Anderson Silva vs. Michael Bisping: Does Bisping Deserve This Shot?

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IMay 6, 2011

Many people not from the United Kingdom may have a disdain for Michael Bisping. In fact, most fighters do too.

You can't go and write any piece about Bisping and not get negative feedback. It ranges from the nice, negative commentary, to the vulgar. Then there are some of those Bisping fans who come out of the woodwork and get attacked by everyone in favor of cutting Bisping.

Well, one fighter says that Bisping versus Anderson Silva would be competitive.

"Bisping has gotten really effective at that transition and that happens to be Anderson Silva’s Achilles Heel, the takedown, so it could be a competitive fight," said Rashad Evans to Fighters Only. "And another thing that Bisping does is, sometimes he just doesn’t care, you know? He just doesn’t care, he just goes for it. So for people to say it wouldn’t be a fight or it wouldn’t be close? I wouldn’t say that about someone like Michael Bisping."

Evans would know best, holding a split decision victory over Bisping.

"And I am not like some huge Bisping fan, I just think he can scrap and he is very competitive. Put him in with anyone and he will give it a competitive fight," said Evans. "But then Anderson is something else… put it this way, put Bisping in with Anderson and it would be interesting."

So does Bisping deserve the title shot at pound-for-pound kingpin, Silva?

Let's all face facts, Bisping is climbing up the middleweight ladder. But to give Bisping a title shot would be a pretty bad decision.

Bisping's record speaks for itself; 21-3 with 13 wins by knockout. Sure, Bisping might be able to take down Silva, but might is the keyword there.

Silva's got incredible striking and could pick apart Bisping. Silva is unmatched in the middleweight division. The only person who could beat him is Chael Sonnen. And last time I checked, Bisping is no Sonnen.

Bisping needs to fight a top five middleweight before making any claims to fight for the title. Maybe, just maybe, Bisping can beat Sonnen but, for right now, the thought of Bisping fighting Silva is a little out of grasp. 


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