Steve Blake: Yay or Nay...

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2008

The mission, should I chose to accept it, is to write an article on whether or not I think Steve Blake is the point guard who can take the Portland Trail Blazers to the NBA Finals.

Mission accepted.

In order to answer that question, I first have to look back at Steve Blake from his years with the Maryland Terrapins.  He helped take Maryland to the final four, and the championship game.  That is HARD to DO.  That is a college educated basketball player who knows how to endure a long season and make it to the final game. 

The second thing I do is ask myself...what did Portland do when they traded Steve Blake the first time??  They acquired him the NEXT SEASON.  Fans were saying, "We want Steve Blake back!  He's a winner!" 

Meaning Blake is an important instrument in the symphony of Blazer basketball.  

Third, when Steve Blake came into my work (Hubers, Portland oldest restaurant) my bartender, Matt, put it very plainly, "I like Steve Blake. He's a nice guy."

Steve Blake IS a nice guy.  I made his body guard laugh too.

Fourth, I've watched his game for years and I think he's solid.  He's professional, can handle the ball, he shoots well, and nobody in the league intimidates him.  (Not that I know of, anyhow...)

Is Steve Blake PERFECT?  Nobody is.

But as much as basketball is about winning, it is also about the JOURNEY of a TEAM, and how the team BATTLES to overcome OBSTACLES.  It is WATCHING that journey that makes a basketball team so precious to their fans.

Steve Blake is somebody I want to watch take that journey.

Now, would we be better off if we packaged Mr. Blake and someone else to acquire a veteran point guard?

I am going to be agnostic about that, because Portland NEEDS a veteran presence.

But until then, I am PROUD Steve Blake is on this team.  He makes the city of Portland a better place, and the Portland Trail Blazers a better team.  And YES...we could make it to the finals with him as our point guard.

So all in favor or keeping Steve Blake...say "Yay..."


All in favor of dismissing him Steve Blake...say "Nay..."


The Yay's win.

Mission accomplished.      


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