WWE's Randy Orton: 5 Reasons the Viper Is Disliked by the Majority

RiZESenior Writer IMay 22, 2011

WWE's Randy Orton: 5 Reasons the Viper Is Disliked by the Majority

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    Seven years ago, Randy Orton began his first major face turn in the WWE. The Legend Killer was fresh off his first World Championship win. The win would not come without a consequence. Orton was ex-communicated from the Evolution stable. In the process, Orton received one of the most brutal beatings in WWE history.

    Orton dropped the World Title to Triple H a few weeks later. The loss began a number of shortcomings for Orton from a loss to Undertaker at WrestleMania 21 to being pinned by Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 22. After a series of failed pushes, Orton finally struck gold when he began punting numerous superstars in the cranium.

    From Shawn Michaels to Rob Van Dam, Orton was on a hot streak that eventually led to a feud with WWE Champion, John Cena. The feud eventually ended in Cena tearing his pectoral muscle and Orton winning the WWE Championship in two nights.

    These events took place in 2007. Randy Orton was a one-time world champion at the time.

    It’s 2011 and Randy Orton is an eight-time World Champion.

    The Viper continued his heel run until WrestleMania 26. Since his face turn, Orton has been labeled the Anti-Cena. An over Superstar who doesn’t carry the qualities of a John Cena. Simply put, most consider Randy Orton the better or alternative to John Cena. Randy hasn’t lost a match cleanly since his face turn while his popularity has surged thanks to casual WWE Fans.

    Hardcore WWE fans are rather indifferent to Orton. Most feel Orton has a number of flaws which can’t be ignored by the majority. Simply put, Orton is no John Cena.

    Randy Orton isn’t main event material.

    Here's some of the numerous reasons Randy Orton isn’t the star most think he is.

The Depushing of Kofi Kingston

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    I can’t stress the particular occurrence enough. After Randy Orton and John Cena competed in their final match for the WWE Championship at Bragging Rights 2009, Orton began a feud with Kingston. Orton attacked Kofi the next night on RAW, blaming him for his loss against Cena. Kingston would deface Orton’s race car backstage, displaying a more aggressive side to his character.

    Orton and Kingston would compete in a number of matches which ultimately lead to a win by Orton. One unforgettable moment would be Kofi when decimated Orton at Madison Square Garden. Kofi picked up a notable win over Orton at Survivor Series, pinning CM Punk and Orton to win the match for his team.

    The feud came to an abrupt stop during an edition of RAW.

    In a triple threat match for the number one contendership, Orton was seemingly furious towards Kingston. The Viper screamed “stupid!” at Kingston after delivering an RKO. The dirt sheets later reported that Kingston botched the finish that would’ve included a missed punt attempt. Orton was said to be furious backstage and complained to WWE management.

    Like Orton hasn't botched a spot before. Ask Chris Jericho

    Orton informed Creative that Kofi Kingston was not ready for the main event scene.

    Orton’s complaint seemingly worked as Kingston has been stuck in the mid card ever since. I didn’t know Companies allowed their employees to have so much pull backstage. 

    Have you noticed Kingston and Orton haven’t been on the same brand since? 

The Release of Mr. Kennedy

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    Another similar occurrence would be Ken Kennedy/Anderson. Mr. Anderson was known to be an injury prone wrestler during his time in the WWE. Despite this, Kennedy was arguably the best mic worker in the company during his tenure. Kennedy was certainly on his way to the main event card but a number of injuries prevented this.

    Mr. Kennedy returned to WWE RAW after being drafted to the brand through the Supplemental Draft.

    Upon his return, Kennedy informed Orton that he would become the WWE Champion. Kennedy participated in a 10-man tag team match shortly before the NBA Western Conference finals. Kennedy dropped Orton awkwardly with a backdrop.

    Because of his awkward landing, Orton complained to management backstage. Randy had injured his collarbone a year before and used it as an excuse for his complaints. The fact that most fans tend to look over is that Orton dropped Kennedy awkwardly on his upper body with an RKO in the same match. Kennedy suffered a wrist injury from Orton’s botch as Orton remained unaffected by Kennedy’s.

    Orton’s complained to officials that Monday night while Kennedy was released four days later.

    Once again, Orton acts as if botches aren’t normal in the WWE. For example, Orton almost caused a serious neck injury to Alex Riley with an elevated ddt a few months ago.


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    Where is it? I don’t think Orton has ever possessed the charisma worthy of a main event superstar. As a member of the IWC, I’ve witnessed a majority of fans state that John Morrison will never be a main event face because he doesn’t possess the mic skills to do so. When the subject is mentioned, I look at Orton as an example of why mic skills aren’t important as most make them.

    Orton’s infamous robotic accent has become a subject of criticism and humility on and off screen. Upon his return, Chris Jericho exposed Orton’s accent and boring personality.

    Randy’s promos revolve around the same subject. Destroying (punting) his opponent in the head. As a face, this exposes the un-entertaining factors that make Orton a predictable Champion and Superstar. Any fan that finds Orton entertaining, I ask that you read the SmackDown ratings since he became world champion.


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    As much as the IWC trash John Cena and his superman gimmick, it’s surprising to see that most consider Orton an alternative. The Internet Wrestling Community trashes John Cena for possessing five maneuvers that will eventually lead to a win for Cena. Most of the fans are Orton marks.  Orton himself possesses the five step signatures to success.

    The two clotheslines, backbreaker, powerslam, elevated ddt, angle slam (occasionally), and the RKO for the victory.

    The one thing that sparks a civil war in the IWC is the overall crowd reaction and merchandise sales. Orton’s pop may be the loudest in the WWE but the WWE (and TNA for that matter) are known to use piped entrances. Basically meaning the WWE adds cheers to a Superstars entrance. Another thing I noticed is that Orton’s pops often last the first five seconds of his theme.

    They’re not sustained.

    Hardcore Orton marks tend to believe that because of crowd reaction, Orton is as big a draw as Cena himself. The mere thought of this brings yours truly to uncontrollable laughter. At this point in time, the merchandise sales are lead by John Cena. Cena is followed by The Rock who is followed by The Miz.

    Even Rey Mysterio sells more merchandise than that of Randy Orton.

Vs. Orton

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    This slide is a simple one. If your name is opposite Randy Orton’s on a match card, there’s a ninety-nine percent chance of the wrestler losing the match.  Since his face turn, Randy Orton has lost only two matches cleanly. At Extreme Rules 2010, Jack Swagger defeated Orton after Swagger reversed an RKO attempt on a steel chair.

    Jack followed the reversal up with a gutwrench power bomb for the win.

    The other occurrence came when Nexus took on John Cena, Edge, Sheamus, Chris Jericho, and Randy Orton in a five-on-five elimination match. Orton eliminated Justin Gabriel and Michael Tarver with RKO’s to end up on the receiving end of a Wasteland by Wade Barrett.

    This match took place on the August 30 , 2010 edition of Monday Night RAW. Orton hasn’t lost a matchup in almost nine months. To the Cena critics, John was also pinned cleanly in this match. This means that any heel (besides Miz) has almost no chance of success against Orton.

    Ask CM Punk or Ted Dibiase

    CM Punk was the WWE’s biggest heel when he began his feud with Orton.  Orton systematically eliminated each member of Punk’s group, New Nexus, before defeating Punk at WrestleMania. Three straight losses against Orton has left Punk a shell of his former self. Punk went from feuding with the face of the company to facing Big Show and Kane for the tag team titles.

    Ted Dibiase’s story is mysterious one.

    Ted filmed the Marine 2 and was set to take on Orton as a face. WWE Creative had set the plan into motion during Orton’s feud with Kofi Kingston. Somehow, Orton receives the face turn and subsequent push as Dibiase adopts his father’s gimmick. Dibiase had become an afterthought on RAW and has recently recovered thanks to the help of Cody Rhodes.

Need a Little More?

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