ring and getting himself counted out.  Shawn Michaels comes out and throws JBL back in the ring so he can get a Tombstone.  This match was beyond pointless.

Jericho is backstage with Shane when the announcement is made that John Cena will fight for the world title at Survivor Series.  As much as Cena deserves to be on top, I think it's a bad idea to have him be the number one contender with him being gone for so long.  He needs to come back and earn that spot, not just have it handed to him.

A comedy segment runs with a huge dance party involving Kung Funaki, Hornswoggle, Boogeyman, Goldust, Festus, Jesse, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Sargent Slaughter, Dusty Rhodes, Lilian Garcia, Michael Cole, and Teddy Long.  It ends with Ron Simmons making his return and saying his catch phrase; Damn.  This was quiet possibly the most pointless segment that I have ever seen on RAW.  I understand that it's for fun, but the entire night has been full of short matches that it made me mad to see time taken for something like this.

Kane and Mark Henry versus Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston is next.  Another quick match that barely had any time to highlight anyone.  Henry and Kane came off very strong and made Rey and Kofi look pretty weak.  Henry gets the pin on Kofi.

After the match, The Great Khali comes out during the post-match beating and he attacks Henry and Kane.  Rey hits the 619 on Henry after Khali set it up.  This was the official face turn for Khali and hopefully they can get him to work as a face.  The fans seemed to enjoy it.

The main event sees Batista defend his title against Chris Jericho in a steel cage match.  Jericho had some really good spots and made the match very interesting.  These two worked very well with each other tonight.

The end was interesting as it had Jericho pull off a piece the supporting cable and use it as a weapon.  Jericho falls out of the cage to win the title.

Now, as much as I like Jericho with the title, I don't understand the point of letting Batista hold the belt for only eight days.  Short world title runs are never a good thing as it belittles the prestige of the belt.  I could understand if it was a Batista's first title reign and he wasn't prepared to defend the title against someone as accomplished as Jericho, but that's not the case.  This was Batista's fourth title run, and he should have held it for awhile. 

I'm assuming that this was done so Jericho can drop the title to Cena.  Now I'm wondering if Batista has a rematch clause or does Cena get the title match at Survivor Series anyway.

Overall, this was a terrible way to celebrate 800 episodes.  All the matches were too short and the outcomes were some of the worst they could have come up with.  With two huge main event level matches not being advertised, RAW came off very weak tonight.  Hopefully, this isn't a prelude of things to come and they use this as an example of what not to do.  My rating: D


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