Tiger Woods: 5 Reasons We Don't Care About Golf Without Him

Ben Cousins@@cousins_benCorrespondent IJune 29, 2011

Tiger Woods: 5 Reasons We Don't Care About Golf Without Him

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    Golf is in a good place. 

    Nowadays, anyone in any tournament can win. 

    The problem is, no one can dominate. A new person wins every week and there is a new world No. 1 almost every week. 

    Golf does not have nearly the interest when Tiger Woods is not in the tournament.

    Here are five reasons the game of golf does not matter without Tiger Woods. 

    As always, please feel free to comment with your opinion. 

Recovery Shots

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    Nobody could get out of trouble like Tiger Woods. 

    Tiger could hit the ball off the tee almost wherever he wanted, and still make par. 

    This is what, at least for me, made Tiger so interesting to watch. 

    His ability to shape the ball, or hack it out of the fescue was something spectacular that no one can match.

    Phil Mickelson does have the ability to recover from tough spots, but no where near the ways that Tiger can.  

Complete Dominance

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    Nobody dominated the game like Tiger. 

    In Tiger's prime, you would tune into a tournament expecting Tiger to at least be in contention. 

    Over time everyone began to know Tiger's story, his history and his achievements. 

    But now, it seems a new golfer wins every week, it is usually someone that you know very little about and you might not see him in contention again for awhile. 

    This makes it tougher to relate to and thus, cheer for. 

    If no one cheers for the guys in contention, it is hard to say that the golf matters. 

The Press

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    The press is also to blame for the Tiger love.

    It seems that even if Tiger is not part of an event, the press will find a way to talk about him. 

    When he is in a tournament, every shot is shown on television, even sometimes the walk in between shots. 

    This makes it tough for people to find a new favourite player to watch. 

Clutch Play

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    No one is, or ever will be, as clutch as Tiger. 

    Wen Tiger had to make a shot, or a putt, you could bet the farm that Tiger would do what needed to be done. 

    There are countless examples of Tiger's clutch play. 

    The six iron from the fairway bunker at the 2000 Bell Canadian Open. 

    The chip on 16 during the 2005 Masters. 

    The putt on 18 at the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines. 

    The examples are endless. No one will have have the resume of clutch play like that of Tiger Woods. 

    This is why people love him and this is why no one else matters, at least not in this era. 


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    In his prime, Tiger's passion for the game was unmatched. 

    Nobody wanted to win more than Tiger. 

    When Tiger does one of his now patented fist pumps, you know the passion is there like no one else. 

    As an example, take Tiger's win at the 2000 US Open at Pebble Beach. 

    Tiger demolished the competition, winning by an amazing 15 shots and basically inventing competition. 

    No lead was big enough and no bogeys was the goal. 

    I don't think anyone in the game today has the passion for victory like Tiger, it seems like players today are more concerned with the paycheck that the trophy.