WWE: Is Christian as a Heel Just Not Working This Time?

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIJune 27, 2011


"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your World Heavyweight Champion........CHRISTIAN!!!!"

That is a saying that we have heard being spoken only once since Christian joined the WWE for his wrestling career.

A boy with a dream, Christian dedicated his whole career to becoming a headlining champion.

He always put it all on the line, becoming one of the pioneers of the TLC match that we know today.

Teaming up with his childhood friend, Edge, E&C started together and wished to get to the top at least once in their illustrious careers. Reeking of awesomeness, Edge and Christian dominated the tag-team scene with the fellow tag teams of the Hardy Boys and the Dudley Boys as well.

Together, the trio of teams provided the WWE with its "Golden Era" of tag-team wrestling.

But, like any era, it has to someday end. Like any tag team, there has to be a point in time where both of the competitors have to decide to split up and go on in singles paths to get a title that is only meant for one.

Edge and Christian were no exception to this rule as they eventually had to breakout into singles stars.

Since their breakup, Edge has gone on to become a 11-time World Champion. Christian, on the other hand has won the big one only once.

That victory came when Edge was forced to retire due to neck injuries, and he had to vacate the belt because of it. The vacated belt was put on the line in a ladder match, and the contenders were Alberto Del Rio and Christian.

Christian finally climbed the rungs of the ladder with a little help from Edge who distracted Del Rio enough to give Christian a chance, and Christian finally completed his childhood dream of becoming champion by grabbing the belt from its location.

After he climbed down, he and Edge shared that moment of victory as the two childhood friends had both finally reached the peak of their childhood dreams.

Christian was finally able to call himself a World Champion in the WWE. He had taken what Edge had left behind and planned on carrying it for a long time to come.

Or at least, that's what everyone thought. With Edge's sudden retirement, Smackdown was deprived of a top face. Thankfully, the draft came and Randy Orton came to Smackdown. The only problem is, he was brought in to be the brand's top face.

Five days into Christian's reign, Randy Orton became contender for the championship after the people chose him as the contender and he took the title away from the champion himself.

Christian's dream had become a nightmare.

Thankfully, he had a rematch clause. He used it at Over the Limit but once again came out on the losing end.

His taste at the top prevented him from giving up on regaining the title, and he became bloodthirsty for a rematch. He got it, but like the last encounters, he lost.

His frustration meanwhile was boiling up and eventually Christian reached his boiling point after not being given another rematch.

He released his pent-up frustration on Randy Orton by attacking the champion with the belt. By attacking the champion, he turned heel in the process. 

As a heel, Christian stopped caring for his peeps because they screwed him in the first place. If it weren't for their choice, Randy wouldn't be contender, and he could've been champion for more than a few days.

But because they screwed him, Christian decided to turn his back on the people.

Christian became heel, and the casual fans hated him but the IWC rejoiced.

They believed that they were finally going to get the Captain Charisma from 2005, the heel Christian who should've been champion with his golden work on the mic and in the ring. The heel Christian that left because he wasn't getting a shot.

Well, this is 2011 not 2005. The 2011 heel Christian and the 2005 heel Christian are nothing alike aside from their skills in the ring and on the mic.

The heel christian of 2011 has won the big one. He is a heel because of the people. He still has the same golden mic skills and in ring skills, but he has lost some of that charisma. 

Charisma is that vibe that makes a fellow fan attracted to become a viewer expecting to see what a certain superstar will do next. To me, Christian has lost a part of it.

In 2005, he was able to attract my attention and make me want to see what he would do next.

Now? Now he just hasn't interested me as a heel as much as before. I find his complaints rather repetitive and his "asking the people" sarcastic remarks quite bland as well.

But that is not the only reason why he's lost my interest as a heel recently.

The main reason is because of the truth and sympathy factors.

The truth is Christian speaks the truth. He was screwed by the people and has every reason to complain. In my opinion, it is really hard to hate a honest man. You can't hate the truth (except for R-Truth), especially a man who is saying the truth because it is real.

There is no way to deny the truth, and by booing or making Christian a heel, the message is being given that the truth doesn't matter even if it's true.

The WWE is basically saying that, "Christian is saying the truth, and he did get screwed but his complaints about reality are enough to make you hate him."

Whine all you want, but in the end, Christian has every right to complain. Whether he chooses to do so or not is up to him, but I can't hate a man who complains about the truth.

Hating a man who complains? Is that what the whole reaction of his heel turn is supposed to be? To hate the man for being screwed? I'm sorry, but it's just not working for me.

It's not working for me because the sympathy factor which is also known as the guilt factor plays into effect here.

I, like many followers of Christian's career, finally felt happy and overjoyed that Christian was able to get that belt that he deserved. After a long career in the wrestling business, he had made it to the top. 

We all felt the emotion and rush of exciteness when we saw Christian climbing up that ladder to pull down the belt while his lifelong friend watched at ringside. We all felt an outpour of emotion when Christian held that title in his hands and celebrated with Edge.

We were all a part of that moment.

Then came Smackdown and we heard the news that Christian had lost the belt. The same belt that defined his whole career. The same belt that he had longed for ever since we saw his passion for the business on the screen.

The same belt that made a memorable moment. The same belt that held within the moment of Edge and Christian's careers. The same belt that made Edge and Christian friendship and career complete.

All of that was taken away with just one RKO. A moment was broken just like that. Peace and tranquility was not to be found. Disappointment was the word that loomed over everyone that whole dark and gloomy week.

An outburst occurred on Twitter with hate to Randy Orton and everyone supported Christian. Everyone saw that passion that Christian had, the same passion that we all have for the business. The passion for stardom.

Then, just like that, that passion and forgiveness by Christian turned into hatred. He was supposed to be heel. The only problem is, I can't buy it.

We all know how painful it was for Christian to finally achieve his dream only for it to be broken for him.

We all know how much that feeling hurts. We can relate to it with sympathy. 

I'm sorry if I'm the only one who feels the same but you just can't boo a man who's had his hopes built up only for them to be crushed ruthlessly.

To me, I can't buy into his heel work anymore. 

I'm not sure about you but unless Christian somehow gets the belt soon or turns face, I may just hit the switch.


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