WWE Creature vs. Creature: Luke Gallows Is Most Deserving of a Second Chance

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIMay 29, 2011

It's that special time again where a Creature vs. Creature competition pops up out of nowhere and the best writers compete to win. The voices in my head begged me to participate so I can bring you injustice that occurred within the WWE.

That injustice is the release of a very special wrestler who had the potential to be a WWE legend.  Drew Hankinson, known as Luke Gallows, is the wrestler I so fondly speak of, as he deserves a second chance.

I was not the only one who saw greatness in Gallows as CM Punk tweeted this on the day Hankinson was released, "Days like today bum me out," Punk then tweeted, "Gallows, many times was given chicken Sh*t and turned it gold. He has hart, hustles, and loves wrestling."

I agree with CM Punk 100 percent as I want the WWE to rehire Gallows and give him a second chance.

Through out his time in the WWE he was given gimmicks that would set up many to fail. Did he fail? NO, accepted it hard and ran with it to where he fricken made it succeed! Remember that May 19 storyline Kane had where he feuded with an impostor of himself? Well the wrestler behind the mask was Gallows.

Hankinson used the move-set that the classic Kane used back in the 90's and he applied the moves as good as if he was really Kane himself.

More or less then a year later Gallows was given the gimmick of Festus who was mentally challenged and unresponsive but when the bell rang, would become a destructive force. that would turn his opponent into a human pile of rubble.

Gallows had to be athletic while keeping his unhealthy looking body looking the part of his gimmick while also keep his face pathetic with a expression of drooling boredom. In the ring he had to always look like a pissed-off elephant. 

By 2009, Gallows return to WWE programing after a six months hiatus where he portrayed the gimmick  Luke Gallows! When he was Festus, he was apparently an alcoholic who drinking problems led to his retardation of his mind.

He lost the weight that he had as Festus to get a much more fit build along with a change of wardrobe. He grew a goatee and his shaved head to become a intimating beast! He followed Punk's straight edge philosophy.

Like how The Undertaker made is gimmick work when it could have failed him, Hankinson also made every gimmick he was stuck with into a masterpiece.

Not many people can make diverse gimmicks he portrayed work, much less the same individual. This is a testament to how charismatic he can be  as he acted, spoke and moved as we would imagine his gimmicks to act as if they were real.

He may not be a Bret Hart in the ring but he had enough technique and skills to go nose to nose with the best without looking awful as he would look phenomenal!

He could execute a Running seated senton better then the Earthquake could. He even could do a Inverted full nelson lifted and dropped into a modified spine-buster like he was blindfolded. He could wrestle better most of the dolts in WWE's Main Event.

He exceeded expectations by going above and beyond with his gimmick. He adapted his move-set to fit the character that he was portraying at the time. 

He IS championship martial but sadly he never won a title in the WWE and was released because the creative team was uncreative with ideas deciding to release Hankinson then put their thinking caps on.

Hankinson deserves a second chance in the WWE because he worked hard in the WWE and got no title as a reward or a push to the next level in the mid-card. He is championship material as he had a great run as the Vanguard Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.

It may have been a short reign but showed he can put the work in to be a champion. Hankinson is more deserving of a second chance then rest of the undeserving, selfish wrestlers who will be featured in this Creature vs. Creature!

You have Carlito, who spits apples into the faces of those he deemed as not cool. Well, I wanna spit apples into his face until I turn red he was not being cool with the WWE. He violated the WWE's wellness policy and REFUSED to attend a rehabilitation facility.

They gave him a second chance, he rejected it and he was rightfully released!  So why give The Caribbean Bad Apple a second chance when he rejected the first second chance?

Now we have Mr. Anderson, who is a poor man's version of Stone Cold Steve Austin. He's stiff in the ring during matches, which probably lead to him being injury-prone. He won Money in the Bank, which would have given him a world title but he wasted that opportunity by being carelessly hurt.

He nearly re-damaged Orton's neck in the ring messing up on a move. Why give a second chance to man who is too careless with his opportunities and chances?

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas where a damn good team but as single competitors they were mid-carders for life. Benjamin can wrestle but was worse on the Mic then John Morrison and THAT is saying a lot.

Haas spent his time playing dress up instead of being serious in pursuit of a single belt. Benjamin defeated Triple H three times and he had the ball in the court.

Instead of running with it, he kept dropping it. They both made their mark in the Tag division so it's a waste of a second chance, as they don't deserve it.

Gavin Spears who....wait? Who... is this... roody poo?? Oh that's right a WWE Superstar wanna-be who could not even get hired by TNA? He got released by the WWE because he did not have what it takes to fit the WWE mold.

I looked him up and I've took a few hours to study his matches, which clearly showed he was nothing special, as Low-Ki, Chris Candido, Sonjay Dutt and Austin Aries were better then him in the ring by so many uncountable miles. Why give Mr. Roody Poo a second chance when he clearly had no chance at all/

Rob Van Dam was given a chance to hold the WWE on his high flying back and run with the bull at full speed. He was given the WWE and ECW title at the same time. He defeated John "Superman" Cena for the WWE title cleanly! He had his chance and he blew it....BIG TIME.

He thought it was more important to get high on weed then think of his obligations as champ. Why give someone a second chance when he would smoke it away again and besides already won the big one?

Jeff Hardy is an idiot for so many reasons that for one the WWE allowed his contract to run out to give him a break only for him to quickly join TNA.

That was a blessing in disguised for the WWE, as Jeff Hardy was arrested for having 262 Vicodin prescription pills, 180 soma prescription pills, 555 milliliters of anabolic steroids, a residual amount of powder cocaine, and drug paraphernalia in his own home.

Why give a junkie a second chance when he had too many already?

"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero was also known as Elijah Burke in the WWE. He was the leader of the ECW New Breed and he led his stable to Wrestlemania in a losing effort. He was considered the Face of ECW.

Obviously he didn't impress the WWE officials enough and thought his spot should go to someone who really wanted it, as he was just on cruise mode.

He may gotten his pope gimmick rejected, but he should have ran with what he had but he didn't pour his heart into it. Why give someone a second chance when he puts forth heartless efforts?

Kurt Angle has already won many titles in the WWE and been in many high profile matches. He won the King of the Ring in 2000. He done nearly everything in the WWE and giving him a second chance when he does not need it is a waste of a spot to someone who does.

He quit the WWE because he needed time off to rehabilitate nagging injuries. Vince in blind trust terminated his contract thinking Angle would return.

Angle never did as he went to work for TNA for reasons such as health and schedule issues he had in the WWE. So why waste a chance on a guy who left the WWE and who done nearly everything?

Deuce N' Domino were a forgettable tag team as they were both not main event material. Once the team broke up, Deuce got released, leaving Domino on his own until he was released.

Deuce tried to ride his father's last name by changing his to Sim Snuka, but Randy Orton didn't see a star within him so he failed to join his stable. Why give a chance to a tag team that were forgettable to where only marks remember them?

Batista won many titles and was at one point the No. 2 face behind John Cena. He been at the top so why not give the chance to someone who has not?

Besides, he left the WWE when he was riding high on his critically acclaimed heel run. What does he do? He quits to start an MMA career, which so far has flopped, and he left because he didn't like the direction the WWE was heading into.

Instead of sticking it out, he quits to pursue something that he can't do at his age. Why give someone a second chance who quit when the WWE needed him the most?

Drew Hankinson never violated the wellness policy. He poured his heart, soul and everything he got in the WWE. He ran with gimmick that others would have failed to make the most of.

He was released due to lack of creative ideas by the so-called creative team, not because of drugs or taking a break then going to TNA.

He was not injury prone or a danger in the ring. He is most deserving of a second chance more then the posers that people think deserve a second chance, when I know Drew Hankinson deserves one more chance!

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