Philadelphia Phillies' Saturday Night Specials and the Ugliest MLB Uniforms Ever

Josh Schoch@JoshSchochAnalyst IIIJuly 18, 2011

Philadelphia Phillies' Saturday Night Specials and the Ugliest MLB Uniforms Ever

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    There have been some very ugly jerseys in the history of the MLB, a history that has spanned three centuries. We have seen jerseys evolve from the collared shirts of the 1800's and early-1900's, but some looked even worse, including the "Saturday Night Specials" donned by the Philadelphia Phillies.

    A jersey shows the personality of a team. It is a culmination of both current-day traits and the franchise's history. Wearing the jersey of any team should be an honor, but these jerseys made it plain embarrassing.

    These jerseys are the ugliest in MLB history, and they have made many players ashamed for wearing them, and many fans ashamed for rooting for these teams.

Chicago White Sox' Shorts Game

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    On August 8, 1976, the Chicago White Sox' owner, Bill Veeck, thought that the team should wear shorts for a double-header against the Kansas City Royals. Needless to say, he was wrong.

    The White Sox had to endure jeers and insults throughout the game, and for good reason. They team looked ridiculous. Besides looking bad, the shorts were impractical, making it harder to slide.

    The Sox lost the first game 9-2, and decided not to wear them in the second game. It helped a bit, as the team lost only 8-3 in the second game.

1979 Pittsburgh Pirates

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    The 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series, but we can't say that they did it in style.

    The team wore mustard-yellow and black jerseys that year, and as you can see, they did not look good on them.

    The Pirates may have won simply because their opponents were distracted by their jerseys.

San Diego Padres SoCal Jerseys

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    The San Diego Padres have had a history of ugly jerseys, and their SoCal Jerseys from the 1970's and 80's were pretty bad.

    The team wore these jerseys from 1978 until 1985. Mustard-yellow and dark-brown? White with brown, yellow and orange strips with orange, lower-case letter? Why? Just why?

San Francisco Giants Turn-Ahead-the-Clock Project

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    The MLB tried to see into the future when they attempted the Turn-Ahead-the-Clock Project in the 1999 season.

    They were trying to prepare for the new millennium by bringing in a new style, but it didn't stick, as you will see over the next few slides.

    The Giants were one of the teams who failed with their jerseys.

Mets Turn-Ahead-the-Clock

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    The MEts were another team trying to gaze into the crystal ball and see what the future held. I don't want to live in the future they saw, however.

Royals Turn-Ahead-the-Clock

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    The Royals also tried and failed with these jerseys. It's hard to imagine that they actually thought that these looked good.

Pirates Turn-Ahead-the-Clock

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    The Pirates tried turning ahead the clock too. I don't even know what to say about these jerseys.

Padres "Camo" Jerseys

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    The San Diego Padres have tried to wear "Camo" Jerseys multiple times to honor our troops.

    Their most recent attempt came in 2007, and while they looked a bit better, they were still completely hideous. Hopefully the franchise has abandoned the attempt.

1969 Seattle Pilots

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    The Seattle Pilots of 1969 tried to don these jerseys, but they could not keep the fashion-statement going for more than one season.

    The Pilots then became the Milwaukee Brewers, and they thankfully changed their jersey designs.

Houston Astros 1975-1993

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    The Houston Astros donned some of the worst jerseys ever seen in MLB history, and they appeared not to know.

    The team held onto these hideously striped jerseys for 19 seasons (1975-1993 inclusively). These jerseys brought attention to the team, and made them original, but no one can deny that they are ugly.

Boston Red Sox' Throwbacks

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    The Boston Red Sox brought back these jerseys from 1908 in 1997 and a few other times since.

    While the style was probably fine back then, times have changed in the last 103 years, and they are disgusting.

1970's Cleveland Indians

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    Picture this jersey with a pair of identically red pants, and that's what the Indians actually wore from 1974 until 1978.

    Whether it's the pull-over style or the terrible lettering, this jersey is pretty bad. Add in the obnoxious shade of red with monochrome-pants, and you have one of the worst jerseys in MLB history.

The First Alternate Jerseys in MLB History

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    The Baltimore Orioles were the first team to wear an alternate jersey in the MLB, and they could have been the last.

    The monochrome-orange style of these jerseys is terrible, and baseball could have ended alternate jerseys after they saw these.

1916 New York Giants Break out the Pink

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    The New York Giants played in an age when this style may have been acceptable, although I highly doubt this.

    A pink tablecloth is never in style, and that's exactly what these jerseys resemble.

Pittsburgh Pirates Alternates

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    These Pittsburgh Pirate alternate jerseys are pretty bad.

    Considering that the Pirates' team colors are yellow and black, it's hard to see why they made these jerseys red.

Chicago White Sox 1982-1990

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    From 1982 until 1990, the Chicago White Sox donned these pathetic jerseys.

    The team had a good color-scheme and even better jerseys for about 80 years, but they changed it up with these atrocities. Whether they were going for a futuristic look even before the Turn-Ahead-the-Clock Project or not, these are just plain ugly.

Phillies' "Saturday Night Specials"

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    In the 1979 season, the Phillies broke out these maroon jerseys for Saturday games.

    Maroon hats, shirts and pants were worn for the games. It was a very monochromatic look, and it was hideous. There's a reason that these were never brought back again.

    A little too much maroon?