Colorado Rockies: 5 Pitchers the Rockies Should Trade for

Taylor StarrContributor IIJune 25, 2011

Colorado Rockies: 5 Pitchers the Rockies Should Trade for

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    It's being reported that the Rockies are calling other clubs looking to add starting pitching help.

    We already have Jhoulys Chacin, who has played brilliant this season and deserves to be an All-Star, Ubaldo Jimenez, who has pitched very well on the road, but terrible at home, and a decent number three guy in Jason Hammel.

    But what about the other two?

    Aaron Cook owns a 5.57 ERA and Juan Nicasio still has potential, but owns a 4.71 ERA.

    It's clear Colorado needs a starting pitcher. But who should they target?

Paul Maholm

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    Maholm would be a perfect addition to the Rockies rotation, as he'd give the club their only southpaw in the rotation since Jorge De La Rosa went down.

    Maholm seems likely to be moved.  He's making a modest $5.75 million and would be owed another $750 thousand if his $9.75 million club option for 2012 is declined. 

    He's useful, but with a 3.18 ERA he's pitching over his head.

Edwin Jackson

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    Jackson could be on the block this summer, and if the White Sox become sellers, he seems likely to go.

    Something I like about him is that he plays in the Windy City of Chicago, and owns a 2.49 ERA.

    Sure, he sucks on the road, but maybe a change of scenery can change that.

Jeremy Guithrie

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    Guthrie has been one of Baltimore's best pitchers (if not the best) this season. But the Orioles are in last place in the AL East (surprising, right?).

    With Boston and New York winning the division, and with the Rays not too far behind, the Orioles won't likely be in contention, and become sellers, like usual.

    If that does happen, Guthrie could be gone, and Colorado could be a great place for him.

Wandy Rodriguez

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    I've wanted this guy for a while now. He's a great pitcher, and would give us the southpaw in the rotation we've needed since De La Rosa went down.

    With the Astros being the worst team in baseball right now, they will very likely be sellers, and we all know Wandy could be on the block.

    If he does, the Rockies better call about him.

Anibal Sanchez

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    I really like this kid. He's had some injury problems the last couple seasons, but he's been able to come back strong and still pitch well.

    I would prefer to get a left-handed pitcher, but Sanchez is my first choice if we don't get a leftie. You may not have heard that Sanchez could be on the block, but I read this article from the Denver Post, and this could be possible.

    Florida is a wild card. If the Marlins don't execute a U-turn, strong right-hander Anibal Sanchez could become available.