Pro Wrestling: Manami Toyota Is the Greatest Women's Wrestler Ever

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Topic: Best Female Japanese Wrestler Ever

Best Japanese women's wrestler of all-time. What comes to your mind when you read this phrase? Probably a woman, known for her flash in the pan in ring moves, who wrestled in Japan and won many titles.

But is that it? Does it mean that being born in the USA, having accomplished a lot of things, been responsible for some great in ring matches, makes someone like Shawn Michaels or Kurt Angle the greatest American wrestler ever? No it doesn't.

There are a lot of things that make a wrestler great in the truest sense.

Before I start my article, I would like to define what a wrestler is.

In the present day world, a wrestler is just an athlete who wrestles in the ring, and that is just about 30 percent of his or her job at best. This, however, is not how you define a wrestler when you talk about "All Japan Woman's Pro Wrestling" (AJW) the company which Manami Toyota wrestled for.

Keeping in mind the topic at hand, i.e., Japanese pro wrestling, a wrestler should be defined as a person whose passion for wrestling, whose greed for entering the squared circle, whose love for in ring action defies all odds.

Now that I have defined what a wrestler means, let me explain you as to what makes Manami Toyota the greatest female pro wrestler from Japan.

Code 1: Began Wrestling At The Tender Age of just 16

Many of you might be wondering, how does starting your wrestling career at just 16 years of age, make you any good? Well, believe it or not, it does. And the sole reason being that it shows passion for the art of Professional wrestling.p

You can go and talk to all the current legends of the business, you can go and talk to its forefathers and they will tell you the exact same thing: nothing beats the passion a person possess to be a wrestler one day.

As I originally said while defining a wrestler, you don't need accomplishments to make you famous, you should have the passion to wrestle, no matter what the situation is and this is exactly what speaks about her passion.

Put yourself in her shoes. You are 16, not yet a woman, you go to school and you have your parents being protective of you no matter what the situation is. And then you decide to do something which strays clear of that protection.

You debut in a wrestling company. What does this tell you about yourself? Simply stated, it speaks about your love and passion for wrestling, which makes you forget everything else. It makes you forget about repercussions, forget about the society and even makes you forget about the opinions of your near and dear ones.

This act of her, screams passion for wrestling.

After having debuted at the age of just 16, within just two years time, she and her tag team partner (Mima Shimoda) defeated the team of Etsuko Mita and Toshiyo Yamada. But this was no ordinary match. This match is said to have stolen the card from the more established veterans.

It is said that the match had everything from high risk flashy moves to fast and frequent tags to a couple of double-team maneuvers, which were executed with excellence as well. And most importantly, a few near falls that can be described as dramatic in nature. As a result, this match was released as a part of a four-hour commercial recording. Talk about being a Star!

So you have a young lady, who within just two years of in ring experience, is able to pull of a match which steals the card from all the well established pro wrestlers. Yes, the same established pro-wrestlers who started with the company and helped take it to bigger heights. And Toyota even managed to beat that, how is that for a greatest rookie award?

Code 2: A Long Grueling Rivalry

Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Rowdy Roddy Piper. How incomplete their careers would seem had they had not had arch nemesis in The Rock, Kane and Hulk Hogan respectively.

Famous Japanese professional wrestler, Manami Toyota has been unfortunate enough to have one such rivalry which captivated a large audience. And this rivalry was against none other than her future tag team partner, Toshiyo Yamada.

Now, many might wonder, how does a long grueling rivalry add to your standing as a wrestler?

Well it's simple. Wrestling is always between two opponents (if not more), and a rivalry is a show of battles between two wrestlers. When you have two wrestlers battling over a long period of time, each winning and losing some, it is like writing a chapter of your life.

Not only this, but a long and grueling rivalry always defines a wrestler and shows what he is made off because in a long feud, you not only compete physically, you invest emotionally as well.

Every pro wrestling legend needs a rivalry to make him famous. Because this rivalry will contain all those moments, all those acts which will be talked about when speaking of one's career and without it, a wrestler won't be able to be a stand out.

Toyota and Yamata had everything going for them in the rivalry. Both of them had a different in-ring personality, which rivaled on most occasions, their move set was different which offered a lot of contrast and blended well every time they fought.

Simply said, an intense rivalry carries a show and display's the true talent held by two wrestlers, being part of one, surely adds to your greatness.

Code 3: Respect Towards Her Co-Wrestlers

A lot of moments in the world of professional wrestling have been able to cause a ruckus. But the moments which are Immortal and stand out are the ones which touch us emotionally and go way beyond our imagination.

This is a true story which shows the respect which Manami Toyota had towards her co-workers.

In what is described as the climax of the feud between "Toyota and Yamata," the two squared off in a dramatic and famous hair vs hair match. After putting on a good match, Toyota won and according to the stipulation, Yamata had to shave her hair.

But this was not the case. Soon after the match ended, Manami Toyota-who had won the match, stated that she did not want Yamata to shave her head. And this is exactly what stands out about her.

Her act of respecting her opponent, as a woman and thus not wanting a woman to shave her hair, speaks volumes about her respect towards the company and shows the art of professional wrestling which lacks in today's world.

You give a wrestler an opportunity to pounce and he will, not caring of his nemesis. Which is not wrong because he/she is making a career for himself/herself. But when a wrestler goes out of the way to show respect his/her arch nemesis, you have to acknowledge them for their good deed.

And this noble act of hers, is exactly what makes her a Great Wrestler in the True Sense. Her respect for the company and her rival stands out.

These are just a couple of things about her which make her the greatest ever. Other than being a true representative of the art of pro wrestling, she has been responsible for putting on some of the greatest matches in the history of the sport as well.

Her tag team match where she teamed up with Yamada to take on Dynamite Kansai and Mayumi Ozaki was given five stars by Wrestling Observer Newsletter in the year 1992. A feat that is tough to reach.

Besides that, she has also been a part of as good as 12 Match of The Year Awards from 1992-1995 and that speaks volumes about her wrestling abilities. She was awarded the most outstanding wrestler award in 1995 and was inducted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Class in the year 2002 as well.

But these accolades are mere Facts which make her the greatest. But the things that will always stand out about her, will be her unmatchable passion for pro wrestling, which led her into the business at the tender of age 16; her long and grueling rivalry that defined her, and last but certainly not the least, her respect towards her co-workers and for the business.

Manami Toyota, is the greatest Japanese Women's Wrestler, ever! 


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