Sex Scandal In Zimbabwe Soccer

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer IOctober 17, 2008


I had to think many times before writing and publishing this article about the state of Football [Soccer] in Zimbabwe. I did not want to make it look like a gossip column. What made me decide to write this article was the fact that what is occurring is a conflict of interest issue in Soccer and has been demoralizing to the team involved. Here is the rest of the story which could happen anywhere in the world in any circumstances.


According to the Zimbabwe Daily article published by Isabel Panangara, Zimbabwe has become known for something else that has not been connected to Mugabe and the Zimbabwe Political Crisis. It involves Football and the Zimbabwe Football Association or ZIMA by its initials. The protagonists of this latest crisis to hit Zimbabwe have been Henrietta Rushwaya [Chief Executive Officer of the Zimbabwe Football Association] and some of the players Harrington Shereni, Ciphers Chimdeza, and Benjani Mwaruwari. The crisis has reached to the point that Zimbabwe may not qualify for international tournaments.

The underwriter attempted to establish contact with Zimbabwe in order to talk with the protagonists of this scandal but they refused to comment. In addition, there was an operator on the other side of the line [presumably in Zimbabwe] who was polite but firm when she told the underwriter not to call ZIMA.

The Chief Executive Officer of ZIMA; Henrietta Rushwaya apparently has been having an increase in sexual hormones with Shereni, Chimdeza, and Mwaruwari. Ms. Rushwaya has even talked with the coach of Jose Claudinei Valinhos and managed to “obtain” permission for the sexual escapades with the three players in different areas of Harare such as the Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza Hotels. The Holiday Inn and Crown Plaza Hotels [in Harare, Zimbabwe] refused to make any comments about the sexual adventures and also hung up the phone.

The underwriter was undaunted and decided to attempt a communication although briefly with someone at ZIMA. He managed to establish contact only briefly with ZIMA with a member of the inner elite of ZIMA who complained about Ms. Rushwaya’s Sexual Advantures with Shereni, Chimdeza, and Mwaruwaru in an area of the Somora Machel Avenue in Harare while the Zimbabwe National Football Team was practicing for its game against Namibia in the Rufaro Aestro Turf. It was after the brief conversation that the lines of communication were severed. The attempts to confirm an answer to the question about the Chief Executive Officer of ZIMA living at Crowne Plaza instead of her own house in Harare was also rebuffed.

The member of the inner elite of ZIMA protested about how unfair that the football team [also known as the Warriors] has had to take second place to the sexual excesses of the Chief Executive Officer. The conversation was brief because again the lines of communications were cut off. The underwriter wandered how Jose Claudinei Valinhos can coach the Warriors with all of these problems of excess hormones of a Chief Executive Officer. 

According to the FIFA Rankings which were published in September and October 2008, Zimbabwe is ranked at number 91 below Guatemala and Gambia with 385 points, with -8 in ranking and -21 in points. Zimbabwe is above Cuba and Mozambique. It appears that Ms. Rushwaya [otherwise known as the Iron Lady in certain circles in Zimbabwe] has been active in the sexual scene with some of the players while ZIMA and the National Team are going under.

The underwriter who is a football [soccer] fan who managed to take a look at the sex corruption that has become rampant in the ZIMA. The fact that the Chief Executive Officer of ZIMA as well as others in Zimbabwe have not wanted to talk with the underwriter means that something deeper is happening. The underwriter personally thinks that the ZIMA Sex Scandal is a disgrace that has demoralized the Zimbabwean National Football Team and the nation at large.

It remains to be seen what measures could be taken but FIFA or other supporters of football have to take serious measures since this is a possible conflict of interest issue.







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