2011 NBA Draft Grades: Grading the Draft Night Suits

Matt King@TheRealMattKingFeatured ColumnistJune 24, 2011

2011 NBA Draft Grades: Grading the Draft Night Suits

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    The NBA Draft is one of my favorite events in all of sports. The trades come fast and furious, teams can improve themselves right away, and the style is always off the charts.

    I admit, most of the time I tune in hoping to see some really atrocious draft suits along the lines of Jalen Rose or Joakim Noah, but seeing the good style as well is always great.

    This is the third straight year I've covered the draft suits and I have to say, it's pretty much stuck to form. There's been at least one really bad suit from a guy trying to make a fashion statement and a couple really standout styles.

    Click ahead to see who made the grade and who failed horribly.

Kyrie Irving: Cleveland Cavaliers

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    Our first suit of evening is... well, it's kind of boring. White shirt. Muted colors. No pocket square.

    Come on Kyrie, you're the new face of the franchise. The hope. Give us some more personality than that.

    And I'm sure that pin has some sentimental meaning, but looks-wise? It's tacky. I'm sorry.

    Grade: B- 

Derrick Williams: Minnesota Timberwolves

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    A little better than Kyrie. Liking the bold red color with his tie and pocket square. This is simple, but it just looks a little bit sleeker.

    I gotta say, though, something seemed to be going on with his collar, it seemed like it kept wanting to flip up and hit him in the face. Trust me, it was way more noticeable during his interview.

    Overall, though, not bad my friend.

    Grade: B+

Enes Kanter: Utah Jazz

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    I'm liking the grey suit. I could do without the yellow tie, but he's definitely look the best of anybody so far. Of course, that's only three people, so it's not saying too much. 

    I wish he would have showed up to the draft dressed as The Undertaker, but other than that, great suit. Not quite sure what was going on with his pocket square, but somehow it worked.

    Grade: A-

Tristan Thompson: Cleveland Cavaliers

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    Polka dot tie. Liking the purple. That's a smooth look. That might be the only good thing about this pick. Even he looks surprised.

    I like the swirl design on the pocket square. Dude looks good.

    Grade: B+

Jonas Valanciunas: Toronto Raptors

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    Jonas coming in with the plain look, too. He looks like he got that suit on the way over from the hotel, and didn't pay a ton for it.

    The only thing worse than the suit was his English. Okay, it wasn't that bad, but if you're going to have trouble speaking the language, let your clothes do all your talking for you.

    Grade: C

Jan Vesely: Washington Wizards

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    Talk about style points.

    Made out with his girlfriend. Has a sense of swagger to him. It comes across in his demeanor and spills over into his style.

    I like the light-black suit and the solid tie. This is an example of something that's simple, but looks great.

    Maybe I'm just giving him points for his baller move with his hottie girlfriend. Who cares?

    Grade: A-

Bismack Biyombo: Charlotte Bobcats

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    I would have rather seen a two-button suit from him, and this doesn't really look like it fits him all that great. Plus, when I was watching it live, I felt like the suit color didn't really work with his skin tone.

    Not too bad, but definitely could have been better.

    Grade: B

Brandon Knight: Detroit Pistons

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    Oh, B. Come on, now.

    You're my boy and all, but I'm not digging the outfit at all.

    The shirt is a little too checkered, obnoxious even, and the tie looks like abstract art gone bad.

    I expect more from my Kentucky guys. Like the pinstriped suit, but the rest of the ensemble needed a lot of work.

    Grade: D+

Kemba Walker: Charlotte Bobcats

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    Is it any surprise that Kemba is the sharpest looking guy in the group? He's also the oldest (not counting Biyombo).

    I don't know if you caught those shoes, but dude is ballin'.

    The light suit, the light shoes, the tones are just killing it. He's even rocking the brown belt. Man, I just want to be Kemba Walker. Probably the coolest guy in the draft.

    Grade: A+

Jimmer Fredette: Sacramento Kings

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    Maybe I'm just not digging the checkered shirt (although when Enes did it earlier and it was more muted I liked it), but Jimmer's look is pretty weak.

    It's not quite the stereotypical mormon outfit, but it's not the kind of suit that a budding cult hero, a la Tim Tebow, should aspire to.

    Grade: B-

Klay Thompson: Klay Thompson

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    Nice looking suit. Tie is a little "out of dad's closet," but overall it's a decent look. I like the grey pinstriped look.

    Grade: B

Alec Burks: Utah Jazz

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    Now that's a good look. I'm digging the black-on-black under the grey with that slim-fit suit. A surprise standout tonight.

    Repping Colorado with that combo? I'm going to assume he is. Always appreciate players giving a visual shout-out to their schools.

    Grade: A

Markieff Morris: Phoenix Suns

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    Sloppy pocket square. That thing looks like it's about ready to jump out and attack somebody.

    Other than that, I'm liking it. The polka-dot tie with the purple and, oh look, a checkered shirt that's not obnoxious.

    Grade: C+

Marcus Morris: Houston Rockets

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    Aww, the brothers went back to back.

    And, oh my gosh, that thing in his pocket is even more hideous than his brother's. I can't stop staring at it.

    I fully expect somebody to step in and tell me how stylish that is, but right now that's dragging his whole grade down. Other than that his looking good.

    Grade: C- 

Kawhi Leonard: San Antonio Spurs

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    You know, it took a little while, and I was worried, but I think we have our worst suit of the draft.

    I'm racking my brain to think of a comparison to what his suit looks like. It looks like a mix between a valet and a pair of pajamas.

    Enough said.

    Grade: F+

Nikola Vucevic: Philadelphia Sixers

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    Our first walk out of the crowd. Although it didn't seem like too much of a surprise for Stern.

    They didn't really linger on him during the coverage (the Knicks were up next, who cares about this guy?) so I didn't get a good look at his suit. Let's just say I was underwhelmed.

    Grade: C

Chris Singleton: Washington Wizards

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    Homeboy needs to learn how to tie a tie. Suit looks good, I like the yellow and the light colors with the blue, but did you see that tie?

    The end of trying as hard as it could to sneak around the other side of that tie. That's just bad form.

    Okay, I'll do what I can to ignore the tie. Singleton's suit is sharp overall. It works well for him.

    Grade: B

Kenneth Faried: Denver Nuggets

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    And Kenneth jumps out of the crowd. Suit looks good considering he had been holding a baby. No drool spots that I could see. Do you know how hard it is to hold a baby and not get crap all over you?

    Solid look from the local boy, didn't try to do too much, although he's the kind of happy-go-lucky guy that I probably would have excused something crazier.

    Grade: B+ 

Marshon Brooks: New Jersey Nets

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    Okay guys, you can stop coming out of the stands now. Unless you're wearing an all-yellow suit at this point with big red buttons where you look like Ronald McDonald, I don't really care.

    Well, check that. He does happen to be the only guy brave enough to rock the bow tie. And just to show that I'm not constantly hating on bow ties, I'm giving him an A. I mean, what the hell. He's the 19th suit I've seen tonight and I'm three beers deep.

    Grade: A

Tyler Honeycutt: Sacramento Kings

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    Tyler Honeycutt comes out of the crowd with a nice vest/suit same-color combo that I think looks really cool.

    Nice light colors, as somebody from SoCal should know how to handle.

    Hard for me to be too harsh on somebody going in the second round. You know that suit wasn't just a drop in the bucket for him. Second round picks actually have to watch their money.

    Grade: B+

    Image via @SacramentoKings 

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