WWE Over the Limit: 5 Reasons the Corre Is Looking to Destroy Ezekiel Jackson

Jon SainzAnalyst IIMay 21, 2011

WWE Over the Limit: 5 Reasons the Corre Is Looking to Destroy Ezekiel Jackson

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    Tomorrow night Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson are scheduled to have a match for the Intercontinental title.

    Wade Barrett has to worry about his title, but only during the match.

    On the other hand, Big Zeke has to worry about the Corre during the whole PPV.

    During the Over the Limit PPV, the Corre will try to destroy Ezekiel Jackson.

    Here are five reasons why.


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    The Corre's philosophy since they started has been that they are equals.

    Ezekiel Jackson, while being this group's powerhouse, wanted more. This lead him to attack his allies as he thought they were holding him back and because of this the Corre wants...


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    He attacked them and they knocked him out, but they feel betrayed by the guy, so their revenge is going to be as extreme as possible because they want him to be an...


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    They want to make an example out of Big Zeke.

    They want to let the world know that they don't tolerate any kind of uprising against them.

    And by destroying a powerhouse such as the Guyanese wrestler they are trying to make an... 


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    They've been trying to make an impact since the group was formed. 

    Basically, they've used the same strategy they used when they were the Nexus, but have failed to make the same kind of impact they made when they first appeared as the Nexus.

    If they are able to destroy Jackson they will make the rest of the competitors on Friday nights take notice.

    Either way, thanks to Big Zeke's betrayal they now have a better...


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    In recent weeks it seemed like the group was nearing it's end with every member blaming one another for losses they had.

    Jackson blamed all of them and took off from the group, when they asked for an explanation he attacked them.

    Having a common enemy makes the group more stable and he indirectly helped them regain the cohesion they had seemingly lost.

    In order for them to remain a group they need to completely destroy Ezekiel and will try to do so at Over the Limit tomorrow night.


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