Cesc Fabregas: Future Arsenal Captain or Future Barcelona Midfielder?

Samrin HasibAnalyst IOctober 14, 2008

Francesc Fabregas Solar, born in Spain and bred a footballer in Barcelona. It was on a fine day when Fabregas was 16 that Arsene Wenger approached him in the Barca youth academy to lure him away to Highbury, North London.

Now 21-years-old, Fabregas has already played for Spain at the Euros, a trophy which they won after 44-years, and played a major part in Arsenal's Champions League run in 2006. Arsenal lost that final thanks to a Jens Lehmann red card. Ironically, the loss was to Barcelona.

Fabregas might be living in England, but his heart obviously lies in Spain with his family and friends. Despite denying reports that he might move this summer, Fabregas has confessed that he would like to end his career in Barcelona, Spain.

Fabregas said: "Right now I'm fine at Arsenal but I cannot deny that to return and play for Barca would be a dream come true. I chose to stay at the club last summer and right now I'm totally focused on the reason for that decision which was to try and win trophies.

"We'll see how things have gone by the end of the season. The fact is that Barca are playing cinematic football right now and it's fantastic to see that the other day when they beat Atletico Madrid 6-1 they had seven or eight guys who, like me, came through the club's youth system."

There is also the support of previous Arsenal colleague Aleksander Hleb, who has publicly asked Fabregas to join Barca, and then there is previous Arsenal captain, the evergreen Thierry Henry.

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Who knows, Josep Guardiola probably wants him too.

William Gallas, the present captain of Arsenal, has not more than two to three years of football left in his career, but he inherited the armband from Tomas Rosicky. When Gallas retires, who will take up the captaincy?

It’s down to a race between Fabregas and Rosicky and obviously the players’ and fans’ choice is Fabregas. Adebayor and Van Persie have already shown who their choice is by showing their appreciation towards him (check goal.com if you want to know Adebayor’s exact words).

Then comes the question of trophies, at the moment a trophy-less season is becoming quite usual at Arsenal but at Barca, it is just the opposite. When Barcelona goes through a trophy-less season, the team’s performance is considered poor and below par.

Frank Rijkaard lost his job when the team went trophy less last season. A starting place is guaranteed for no one at Barcelona. Players with the class of Henry and Eto’o are not starters and only warm the bench whereas a young man like Messi is a starter.

Fabregas in undoubtedly an excellent midfielder according to 80% or so of the world’s football fans, but Barcelona couldn’t care less. Then again, Cesc can easily adjust to the Barca midfield alongside Spanish counterparts Xavi and Iniesta and previous colleague Hleb.

“Form is temporary, but class is permanent.” Evidently class is not enough to win a player a starting berth at Barcelona. However in Arsenal, Cesc is guaranteed a starting place through thick and thin. It is a known fact that Arsenal depend on Cesc. Arsene Wenger and his players have blind faith in him.

It depends on Cesc, whether he wants a starting berth or trophies. My view on this situation is that Cesc will remain long enough to inherit the captaincy and then leave for Barca.

Big question is, who will take up his position at Arsenal and how Arsenal will do without their talisman?

Denilson could succeed him, yet no midfielder would be equal to Cesc Fabregas in Arsenal fans’ eyes or probably in Wenger’s eyes.