Rewriting WWE History Vol 1: The Nexus and the Anonymous Raw GM Part 1

Kevin Germany@@KevinUber1Analyst IIIMay 10, 2011

Such great potential!
Such great potential!

After taking a brief hiatus from this website, I have decided to write a series of articles rewriting modern WWE history. I am going to pull a Josef Stalin here and rewrite the history to where I want it.

This series is about how I would write the angles instead of how WWE played out the angles.

For the first of my series I have chosen Nexus and the anonymous Raw GM concept created during that time.

My planned story line will run all the way from the beginning to the end of Nexus. I will make it a trilogy format.

Anyway here is how I would have done the whole Nexus-Anonymous Raw GM angle from their debut to Night of Champions.

Part two will cover the Raw after Night of Champions to the Raw after Elimination Chamber.

Part three will cover the Raw after Elimination Chamber to the eventual dissolution of the group at the WWE Draft.

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So sit back and relax while reading this lengthy storyline.


First let's analyze the background of the theoretical Raw picture during the summer of 2010.

John Cena would remain WWE Champion all summer. He retains the belt at Fatal 4 Way against Randy Orton, Edge, and Sheamus.

He also manages to retain at Money in the Bank against Sheamus. Miz still is the winner of the Raw Money in the Bank ladder match. Bret Hart is still the Raw GM.ย 

For the NXT rookies, all of them are in FCW except for Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan. Barrett starts out in the mid-card aligned with Chris Jericho. He and Jericho are feuding with the Hart Dynasty for the tag team belts.

Jericho and Barrett lose their tag title shot at Fatal 4 Way and Jericho is in the Raw Money in the Bank match. Barrett does not participate in that pay-per-view. The Jericho-Barrett alliance slowly cools.

"The Champ is here!" says John Cena while cutting one of his typical promos the Raw after Money in the Bank. The five-year old children get all excited until he gets cut off by a rookie, season one NXT winner Wade Barrett.

Barrett wisely gets to the point.

"John, I am entitled a title shot at a pay-per-view of my choice," says Wade Barrett in his villainous British tone. "Therefore I am going to challenge you for the WWE Championship at Summerslam."

"Wade, you want some. Come get some!" John Cena yells for the billionth time.

"But John, there's one stipulation I want for this match, no disqualifications and no count-outs. Win by pinfall or submission only," says Wade Barrett confidently. "Because I want to beat you fair and square."

"Let's get it on!" John Cena yells trying to hype up the crowd.

Barrett gets built up throughout the buildup to Summerslam. He achieves clean victories over John Morrison and R-Truth on Raw. He loses a six man tag team match with Edge and Chris Jericho against John Cena, Randy Orton, and John Morrison.

Summerslam approaches and Barrett is built up strong. He does a generic heel beat down on Cena on the final Raw to close the show.

The IWC snicker at the thought Barrett has any chance of winning at Summerslam. However, they are armed with knowledge that all the other season one NXT rookies are portraying heels in FCW.

Fast forward to the Summerslam main event (the WHC match would also be changed to Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kane) and the Cena-Barrett match is similar to any Cena match.ย 

Barrett controls the action. He even hits a Wasteland but only gets a two count.

Cena goes on to do his infamous five moves of doom: two shoulder blocks, sidewalk slam, the you can't see me taunt and the five knuckle shuffle.

Approximately 20 minutes have gone on so far. Cena is about to finish off Barrett with an Attitude Adjustment.

David Otunga, Daniel Bryan (who just won the US Championship from the Miz in a great match), Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Skip Sheffield, Darren Young and Michael Tarver storm the ring and destroy Cena just before he hits the Attitude Adjustment.

Remember, it is a no DQ match.

Cena stands no chance of winning. Sheffield hits a clothesline, Bryan does the Lebell Lock until Cena passes out, Slater, Otunga, Tarver, and Young each hit Cena with chairs, and Gabriel finishes off Super Cena with the 450 splash.

But just as Wade Barrett is about to pin him Cena hits the STF and immediately makes him tap out!

Just kidding. Barrett easily pins Cena and becomes WWE Champion. Barrett and the rest of his henchmen get serious heat. He cuts a brief promo officially establishing the Nexus as a forced to be reckoned with.

The next night on Raw Bret Hart announces Wade Barrett is not the legitimate WWE Champion and will be stripped of the title effective immediately.

Reacting to this news, Wade Barrett orders the rest of Nexus to beat down on Hart in a backstage segment similar to when they beat down on Hart.

Next week Vince McMahon announces Hart is fired as General Manager and officially establishes the anonymous Raw General Manager.

This anonymous Raw GM does not immediately make his (or her) intentions known. The GM's first line of business is to establish a WWE Championship match between John Cena and Wade Barrett at Night of Champions.

In order to get rid of that annoying email beep, I will make it to where the announcements are on the screen. The superstars in the ring can just view the message. This way we are spared of Michael Cole speaking.

And I quote.

The buildup for Night of Champions takes no major swerves. An email concerning the Barrett-Cena match reads "In order to prevent any interference, this match will be in a steel cage. Escaping the cage will result in a loss."

The Cena fans cheer loudly. The fans wearing black and gold shirts with a giant letter "N" on them boo.

The anonymous GM forces Cena to choose a partner and team up against two Nexus members each week leading up to Night of Champions.

On the final Raw leading up to the pay-per-view, Cena is forced to face Daniel Bryan in a steel cage match. To infuriate the IWC, Cena rolls through Bryan and looks strong headed to his battle.

The GM also makes Barrett face "scary" opponents such as Mark Henry and Big Show.

Skipping the rest of the buildup, Night of Champions comes upon us. All the Nexus members surround the cage. They all smack chairs at the cage for some random reason, just like Immortal's Gunner from TNA.

Cena once again uses his five moves of doom and vanquishes Barrett's offense.

Nexus is powerless to interfere unlike Summerslam. Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment and it looks like Super Cena strikes again.

An assassin from outside the ring takes out a stun gun and shoots Cena as he is about to win. Barrett picks up the win due to the assist from the unidentified assassin.

Part one ends as Wade Barrett once again picks up a dirty victory over John Cena as the pay-per-view ends on a shocking note (enough of the corny puns).

Stay tuned for parts two and three!

Thanks for reading!