WWE: My Friday Night Smackdown 6/3

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIJune 3, 2011

WWE: My Friday Night Smackdown 6/3

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    Welcome to another fantasy article. Before I get started I would just like to recap what happened last week on my show.

    We opened the show with Randy Orton, Christian and Cody Rhodes in the ring. Christian and Rhodes each felt they should be the No.1 Contender for Randy Orton's World Heavyweight Championship. Teddy Long came out and declared that the two will face off against each other, with the winner becoming the number one contender.

    Chavo Guerreo and Mark Henry took on Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan. After a good match, Sin Cara was able to finish off Chavo to pick up the victory.

    Ezekiel Jackson and former ally Justin Gabriel locked horns in a very impressive bout. Both men showcased their skills with Jackson eventually pulling out the victory. The Corre then tried to interfere but had no luck as Ezekiel Jackson proved to be to powerful.

    Ted DiBiase continued his winning ways with a win over Yoshi Tatsu.

    The Great Khali and Jinder Mahal crossed paths again. This time, Mahal promised Khali that he would show him what a real superstar is capable of.

    In the main event, Christian and Cody Rhodes battled over the No.1 contender spot. After a very thrilling match up, Christian locked in the Killswitch and nailed it for the victory. Christian is the new No.1 Contender.

    *I have not read any spoilers for this Friday's show. Any of my matches being the same as those in real life is purely coincidental.

Opening Segment

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    We open the show in Teddy Long's office where he is arguing with a superstar about not being in the World Title picture.

    As the camera pans we realize that the superstar is Sheamus. Sheamus is demanding to know why he was not involved in the No.1 Contenders match last week. Long tells Sheamus that he needs to wait his turn and be patient for the next opportunity.

    Sheamus continues to plead with Long but Teddy will not change the outcome of a match. Sheamus eventually demands a title shot, but instead Long tells him that if Sheamus does not leave his office immediately, he will never get a title shot again!

    With that, Sheamus storms out of Long's office. Sheamus is walking down the hallway when he stumbles upon a grinning William Regal. Sheamus asks what Regal is smiling at and Regal tells Sheamus it is opportunity that has him smiling.

    Sheamus stands there puzzled but listens to Regal talk as we head to the commentator table for our first match.

Match 1: Ezekiel Jackson and Heath Slater

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    We are welcomed by Josh Matthews, Booker T and Michael Cole on commentary. Heath Slater is first out with his Corre team mates close behind. Wade Barrett is constantly whispering into Slater's ear as they get in the ring.

    Ezekiel Jackson's music hits and he makes his entrance as the Corre evacuate the ring. Slater gets back in the ring and the match is ready to begin.

    Jackson starts off the bout with a big closeline, knocking Slater down for a two count. Jackson shows a big grin as he backs off and waits for Slater to get back to his feet. Slater slowly rises only to be knocked back down after a big shoulder block from Jackson, again he receives a two count.

    Jackson smiles again as he is easily dominating the match up. He lifts up Slater and throws him into the turnbuckle and is setting up for another closeline. Jackson goes for the closeline but Slater is able to duck under it and send Jackson into the turnbuckle. Slater takes advantage of his opportunity and goes on the offensive.

    Slater is hitting a few kicks and slaps on the big man with little effect. Slater then hits a dropkick that stuns the big man but does not take him down. Slater goes for a closeline off the ropes but runs right into a big boot from Jackson and goes down for a close two count.

    Barrett is upset on the outside and is pacing around the ring. After Jackson gets his close two count Barrett gets up on the apron. Jackson lunges towards him but comes up empty handed. Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett decide that Slater will not be able to defeat Jackson so they attack Jackson. The referee rings the bell but that does not stop the two from continuing.

    Slater, Gabriel and Barrett are all taking on Jackson with blow after blow. The big man is finally down and Barrett signals Gabriel to the top rope to hit his 450 Splash. Gabriel sets up for it and lands it on Jackson.

    Barrett then sets up and connects with The Wasteland as the group has a big smile on their face. All three go to the back leaving Jackson in the ring as we go to commercial. 

Match 2: Jinder Mahal and Trent Barreta

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    After the break, Trent Barreta is in the ring waiting for his opponent. His opponent is Jinder Mahal and he is ready for his debut match.

    Mahal enters the ring and simply glares at Barreta, waiting for the match to begin. Barreta start soff landing a few kicks but is quickly put down by a closeline. Mahal doesn't waste anytime with a pin he simply picks up Barreta and nails a powerbomb and then a belly to back suplex.

    Barreta is geting squashed in the ring as Mahal sets up for his finishing move. Mahal hits it and finishes the match. Mahal is celbrating as Khali is shown back stage in front of a T.V. watching the match.


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    We head backstage where Sheamus and William Regal are finishing up their conversation.

    The two seem to be agreeing with each other about something as they shake hands and part ways. William Regal is smiling and seems upbeat as we head back to the ring.

Match 3: Christian and Mark Henry

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    Mark Henry makes his way out to the ring with his usual reaction. He seems ready to take down the No.1 Contender. Christian makes his entrance to a great crowd reaction and heads for the ring. As soon as Christian gets in the ring Mark Henry pounces on him and begins the attack.

    The match has yet to begin but Mark Henry is taking out some frustration on Christian. Henry throws Christian into the steel steps and then into the ring. Henry enters and the referee rings the bell.

    Mark Henry immediately goes for the pin and receives a two count. Henry continues the offensive and is setting up for a big splash on Christian. Just before Henry hits the move Christian gets out of the way and begins his offensive.

    Christian hits a dropkick on Henry and then an elbow drop before going for a quick pin. Christian only receives a count of one. Christian goes to the top rope and waits for Henry to set himself up for a tornado DDT.

    Right on cue, Henry stands u and walks right into the DDT and Christian goes for the cover, this time receiving a close two count. Christian brings Mark Henry to his feet and runs off the ropes looking to hit a swinging neckbreaker but Mark counters it into a Samoan Drop and knocks the wind out of Christian as we head to commercial.

    Back from commercial Mark Henry is in control and has Christian in a bear hug. The fans are behind Christian and help him fight out of the hold. Christian lands a big slap to the face of Mark Henry and then hits a bulldog.

    Christian then sets up for the Killswitch. Mark stands up and Christian locks it in but Henry pushes him off before he can hit the move. Henry grabs Christian and puts him in the Worlds Strongest Slam and hits the move on the No.1 Contender. Henry goes for the pin 1..2.. but Christian puts his boot on the bottom rope before the count reaches three!

    Henry is angry with everyone at this point. He starts yelling at the referee and even the fans. Christian is dazed but is beginning to recover from the finishing move.

    Henry comes back over to Christian and attempts a second Worlds Strongest Slam but Christian counters it into a Killswitch and gets the three count. Christian is your winner!

Match 4: Ted DiBiase and Sin Cara

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    Ted DiBiase makes for the ring ready to continue his winning ways.

    Sin Cara comes out with his exciting entrance and this bout is ready to begin.

    Before the match can start however Chavo Guerrero comes out proclaiming that the match is now a handicap match because any real Lucha wrestler can win when the odds are stacked against him. It is now Ted and Chavo versus Sin Cara.

    The match starts with Ted and Sin Cara in the ring. Cara hits a quick hurricanrana on Ted and focuses his attention on Chavo. Chavo goes for Cara but instead meets Sin Cara's boot as he gets kicked and knocked to the outside.

    Sin Cara turns his attention back on DiBiase but Ted has time to hit a neck breaker on the high flyer. Chavo is back on the apron and tags himself in at Ted's expense.

    Chavo goes for the pin but only gets a one count. Chavo then sets up for a suplex of sorts but Sin Cara counters that into a float over DDT that stuns Chavo as he crawls back to his corner and tags in Ted.

    DiBiase was not ready for the tag as Sin Cara quickly tosses him into the ring and goes to the top rope nailing a moonsault. Sin Cara keeps the pace quick by landing move after move. Eventually, he goes for a pinfall and gets a close two count.

    Ted goes to tag in Chavo but he doesn't want to be tagged in and steps back. Ted gets up and yells at him to tag in but Chavo simply shakes his head no. Ted gets angry with Chavo and goes to forcefully tag him in when Sin Cara spins DiBiase around and lands a roundhouse kick knocking him out for the three count.

    Sin Cara gets the win but Chavo pounces on him as he celebrates. Chavo hits the three Amigos and goes to the top rope to hit the Frog Splash but he doesn't realize that Ted DiBiase has gotten up.

    Ted takes out Chavo's leg and he lands on the top rope in a "precarious" position. Sin Cara takes advantage of this by jumping up to the top rope and nails his finishing move.

    Ted walks off and Sin Cara celebrates as we head to commercial.

Main Event: Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes

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    Cody Rhodes comes out to the ring to great heat. He gets in the ring and prepares to take on his opponent. Randy Orton's music hits and the crowd goes crazy. Orton makes his entrance and enters the ring, ready to compete in this non-title match up.

    The match begins with a test of strength between the two men. Rhodes and Orton lock up with neither man gaining an advantage. Orton breaks the lock up with a quick uppercut and then hits a nice dropkick for a one count.

    Rhodes quickly rebounds and locks in a headlock on Orton. Orton throws him off but Rhodes rebounds off the ropes and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Rhodes goes for the pin and receives a quick two count.

    Rhodes locks in an armbar on Orton, keeping him grounded. The fans rally behind him and he fights off the hold. Orton comes out of the hold with a suplex throwing Rhodes across the ring.

    Rhodes stumbles up and runs towards Orton only to be met with a powerslam and a close two count. Orton is rolling now as he stomps on Rhodes' arms and legs.

    Orton picks up Rhodes and nails a backbreaker on him and again receives a close two count. Orton is ready to end the match he is lining up Rhodes for an RKO but when Rhodes gets up on his feet he sees the attack coming and counters it into reverse neckbreaker. Rhodes covers Orton for a close two count.

    Rhodes is exhausted as he tries to think of a way to end the match. Rhodes goes to the top rope waiting to hit a missile dropkick. Orton gets to his feet and Rhodes takes off from the top rope and hits the dropkick on Orton. Rhodes crawls over to Orton and throws his arm over Orton's chest. The count reaches two and a half when Orton gets his foot on the ropes.

    Rhodes begins to go insane. He cannot finish off Orton and is running out of ideas. With only desperation left Rhodes waits for Orton to get back to his feet. Orton rises and walks right into Rhodes' Cross Rhodes, but before Cody good hit the move Orton counters it into an RKO. Both men are down in the ring as Orton crawls towards Rhodes. Orton covers Rhodes and receives a very close two count.

    The fans are on the edge of their seats as the match continues. Orton slowly rises before Rhodes does. Orton is waiting to hit another RKO on Rhodes. Rhodes stumbles to his feet and walks right into another RKO. Orton goes for the pin. The referee counts One..Two..Thr.. the referee gets pulled from the ring before he could complete the count!

    Sheamus is the one who pulled him from the ring! Sheamus storms into the ring and begins the assault on Orton. The referee calls for the bell but it does not stop the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on Orton and then Rhodes hits the Cross Rhodes. Cody leaves as Sheamus stands over Orton.

    Orton is knocked out inside the ring as the show closes. Before we go off the air however, we switch to a camera that is backstage. William Regal is on the screen watching the events unfold inside the ring. Regal has a big smile on his face and simply says..."Well done....Well done" as the show closes.


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    That concludes my Friday Night Smackdown.

    Leave your comments and who you think should've won the matches below.

    Thanks for reading.