Sidney Rice and 9 Other Receivers the Chicago Bears Should Target Post-Lockout

Robert O'NeillContributor IJuly 7, 2011

Sidney Rice and 9 Other Receivers the Chicago Bears Should Target Post-Lockout

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    The Chicago Bears were one game away from the Superbowl last season. Aside from their offensive line struggles which they addressed in the draft, a big reason they didn't make it all the way was because they never had a true go-to receiver. Here are 10 guys that could fill that role, and would work well in the Bears' system. 

10. Plaxico Burress

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    Although Burress is 34 and hasn't played in an NFL game since 2008, he's the type of guy the Bears would benefit from having in their system; a receiver Jay Cutler can throw a jump ball to and have him catch it the majority of the time.  Burress was good with the Giants, and Eli Manning is nowhere near the quarterback Jay Cutler is. although risky, Burress might pull a Michael Vick and be the player he was before going to prison.

9. Randy Moss

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    Although Randy Moss had a very tumultuous year last year, he's one of the best wide receivers to ever play in the NFL. When he's motivated to play (see: 2007-2009 with the Patriots) he's a very dangerous target, who could give you 1,000+ yards, and 10+ touchdowns a season.   

8. Mike Sims-Walker

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    Mike Sims-Walker is a guy that looked poised for a breakout last year after his big 2009 season. Although he had 300 less receiving yards than 2009, he caught the same number of touchdowns (7). He's also one of the faster players in the NFL, which would make him perfect alongside Johnny Knox and Devin Hester. 

7. Santonio Holmes

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    Although he has some character issues, Holmes is a good young receiver with tons of potential. He's had over 800 receiving yards in four of his first five seasons, and would have had over 800 last year had he played in all 16 games. He also caught the game winning pass in the final seconds of Superbowl XLIII, so he's a proven clutch performer.

6. James Jones

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    James Jones had a breakout season last year for the Green Bay Packers. He set career highs in receptions (50), receiving yards (679), and tied his career high for touchdowns (5). If he was to come to the Bears, those numbers would be even higher because he'd be probably the 2nd reciever, instead of the 3rd like he is in Green Bay.

5. Steve Breaston

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    Steve Breaston is coming off a back injury that kept him out of 3 games last year. Even though he was out, he still raised his receiving yards. If he can get 700+ yards from Max Hall and Derek Anderson, he could easily get 850+ from Jay Cutler.

4. Malcolm Floyd

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    Malcolm Floyd, like Breaston is coming off an injury that kept him out of 5 games. Also like Breaston, he still managed to get 700+ receiving yards, and caught a career high number of touchdowns (6). He was the second option in San Diego behind Antonio Gates, so as a potential first option in Chicago, he could rack up 900+ yards and 10+ touchdowns if he plays a full 16 games.  

3. Vincent Jackson

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    Vincent Jackson had very poor numbers last year due to off the field troubles that kept him out of action, but in the two prior seasons he had 1000+ yards each. He's also a big guy who has great hands. If the Bears can look past his off the field drama, he'd be a great target for Cutler.

2. Braylon Edwards

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    Braylon Edwards can be a good receiver and though he may not necessarily be a number 1, he is still a weapon and would easily help out the Bears offense significantly. Like Burress or Jackson he has great hands. also he'd benefit from having Jay Cutler, who is better than Mark Sanchez.

1. Sidney Rice

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    In 2009, Sidney Rice had a huge year. 80+ receptions, 1300+ yards, and 8 touchdowns. Last year, he missed 10 games with an injury, so it's tough to judge based on that. However, Sidney Rice is by far the best choice for the Bears to go after, and being only 24 years old, he and Cutler could be the Bears power duo for a very long time. 

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    Well, there it is. My first article. Hope you guys enjoy it, and feedback would be great.

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