WWE Draft 2011 Preview: 10 Things That Definitely Won't Happen on Monday Night

Simon RidleyContributor IApril 23, 2011

WWE Draft 2011 Preview: 10 Things That Definitely Won't Happen on Monday Night

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    With the annual WWE Draft being rushed forward due to Edge's unexpected retirement, I am going to discuss things that simply won't happen on Monday Night Raw. Everyone has an opinion, and the IWC is running wild with predictions. This slideshow is going to cover things that simply wouldn't make sense for the WWE from a business perspective.

10. Christian Gets Traded to Raw

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    Edge's retirement must have been a bittersweet moment for Captain Charisma. Whilst it looks like he may FINALLY be getting the title push that most of us have craved for years, it's at the expense of his best friend.

    Staying on SmackDown will keep him near the top of the card and should (hopefully) give him his best chance of holding the major gold for the first time in his career.

9. R-Truth Moves to Smackdown

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    After last week's heel turn and the Internet coverage of his smoking incident, Truth has been talked about more than he has in most of his career.

    Elevating Jo-Mo into the title picture at Extreme Rules will no doubt be a short-lived affair, and he will be back at mid-card level following the pay-per-view and will no doubt be feuding with R-Truth. That's why I don't see the former K-Kwik going anywhere.

8. Alberto Del Rio Gets Traded to Raw

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    He is probably going to win the WHC at Extreme Rules. He is the top heel on SmackDown.

    It would make no sense to move him to Raw as he would be behind the next man in the queue...

7. The Miz Gets Traded to Smackdown

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    He is, as he claims, the most talked about superstar in the WWE. He is on the A-show. There is more chance of William Regal holding the WWE title than there is of The Miz moving away from Raw.

6. Cody Rhodes...No Chance of a Move to Raw

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    Cody is arguably the most improved superstar of the last 12 months. He is building his heel character in an interesting and fresh way on SmackDown.

    If he moved to Raw then he would be too far down the pecking order that his upward momentum would be crushed, and he would go back to being insignificant.

5. Sin Cara to Smackdown

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    He just debuted. He is too similar to Mysterio. He has such hype that he cannot be anywhere but Raw for the next year at least.

4. Dolph Ziggler to Smackdown

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    He was "fired" by Teddy Long. It would make no sense whatsoever if he was allowed back to wrestle on Friday nights.

    He also has the "new look" and with Vickie on side I don't see him going anywhere.

3. Wade Barrett to Raw

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    Having moved to SmackDown following the demise of the original Nexus, it would be unlikely that Barrett would move back to Monday nights. The upcoming end for The Corre may also lead to Barrett against Jackson and a potential face turn. All of which has to happen on SmackDown.

2. Booker T to Raw

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    He is simply not good enough to call the top show. If he moved to Raw, I would have to start rewatching SmackDown. I love the spinaroonie. I don't love his boring commentary.

1. John Cena—Never Going To Leave Raw

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    He is Mr. WWE.

    Raw is the No. 1 show.

    WWE wouldn't risk upsetting the network and losing viewing figures on a Monday night so he will DEFINITELY be staying on Raw.

    Simple as that.

What Do You Think?

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    Thank you for reading. Drop me a comment if you agree/disagree or if there are other superstars you can definitely see staying where they are.