WWE Draft 2011: 10 Potential Breakout Stars

Craig Holland-GreenfieldContributor IIApril 22, 2011

WWE Draft 2011: 10 Potential Breakout Stars

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    As most of us know, the WWE annual draft is taking place next Monday, April 25, to be exact. There may be some surprises and according to a lot of people, some obvious moves.

    One move in particular people are pretty sure on is the Apex Predator Randy Orton moving to SmackDown, due to a lack of faces with the departure of Edge.

    The WWE youth movement has supposedly been in full effect lately, with young superstars rising up to become the future of the business.

    However, as we all see, the company likes to stick with their older superstars a bit too much. With more than a few destined for retirement sooner rather than later, the WWE will need to start building them up before they are left without any main-eventers under the age of 33.

    As a result of the upcoming draft, I believe the youth movement will start gearing up a notch and bring us some future champions.

    Without further ado, here are the 10 superstars I believe will start climbing the ladder after the draft.

1. Michael McGillicutty

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    As the son of Mr Perfect, big things can be expected of this young man.

    Competing in the second season of NXT, he would place second in the competition behind Kaval, who is no longer with the company.

    He then went on to join the ruthless group known as Nexus, where he would cause John Cena to lose to Wade Barrett.

    Since that time he has remained a member but was recently sent back to FCW for repackaging. Despite this, he returned as a member of the Nexus on a recent episode of Raw.

    Michael McGillicutty does have a fair amount of ability when it comes to wrestling, but is weak on the mic. One would only have to watch his Genesis of McGillicutty video to know what I mean.

    With the draft, he needs to be separated from Nexus and be allowed to continue with his repackaging. Along the way, they can try and teach him some mic skills.

    With SmackDown being the “B show” he would have more of an opportunity to show his skills in the ring, and being repackaged as a face would help him get over with the fans.

    As people state, some people are natural heels and some natural faces. Be that as it may, mic skills can be taught but it is easier to transition from strength to weakness, and from the looks and sound of him, he could work well as a face on the mic. He would probably need to stay on script for this to happen though.

    Drafted to SmackDown, he could challenge for the IC Title eventually and work his way up no problem.

2. Skip Sheffield

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    This choice is being made purely on how high Vince McMahon is on him. I only saw him briefly when I started watching again, but he did make an impression.

    Being injured for some time, he has yet to reappear on our screens, but I can only imagine the draft will change this.

    As with McGillicutty, a change to SmackDown can help him and allow him to showcase his wrestling talent. With him being gone for so long, a gimmick change can do wonders for him as not many people will remember his previous cowboy one.

    One thing I can say for certainty is that Skip Sheffield has the look of a superstar and, once fully recovered, can make an immediate impact.

3. Ted DiBiase

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    Ted DiBiase is the one who everyone thought would make it upon the break up of Legacy. However, that hasn’t been the case, and it is Cody Rhodes who has taken the spotlight instead.

    With his rise to the top not coming to fruition, he was paired with Maryse, who was his “girlfriend.” Unfortunately this would lead to an epic losing streak that led to problems between the two. It was Maryse, in my opinion, who held Ted back and stopped him becoming anything more.

    In reality it was probably due to a lack of interesting storyline for him.

    With their recent break up, I expect Ted to start racking up some wins and start making a name for himself.

    However, for him to make a name for himself, he needs to distance himself from his fathers name. His father being The Million Dollar Man.

    If he does this, then either brand will suit him well as his skill in the ring and decent mic skills can propel him wherever he wants to go.

4. Zack Ryder

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    With the way things have been for Zack Ryder lately, this choice seems more about hope than confidence it will happen. Reports stated that fans had their signs about him taken away. Having watched Superstars from last night I could see a few signs for him, so these reports may have been slightly exaggerated.

    With his large amount of followers the WWE would be stupid to do anything but push this guy. Being one of the few superstars who have taken to promoting themselves, it has earned him a lot of support.

    If the WWE play their cards right then whichever brand the draft places him on will be a good place. As with the other Raw superstars on this list though, a move to SmackDown, where they can judge his performances a lot better, would benefit him more than staying on Raw.

    He definitely has the mic skills and the talent to succeed. The one thing holding him back may be his gimmick, but on SmackDown his gimmick can take him to the next level.

    A lot of people think he should have his own spot, like The Peep Show, and I agree. If the WWE puts their faith in him, he could be on his way to the top soon enough.

    Woo Woo Woo, You Know It!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

5. Brodus Clay

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    The interesting thing about Brodus Clay is that he has seen more action on the main shows than the actual winner of NXT season 4. This just goes to show the faith they have in him.

    With his immense power and size, he could rise through the ranks as a monster heel in no time at all. Separating him from Alberto Del Rio will help him in this respect as he needs to be a force to be reckoned with, without backup.

    He hasn’t shown much of himself on the mic, but he does have some good grappling skills for a guy of his size. One thing that annoys me about him are his facial expressions and grunts he likes to do.

    A good run of singles wins can help him on his way regardless of which brand the draft places him on.

Chris Masters

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    It is no secret that I am a fan of The Masterpiece Chris Masters, so any list of people who will make it is always bound to have him included. Although this is mainly due to the adoration of his wrestling skills, so bias doesn’t come into it.

    Long ago it was rumoured that Masters would be receiving a push after the Royal Rumble, this has not come to be though.

    With the draft around the corner, a switch to Raw is something I am very confident in.

    Having proven himself on Superstars, racking up a large amount of wins, and being the only man to have beaten Tyler Reks, Masters has played a secondary role on SmackDown. His appearances so far have only been to prove other superstars dominance, even though he could beat them easily.

    Masters finishing move The Masterlock, has proven difficult to break out of, even for most seasoned of stars. He is credited as being the only man to put John Cena into unconsciousness.  

    However, with the departure of Edge, and SmackDown being in need of baby faces, Masters could very well be the man to fill the void. Every time he makes his way to the ring he receives a very large pop from the crowd and has a seemingly large fan base.

    Whichever show he’s on, expect his push to happen soon after the draft.

Curt Hawkins

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    In my previous article about people who may be fired soon, I included this man Curt Hawkins.

    I put him in on the basis that he doesn’t seem to be on the  radar of the creative team.

    As stated in that article, I believe him to have a good look and good ability in the ring. However, he is currently booked as a heel and loses a lot.

    If they turn him face and bring him up to the main stage, be it Raw or SmackDown, he could have a very good run starting with the Intercontinental title. They could even reunite him with Zack Ryder and have them win the tag team titles. That way, both men can become stars together and eventually break off and have a good singles run.

    With his age he can be in the business for a long time, and hopefully the draft will do him well.


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    I recently came across some pictures of Kaitlyn and realised she actually has the look of a woman who could wrestle. With her showing on NXT, it was proven otherwise.

    Luckily, wrestling can always be taught and with her not appearing on any show it seems that she might very well be under the tutelage of a coach.

    When she does reappear, I expect her to challenge for the divas title sooner rather than later and possibly win it.

    All this is dependant on how she comes along with her wrestling ability.

    I look forward to her return and, as the divas title is multi-brand, either brand will suit her well.

Trent Barreta

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    Trent Barreta is a superstar who never fails to get me excited for his ring performance. Starting with his upbeat music and his style, he has all the makings of a fan favourite.

    His biggest achievement in recent history was a victory over Draw McIntyre, who he then lost to in the return bout.

    He has good in-ring ability and can execute a wide variety of moves. If given the proper amount of time, he can establish himself as a future main eventer.

    Preferably he needs to stay on SmackDown after the draft and use that as a springboard to future success. As with Hawkins, a tag team run would do him well before he sets his sight on singles competition.

Tyler Reks

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    Tyler Reks, another superstar I am not afraid to admit I am a fan of. With his nickname of The Dreadlocked Demolition Man, he has destroyed every superstar who has come his way, with one exception. That exception being Chris Masters.

    Reks has a very unique look and surely incites fear into any superstar who steps into the ring with him. With his excellent in-ring ability and his finishing move, Burning Hammer, can take down the majority of superstars on the roster without any issue. His finishing move can seemingly come out of nowhere as well, which makes it even more dangerous.

    He even has a slammy to his name, for Most Menacing Haircut.

    He is a powerhouse in every sense of the word and, along with Masters, needs to go to Raw to pursue bigger things. If the draft places him on Raw he could easily go on to become United States Champion.

    He may be 32, but there is still time for him to become a major player for years to come. If he doesn’t become a star after the next draft then he probably never will.

    Luckily I am optimistic about his chances and expect to see him gracing our screens soon enough.

    That’s that, those are the 10 superstars I believe will make an impact once the draft is over and done with.

    It might not be straight away in some cases, but expect to see them all on the main shows by the time the Royal Rumble comes round.

    Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my article.