WWE: 10 Things I Want To Improve the WWE Over the Next Year

James Pinches@TweetPinchContributor IApril 19, 2011

WWE: 10 Things I Want To Improve the WWE Over the Next Year

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    I like a lot of WWE fans have noticed how the WWE has gone a bit stale of late, culminating in an under par WrestleMania.

    So I have decided on ten things that I think would improve the WWE. Here they are and reasons on why I think they would make the show better.

    You may not agree with all of them and I would love to hear your comments and ideas.

1. Have Less but More Important Titles

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    Triple H as Undisputed World Champion
    Triple H as Undisputed World Champion

    I have already mentioned this point in a previous article. What I would do is unify the World Heavyweight Championship with the WWE Championship and have a three tier system with the Main Event superstars going for the Undisputed Title, The Mid Card Guys going for the Intercontinental Championship and the Lower Card guys going for the United States Championship.

    I would have the United States Championship defended the most regularly followed by the Intercontinental Championship and then finally the Undisputed Championship would be defended the least as it has the most prestige.

    I would even suggest that they only defend it at Pay-Per-Views as it would encourage people to tune in as it would truly be a special event.

    There may even be room to bring back the Hardcore or Light-Heavyweight Championship for the smaller guys to compete for before stepping up to the other titles.

    This would bring back the meaning of the belts and the you would see which guys were on top as they would be the ones with the belts. I think it would really improve the story lines and action.

2. Improve the Tag Team Division

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    Is it just embarrasing?
    Is it just embarrasing?

    The tag team division is, in a word, awful.

    It needs improvement big time.

    By reducing the amount of titles you would have a lot of guys seemingly kicking their heels. But no.

    Before most wrestlers get their push they are in a tag team. And when you have up and coming stars you tend to have good tag teams. Remember the days of E&C, the Hardys and The Dudleys, they were top class tag teams and I'm sure with the desire of the younger wrestlers they could at least have a go at coming close instead of just watching Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel fight Santino and Koslov.

    Put Sheamus and Drew McIntyre together for a start. Have people like Evan Bourne joining up with someone, basically anyone who is not fighting for a singles title should be put into a tag team. 

    Now I know not all these tag teams will work but some will and they will be fantastic. It has to improve and pretty quickly because it is becoming a bigger turn off than the Divas Championship.

3. Improve the Standard of the Divas Storylines

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    Awesome Kong will be making her debut soon!
    Awesome Kong will be making her debut soon!

    Now I think with the current promos playing at the moment that the Divas are going to have a big challenger coming in soon. Yes we all know its Awesome Kong.

    The Divas division is weak at the moment and it seems the WWE are pushing the wrong Divas.

    Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Gail Kim can wrestle. Brie and Bella? I'm not so sure.

    Get the women who can wrestle, wrestling and the women who look nice, escorting the men to the ring.

    This might sound sexist but that's the way it always was in the WWE and it's the way it should continue to be.

4. Give the Superstars Who Are No Good on the Mic a Manager

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    If someone isn't very good at talking on a microphone, why put them on the microphone?

    Give them someone who is good at talking but not particularly good at wrestling. They can still be involved but it gives them an outlet.

    Again it is something that has worked well in the past and I cannot see why it wouldn't work now. Then good wrestlers like John Morrison, Daniel Bryan and eventually Sin Cara will have an outlet to cut great promos.

    It has worked well for Dolph Ziggler with Vicki Guerrero as much as I hate her she has really helped Dolph with his push.

    If it doesn't work then it cannot be worse than John Morrisons' opening promo with R-Truth last night.

5. Get Rid of the Gimmick Pay-Per-Views

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    Get rid of the gimmicky Pay-Per-Views pure and simple.

    The matches work as a one off. But if you have 3 hell in a cell matches in one night the format gets watered down and the excitement dwindles.

    Save those sort of matches for the Pay-Per-Views such as SummerSlam and Night of Champions. This should also increase the buy rate of Pay-Per-Views and stop cramming them down our neck every few weeks!

    This would also give us the time to really get into the story lines and for the creative team to develop the feuds properly.

    Also as I mentioned in a previous slide this is where the Main Championship would be defended and this would always give you a main event to look forward to.

6. Get Rid of the Corre and the New Nexus

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    The Nexus was initially an excellent concept and a great storyline. This New Nexus is just a rehashed Straight Edge Society and The Corre is just a rehashed Nexus.

    They both do the same and don't really add anything to any story lines at the moment.

    Get rid of the groups and concentrate more on the tag teams as they really need looking at, see slide 3.

    There is no problem with having stables in the WWE as they have worked well in the past obviously with DX, The Brood, The Corporation etc. but these all had quality in them the current stables don't and just seemingly get involved on random beat downs, that they regularly lose out on.

    If you are going to make a stable make it so that they are really powerful, like they did ten years ago, not just a gang of bullies who always lose when they are on their own.

7. Get Rid of Separate Rosters

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    Also as I have previously mentioned in a separate article http://bleacherreport.com/articles/669769-wwe-is-it-time-to-get-rid-of-the-separate-rosters, I believe it really is time to get rid of the separate rosters.

    People have said that this would lead to less time for the up and coming superstars but I do have a plan for that, as you will see in slide 10.

    It also links well with having less title belts as the belts will be defended on both shows. It will also give rise to differing feuds more often and lead to longer story lines.

    Also there will be different people turning up for different shows all the time. Rather than having the same people on the same shows at the same time week in, week out.

    Would definitely shake up the WWE universe and give rise to a great amount of new story lines.

8. Bring Back Blood and Hardcore Matches

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    Bring back blood and hardcore matches. I don't want the wrestlers blading or anything stupid like that but accidental blood should be left in. It makes the matches look more realistic and stopping the matches for anything except a serious injury shouldn't happen.

    Also we all love hardcore matches.

    I remember back in my youth getting really excited about the hardcore matches mainly involving Mick Foley, but what hardcore match didn't?

    I know this does put a lot of risk on the wrestlers but it doesn't have to be all the time just occasionally to increase the temper within a feud, or to propel a superstar.

    Or it could be used before a wrestler has time off to recuperate or recover from an injury.

    Also they could bring back the Hardcore Championship, however for the wrestlers safety I don't think this could be on the line 24/7 this time around.

9. Get Rid of Michael Cole And/or Jerry "The King" Lawler

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    This story line is boring. Really Boring.

    It is driving me crazy that they are still wrestling and it's taking the spotlight off some actual wrestlers who would relish with that amount of screen time.

    Plus Michael Cole looks ridiculous and I feel bad for him!

10. Bring Back Sunday Night Heat

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    Sunday Night heat was a fantastic show to give the up and comers some air time. This would solve the problems of having just one roster.

    I remember watching this when I was younger and seeing up and coming superstars who would then go on to become the next big thing, for example Edge and Batista.

    It also would give tag teams time to bed in with the viewers and practice their team moves.

    It may also be a good platform for the Light Heavyweight or Cruiser Weight Champion if they ever decide to bring it back.

    I hope you enjoyed my slide show.

    Any views or comments or ideas please feel free to comment below.

    Thank You.