Booker T And Boogyman Found In a Bar Altercation

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIOctober 30, 2008

According to the wrestling observer, (is that better Matt?) TNA star Booker T and WWE star The Boogeyman were in a bit of an altercation in a Houston sports bar called Vito's Deck House on Sunday.

Booker claims that the bar is discriminatory against Christians. Apparently what happened was both Boogeyman and Booker went into the bar to watch an NFL game. Boogeyman—actual name Marty Wright—was wearing a cross.

Wright was asked by the bartender to take the cross off or leave the bar. The bartender said it was a violation of the bar's dress code. Booker got upset by it and asked to speak to the manager. And then manager even said it was a violation of the dress code.

Well of course the bar has a no right to tell you that if it's not posted up, and come to find out, the dress code was not posted anywhere in the bar. Booker still upset said he was not leaving and told Boogy not to either.

Police were called and police officers told Booker and Wright to leave the bar. Booker said he saw two man at the bar wearing crosses and they were not approached by management and told to leave.

But they did leave the bar when they saw Booker and Boogy being kicked out over Wright wearing the cross.

Booker has a protest scheduled and quote "hopes it gets as much publicity as possible to inform people about the sports bar suppressing people's freedom to express their belief in God."

And as a Christian guy I have to be in favor of Booker's case here. If they don't like the cross, its ok people don't like it. But to make up a false dress code to make someone take their cross off, is just stupid to me. 

If he were a religion like Muslim or something, he'd be offended if we told him the dot on his head was dumb (Editor's note: Muslims do not wear dots on their head, but you get the idea). It symbolizes something to him, as the cross does to Christians.

Discrimination is something Booker knows, he has spoken out against racism and other forms of discrimination before, so its nothing new for him. He is an African American man, and there is nothing wrong with that, but still there are racists out there.

Believe me I live in the south, and where I live it is commont to get a few of them. It is not an isue anymore on color, but now it is on religion, whats next color of hair? Whiteness of teeth? car driven?

It needs to stop and I am glad Booker is taking a stand on it. But what do you think, does Booker T have a case?


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